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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1770-80 New England cherry stocked flintlock long fowler - $4450.00

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C1770-80 New England cherry stocked flintlock long fowler. 48-3/8" barrel of about .53 caliber bore, or 32 gauge. This gun has an attractive patina overall to metal and wood surfaces. The barrel is round with a flat top and wide, early barrel tang. Lock has simple engraving and an indistinct maker name of 5 unreadable letters. Appears to be original flintlock configuration with all the original lock parts, matching pitting across the inside of the flash pan inside the lock, and a worn, pitted flash hole. Attractively shaped brass sideplate, stylized 3-step buttplate, fancy but simplified triggerguard, and simple ramrod pipes, all of which appear to be of American manufacture. No barrel proof, suggesting American manufacture of the barrel. Interesting domed silver initial plate in wrist. Nice early butt with long wrist flutes. The long barrel balances nicely right at the ramrod ferule. Early wept-back trigger. Stock is nicely shaped with border carving and carved "fan" around barrel tang. The wood has a nice natural patina with expected light handling marks, several minor diagonal cracks in forearm edges, a few of which are associated with minor worn slivers to the forearm edges, a small chip at tail of lock, and some small slivers around the rear of barrel and barrel tang. Antique, handmade hickory ramrod, possibly original. This is a very fine early fowler with an attractive patina. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.