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Japanese Accessories  
Identified carved Ancestor Mask from Papua New Guinea identified to M.H.Blandford of PT boat 144 with captured signed Japanese flag (33" x 28")Good$650.00
4th Class Order of the Rising Sun medalFine$175.00
5th Class Order of the Sacred Treasure medalFine$165.00
Mess kitFine$150.00
Identification sheet for Japanese Military insignia, made for US troopsFine$30.00
Japanese Bayonets  
Arisaka bayonet unmarked, late war style un-fullered blade, in rubberized scabbardFine$250.00
Arisaka training bayonet, in green wooden scabbardFine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in late war wooden scabbardVery Fine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet, unmarked in late war wooden scabbardGood$225.00
Arisaka bayonet by Jinsen, late war unfullered bladeFine$165.00
Arisaka bayonet by Mukden Arsenal, bird pommel, straight quillon, blued bladeFine$225.00
Arisaka bayonet by Mukden Arsenal, bird pommel, straight quillon, late war unfullered bladeVery Good$195.00
nicely signed Japanese flag (32" x 27")Good$275.00
extensively signed Japanese flag, larger size (44" x 30")Very Good$350.00