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International Military Rifles  
scarce Austrian Werndl M1877 cartridge carbineGood$950.00
Belgian M1867 Albini-Braendlin "trapdoor" action rifleGood$1050.00
Dutch M1871/78 Beaumont rifle, shortenedGood$350.00
French Mle1829 rifled musketoonVery Good$850.00
M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali 10.4mm rifleVery Good$750.00
Nepalese British P1840 Brunswick rifleGood$1150.00
Steyr M1886 Kropatschek 8mm bolt action magazine-loading rifleVery Good$650.00
Swiss M1871 Vetterli rifle, shortenedGood$275.00
Swiss M1878 Vetterli rifleFine$550.00
International Civilian Rifles  
fancy Germanic percussion sch├╝tzen rifle, needing wrist restorationFair$550.00
fine German bolt action sporting rifle by J.P.Sauer & SohnFair$595.00
Flobert single shot rifleFine$225.00
Heavily inlaid Mediterranean percussion musket, needs lock, etc.Fair$250.00
Germanic percussion jaeger rifle, gold inlaid including lock GEORG MONS"Fair$550.00
American Muzzleloading Rifles  
fine silver mounted New England flintlock halfstock fowler/smooth rifleGood$1350.00
C1830-50 Vermont percussion muzzleloading rifle by Asa Story, Windsor, VT, partner of Nicanor KendallGood$750.00
C1840 percussion fullstock "over the log" heavy barrel target rifle with Stillwell marked lockGood$750.00
C1840 swivel breech Kentucky double rifle by John Shuler, Liverpool, PAGood$2250.00
Beautifully crafted C1840-60 curly maple halfstock dual purpose Kentucky smooth rifle/fowlerVery Fine$1350.00
C1820-30 percussion curly maple fullstock longrifle by Samuel Morrison, Milton, PAFair$750.00
C1840 Bedford County, PA style percussion longrifleGood$2750.00
Untouched Virginia maple fullstock rifle with Sutherland, Richmond lockVery Good$2250.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple halfstock needing stock repair, has beautiful silver eagle inlay and engraved silver butt inlays, with additional geometric inlaysFair$950.00
C1850 massive side-by-side rifle/shotgun combination "cape gun" by Spang & Wallace, PhiladelphiaGood$950.00
C1840-60 percussion rifle with lock marked MOORE and fascinating target peep sightGood$975.00
C1840-60 full stock Pennsylvania long rifle with horse head patchboxGood$850.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple fullstock Pennsylvania rifle with Leman Lancaster marked lockGood$850.00
C1840-60 curly maple fullstock rifle by Samuel Beck, Indianapolis, IN with interesting powder horn inlayGood$850.00
C1840-60 percussion walnut halfstock rifle with 4-piece brass patchboxGood$595.00
interesting C1840 underhammer percussion rifle by Nicanor Kendall of Windsor, VTGood$695.00
C1840-60 underhammer rifle by Turner & Lull, Woodstock, VTGood$650.00
C1840-60 percussion walnut halfstock rifle with engraved brass ovoid patchboxGood$650.00
C1850 Southern States style Kentucky rifle with Golcher marked lock Good$750.00
C1840-60 Southern states associated "Poor Boy" style percussion fullstock rifleFair$750.00
C1840 incise-carved curly maple fullstock Kentucky rifle for restorationFair$795.00
Untouched C1840-60 "Poor Boy" Tennessee mountain rifle with "grease hole" in stockGood$1050.00
wonderful C1850 "Poor Boy" Tennessee mountain rifle with grease hole stockGood$950.00
C1850-60 Indiana halfstock percussion rifle by R.D.Tucker of Leavenworth, IndianaGood$850.00
C1850-80 percussion halfstock rifle by W.M. Gardner with nice tang sightVery Good$750.00
C1850-80 percussion grain-painted fullstock rifle with brass patchbox, J.G.Wener (York, PA) marked lockGood$650.00
Unmarked under hammer percussion rifleGood$450.00
C1860 Richmond VA marked percussion half stock rifleGood$1250.00
C1860 percussion halfstock rifle by JamesGood$495.00
C1860 short-barreled smooth rifle marked J.BISHOPGood$250.00
small C1860 percussion halfstock muzzleloading rifle signed "C D"Good$325.00
C1860 percussion halfstock rifle for restorationFair$125.00
C1865 halfstock percussion rifle with wonderful sights by W.K.Darling of Otego, MichiganGood$750.00
Fullstock curly maple longrifle by Eicholtz & Bro., Lancaster, PAGood$650.00
Contemporary Left-handed birdseye maple fullstock longrifle made with antique partsGood$550.00
Thompson Center Arms .45 sidelock percussion rifleVery Good$350.00
Connecticut Valley Arms "Plainsman" .50 caliber muzzleloading rifleVery Fine$375.00
