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United States Military Knives

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Iron frame M1880 Hunting knife, unmarkedFair$450.00
M1892 Entrenching tool with scabbardVery Good$1950.00
M1892 Entrenching tool with scabbardGood$1750.00
World War I  
early 1910 dated M1909 Springfield bolo (sn9031)Good$325.00
M1910 Bolo, Springfield 1912, sn25738 with scabbard, has 1917 modificationFair$225.00
M1917 trench knife by HD&SPoor$350.00
M1917 bolo with scabbardFine$175.00
Folding pocket knife with early tank on sideGood$75.00
WWII US Army Air Force  
Australian survival machete, USAAF markedGood$275.00
Cammillus Folding survival machete, complete with blade guardVery Good$125.00
Case Fixed survival machete, complete with blade guard, in original storage waxUnissued$325.00
unissued Case XX fixed machete with original blade guard, has a couple storage pitting spotsNear Mint$225.00
Case Fixed survival machete, complete with blade guard Excellent$195.00
Case Fixed survival machete, complete with blade guardVery Fine$175.00
WWII US Navy  
Colonial folding survival knife (Cole III p140)Fine$165.00
United folding survival knife (Cole III p140)Good$100.00
USN MK1 machete with scabbard, by CollinsVery Good$195.00
USN MK1 machete scabbard, with English macheteVery Good$85.00
USN MK2 22" blade Machete by Collins, 1942 in waterproof canvas scabbardVery Good$90.00
USN MK2 22" blade Machete by Collins with scabbardGood$85.00
Mark 2 USN knife by KA-BAR in fiber scabbardFair$120.00
Mark 2 USN knife by KA-BAR in fiber scabbard (missing tie down)Fair$100.00
Mark 2 USN knife by RCC (guard marking) in fiber scabbard Fine$225.00
Mark 1 USN knife by Pal, in fiber scabbardExcellent$225.00
WWII US Marine Corps  
Camillus USMC fighting knife with sheathVery Good$375.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheathVery Good$425.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife (variant Olean, NY marking) with sheathVery Good$395.00
rare USMC marked folding pocket knifeGood$225.00
Camillus USMC fighting knife in leather scabbard (missing tie down)Good$195.00
KA-BAR USMC guard marked fighting knifeFair$125.00
WWII Secondary Knives  
large Soldier made Bowie knife with 8" clip point blade and crown-shaped pommel, with theatre-made sheathVery Good$375.00
Soldier made knife with 5-1/2" blade, bulbous aluminum pommel, "Monarch" marked sheathVery Fine$150.00
Soldier made knife with large aluminum pommel, aluminum and leather washer gripFine$100.00
massive handmade Bowie knife with clip point blade, handmade sheath marked "MERRITT'S SADDLERY SALMON IDAHO"Good$375.00
large Soldier made Bowie knife with clip point blade, handmade sheath tooled with nude Native girlGood$495.00
long Soldier made side knife with double-edged blade and unique "Texas Longhorn" pommelVery Good$450.00
Kinfolks trench knife with nude female decoration on sheathGood$225.00
Navy style pocket knifeFine$30.00
Schrade folding wire pocket knifeGood$25.00
Remington Hunters Pal knife with original sheathGood$225.00
Dix trench knifeGood$235.00
Murphy combat knifeGood$550.00
3rd type Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knifeFair$100.00
scarce all-metal Paratrooper folding knife, mechanism non functional Good$250.00
Paratrooper knife by Push Button Knife Co., broken springFair$125.00
Australian made USAAF style survival machete with sheath (Cole III p.142)Fine$375.00
unmarked Case stiletto knifeGood$650.00
Western 8" knife with scabbardExcellent$450.00
Western 8" knife with scabbardExcellent$325.00
Large solider made knife with orange plastic handleFine$90.00
KA-BAR mark 2 style knife with leather scabbard, not service markedFair$100.00
Original Woodman's Pal catalogue, 1944Good$50.00
Folding pocket knife marked to a Marine sergeant and Vietnam 66-67Fine$75.00
Folding Schrade pocket knife marked to 102nd Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain DivisionFine$100.00
JFK Special Warfare Center And School inscribed muti function pocket knifeExcellent$25.00
Paratrooper line/shroud cutting knifeNear Mint$150.00
Paratrooper line/shroud cutting knifeFine$85.00
Paratrooper pocket knife by Camillus, with original bag and paperNear Mint$225.00
Paratrooper pocket knife by SchradeNear Mint$185.00
Paratrooper pocket knife by Schrade, spring weakFair$75.00
Parts and Scabbards  
Collins style machete scabbard, carved with skull and crossbones & "Catp'n Kidd"Good$50.00
Early Walden knife boxFine$45.00
Red Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 9" long, 1-1/4" wide throatVery Fine$450.00
Red Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 9" long, 1.3" wide throatFine$375.00
Red Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 6-1/2" long, 1" wide throatGood$350.00
Maroon Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 8" long, 1-1/4" wide throatGood$350.00
Early black leather bowie knife scabbard, tip mount absent, 6" long as-is, 1-1/2" wide throatFair$325.00
Black Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 6-1/2" long, 1" wide throatGood$295.00
Brown leather bowie knife scabbard, mounts absent, 9" long, 1-1/2" wide throatPoor$175.00
Varney scabbard for M1880 hunting knifeGood$850.00
Collins style machete scabbardFine$50.00
Collins tooled leather scabbardFine$100.00
M1909 bolo scabbardFair$75.00
M1917 bolo scabbardFine$55.00
M1910/17 bolo scabbard cover only $35.00
US 16" machete scabbardFine$30.00
USN MK1 canvas machete scabbardFair$30.00
22" machete scabbard by Milwaukee Saddlery, nicely tooledFine$75.00
USN Folding survival knife sheathFine$150.00
USMC machete fiber scabbardGood$100.00
1944 Woodmans Pal catalogExcellent$40.00
"Fighting with USA Knife LC-14-B" Woodman's Pal bookNear Mint$65.00
"Care, Use and Sharpening of knife LC-14-B" Woodman's Pal bookNear Mint$65.00
"Living in the Jungle" Woodman's Pal LC-14B bookNear Mint$65.00
M10 black plastic scabbardUnissued$20.00