Muzzleloading Armory Plainsman Rifle .50 caliber blackpowder rifleFine$350.00
Thompson Center pre-Hawken .45 caliber muzzleloading percussion rifleFine$325.00
Interesting vintage Sears Roebuck Kentucky Rifle with barrel by MirokuGood$275.00
Medium weight .45 caliber halfstock percussion muzzleloading rifleGood$250.00
relic Kentucky rifle buttstock, patchbox, buttplate, triggerguard, and hammer, with tag indicating its discovery in the woods near Germantown, NY in 1927 while huntingGood$250.00
American Cartridge Rifles  
Ethan Allen "Drop Breech" rifle for restorationPoor$395.00
Ballard external extractor rifle by Ball & Williams, need hammer repairFair$750.00
Ballard single shot drop-breech .38 rifleFair$495.00
Frank Wesson 32rf "Two Trigger" tip-up rifleVery Good$950.00
Hopkins & Allen 44 smoothbore falling block Very Fine$950.00
Extremely rare Sharps "Old Reliable" double barrel damascus cartridge shotgunGood$2250.00
antique Winchester M1873 .32-20 lever action rifleGood$1750.00
rare Stevens bored Winchester M1885 Low Wall 25rf rifleGood$1250.00
Winchester M1885 Low Wall 32 long rifle Very Good$850.00
Remington No. 2 .38rf rolling block rifleFair$750.00
Remington Rolling Block 3-band military rifleGood$650.00
Remington M1889 damascus double barrel shotgunFair$475.00
Remington Eliphalet Remington 1816 Commemorative Flintlock RifleNear Mint$1650.00
Air Rifles  
Daisy No 12 Model 24 air rifleFair$50.00
Wing Markham air rifle, non functionalFair$175.00
Original wooden shipping crate for Daisy No 195 Buzz Barton air riflesGood$125.00
Revolutionary War  
C1770-80 American curly maple stocked flintlock musketGood$2250.00
C1750 percussion conversion fowler for restoration, nice early Richard Wilson barrelFair$550.00
Percussion longfowler built with early 52" C1750-70 English proofed barrelFair$550.00
C1760 flintlock longfowlerFair$2250.00
Untouched percussion longfowler built in a 18th century styleGood$850.00
C1770-80 percussion conversion American birdseye maple stocked musketGood$2250.00
C1770-80 New England cherry stocked flintlock long fowlerVery Good$4450.00
Flintlock brass barreled blunderbuss marked "WHEELER"Very Good$2850.00
C1780-1800 American copy of a French M1763 Charleville musketGood$2250.00
C1780-1820 percussion conversion long fowlerPoor$350.00
American Hudson Valley longfowler with British Brown Bess lock dated 1742Poor$1095.00
United States Militaries  
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania M1797 by Miles, regimentally marked, stock shortenedGood$950.00
Maryland proofed percussion conversion M1798 musketGood$1850.00
M1808 style militia musket marked "WHATLEY"Good$1250.00
M1808 US contract musket by Joshua and Charles Barstow of Exeter, NH, stock shortenedGood$950.00
State of Maryland contract M1808 Bartlett flintlock musketGood$3500.00
early C1790-1810 flintlock militia musket with interesting New England style triggerguardGood$1550.00
M1808 US Barstow, Exeter flintlock musketFair$1950.00
M1808 flintlock musket by R&C Leonard, Canton, MassGood$1750.00
M1808 L. Pomeroy State of New York musketFair$1050.00
M1808 US contract musket by WN&S, percussion conversion, shortened stock, full barrelFair$550.00
Eli Whitney Style III 1812 contract musketGood$1250.00
US M1812 Whitney "N.HAVEN" federal contract musket Good$1050.00
E. Whitney M1812 "N.HAVEN" percussion conversion musketFair$650.00
Very fancy early Massachusetts flintlock militia musket dated 1813Very Good$1250.00
US M1814 rifle for restorationFair$450.00
M1816 US A.Waters, Milbury percussion musket, shortened, dated 1830Good$295.00
M1817 US contract "Common Rifle" by Henry Derringer, 1824, bolster converted for Civil War service and marked "SNJ" for New JerseyFair$1250.00
US contract M1817 "Common Rifle" by Henry DerringerFair$950.00
Presentation style militia musket by J.P.Moore with silver eagle plaqueGood$950.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked AshmoreFine$1250.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked GascoigneVery Good$1250.00
C1820-40 percussion conversion militia musket marked "R.ASHMORE/WARRANTED"Fair$750.00
C1820-40 percussion militia musket with large spread eagle inlay in stockGood$675.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket for restorationFair$495.00
Flintlock Massacusetts militia musket dated 1836, needing workFair$450.00
C1840 militia musket/fowler with H-arrow marked lockFair$250.00
M1835 D.S.Nippes Maynard conversion musketFine$2250.00
M1841 US "Mississippi" rifle by Robbins & Lawrence with Drake alteration sightsGood$1750.00
J.H.Hall M1843 breechloading percussion carbineFair$1395.00
M1842 percussion musket, barrel slightly shortenedFair$450.00
Confederate military style percussion shotgun by F.H.Clark & Co., MemphisGood$2250.00
Remington Maynard conversion musketGood$1150.00
M1861 Special Model musket by SN&WTC for Massachusetts, dated 1863, shortenedVery Fine$550.00
Irish Nationalist marked M1863 US Bridesburg contract musketGood$1050.00
Sharps New Model 1863 3-band rifleFine$4500.00
Spencer US contract M1865 carbine by Burnside Rifle Co.Good$2250.00
rare Winchester-Hotchkiss first model US Army saddle ring carbineFair$2250.00
M1795 early Type I percussion conversion musket, dated 1801Good$2250.00
M1795 early Type I flintlock musket with vertical lock markingGood$1850.00
Springfield M1795 Type III percussion marked 1810Good$1250.00
scarce 1854 Andrew Wurffelin City of Philadelphia conversion of a M1812 Springfield musketPoor$695.00
M1842 musket dated 1849Good$1250.00
Springfield M1842 musket, dated 1855, shortened 1"Good$750.00
rare Springfield M1847 Cavalry musketoon converted for use by the 1st Colorado Volunteers, fought the Confederate invasion of New MexicoGood$3250.00
Springfield M1847 musketoon dated 1851Good$1850.00
Springfield M1861 musket, dated 1862Good$950.00
M1861 Springfield musket, dated 1864Good$650.00
Assembled M1861/63 Springfield musketGood$950.00
M1863 Type I percussion musket dated 1863Good$925.00
M1863 Type I musket, dated 1863Fair$750.00
Springfield M1863 Type I percussion musket, dated 1864Fair$775.00
M1863 Type I Springfield musket dated 1863Fair$750.00
M1863 Type I musket, shortenedFair$225.00
Springfield M1863 Type II musket dated 1864Good$1350.00
Springfield M1863 Type II musket dated 1864 Good$1195.00
M1864 wood barrel "Quaker" training musket, has good lock, rear sight, and triggerguardFair$350.00
Springfield M1865 "First Allin" .58 "trapdoor" conversion rifleVery Good$2950.00
M1866 "Second Allin" .50-70 rifleVery Fine$1850.00
M1866 Springfield "Second Allin" .50-70 3-band rifleVery Good$1150.00
Springfield M1866 "Second Allin" .50-70 "trapdoor" rifleGood$850.00
Rare M1867 Springfield Cadet rifleFair$3750.00
scarce M1869 .50-70 cadet rifle SN1149Fine$1250.00
M1871 Army .50-70 rolling block rifleExcellent$2250.00
M1873 .45-70 "Custer Range" saddle ring carbine SN34917Fair$5000.00
M1873 .45-70 "trapdoor" cadet rifle SN40791Good$650.00
M1879 .45-70 saddle ring carbine SN187375*Very Good$2500.00
M1879 .45-70 saddle ring carbine SN138295Good$1850.00
M1873 .45-70 rifle SN44868Good$695.00
M1884 cadet .45-70 rifle SN362381Very Fine$1050.00
Ethan Allen "Drop Breech" military style carbineFine$1650.00
scarce Ball repeating carbineVery Good$3450.00
Sharps M1853 "Slant Breech" percussion carbineFair$2250.00
Smith "Artillery Model" percussion breechloading carbineFair$750.00
Civil War  
Austrian M1842 percussion conversion musket, shortenedGood$350.00
C1860 single barrel percussion fowler made with Austrian musket partsFair$250.00
Austrian 70 caliber musket, shortenedGood$350.00
M1809 Prussian "Potsdam" marked percussion musketGood$850.00
Prussian Germanic M1809 percussion musket Good$850.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" musket for restoration, needs barrel, bands, and rodFair$450.00
Prussian M1839 percussion musket marked "Saarn"Very Good$1250.00
Austrian M1842 70 caliber percussion rifled musketGood$650.00
Austrian 70 caliber percussion musket, shortenedGood$225.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz musket dated 856Good$1250.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz .54 caliber rifled musketFair$850.00
Austrian M1854 percussion musket, stock shortened Very Good$550.00
Austrian M1854 percussion musket, shortenedFair$225.00
English New Land/M1839 style percussion militia musketVery Good$950.00
Confederate-marked P1853 Enfield musket, TOWER 1863Good$1750.00
English P1853 TOWER .58 caliber Enfield musket dated 1862Good$1650.00
Confederate-marked P1853 Enfield musket, needs restorationGood$1150.00
English P1853 Enfield musket marked TOWER 1862Fair$950.00
P1853 Enfield musket, marked TOWER 1862, shortenedGood$550.00
"Tanner & C" confederate associated musketVery Good$2250.00
French M1842 percussion musket, shortenedGood$275.00
Italian made French M1842 style percussion musket, shortenedGood$275.00
imported Continental percussion musket, shortenedFair$225.00
Muzzleloading Double Barrel Shotguns  
C1860 heavy 10 gauge American percussion double barrel shotgun by George De Binder of Philadelphia, PAFine$1250.00
Unmarked untouched percussion double barrel shotgunFair$225.00
extrafancy James Webley percussion shotgun marked "Imported by Henry Hyman 96 Main St Richmond VA"Good$1450.00
fancy S. Sutherland, Richmond, VA gold inlaid double barrel percussion shotgunGood$1450.00
T.W.Tignor, Richmond, VA percussion double shotgunFair$1850.00
Fancy long double shotgun by Bentley with deer patchbox, inlaid hunting scene on barrel ribFair$650.00
double barrel shotgun by L. Cromwell, BaltimoreGood$695.00
W&C Scott percussion double, missing one hammerFair$250.00
Moore fancy percussion doubleGood$295.00
Cartridge Double Barrel Shotguns  
Fancy double barrel pinfire shotgun with forearm barrel releaseVery Good$350.00
Rickard marked double barrel damascus shotgunGood$275.00
Philip Webley & Son fancy damascus double shotgunGood$650.00
Parker Brothers fancy grade damascus hammered doubleFair$350.00
"RICKARD" double barrel damascus shotgun with stag carvingVery Good$650.00
Forehand Arms Co hammerless double barrel shotgunFair$350.00
Webley & Scott double barrel hammerless damascus shotgunVery Good$850.00
Remington M1889 10ga damascus double barrel shotgun for parts or restorationFair$350.00
"Wm MOORE & Co" forearm lever double barrel shotgunGood$325.00
Neumann Bros double barrel damascus cartridge shotgun Fine$450.00
Chicago Arms Co double barrel shotgunVery Good$650.00
W. Richards damascus double shotgunGood$325.00
"New Ithaca Double" 12 gauge, made in 1927Fine$650.00
Ithaca Flues 12 gauge damascus double, made in 1914Good$350.00
Unmarked Continental underlever pinfire double barrel shotgunGood$550.00
W. Richards fancy engraved double barrel damascus shotgunGood$395.00
Muzzleloading Single Barrel Shotguns  
English single barrel percussion fowler by R. TwistGood$275.00
C1800-30 percussion conversion fowler marked on lock "RVAN SWAESON"Good$325.00
English single barrel flintlock halfstock fowlerFair$650.00
Single barrel percussion fowler by Richard S. Lawrence of Windsor, VTVery Good$750.00
very heavy percussion 10 gauge fowler with 44" barrelFair$275.00
Fine quality single barrel percussion fowler signed "Blore Maker Bolton"Good$550.00
unusually fine very plain American-made percussion fowler with Golcher lockFine$495.00
Very fine C1840-50 American agent marked single barrel percussion fowler by Richard Constable of PhiladelphiaVery Good$650.00
Interesting large bore Irish single barrel percussion fowler by Kilpatrick of DungannonFair$350.00
heavy 10ga single barrel English percussion fowler by T. SmartGood$550.00
London Twist marked plain halfstock fowlerGood$175.00
Interesting, plainly made single barrel percussion halfstock fowlerFair$175.00
English made, New York dealer marked percussion half stock fowler by "A.HARRINGTON/POKEEPSIE"Fair$650.00
Percussion half stock fowler with lock marked "R.ASHMORE/WARRANTED"Good$350.00
very fine quality Lewis & Tomes (New York) marked English single barrel percussion fowler Good$850.00
Plain percussion single barrel fowler Fair$275.00
plain Continental halfstock fowlerGood$250.00
American made C1840-60 American single barrel percussion fowlerGood$375.00
C1800 percussion conversion single barrel fowlerGood$395.00
Cartridge Single Barrel Shotguns  
Hopkins & Allen single barrel "falling block" cartridge shotgunGood$375.00
Hopkins & Allen "Falling Block" single barrel shotgunGood$375.00
C.S.Shattuck "two trigger" tip up single barrel shotgunGood$375.00
scarce Whitney-Howard "Thunderbolt" single barrel lever action shotgunGood$850.00
"Zulu" style single barrel shotgun with unusual "MODOC" markingGood$350.00
Iver Johnson single barrel shotgun with unusual triggerguard side-lever releaseFair$295.00
American Arms Co. "SEMI HAMMERLESS" single barrel cartridge shotgunGood$275.00
unusual early William Lawrence, Laconia, NH toplifter single barrel shotgun with full octagon barrelFine$550.00