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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1790-1810 flintlock walnut fullstock smooth kentucky rifle, similar to US M1792 rifle - $1250.00

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C1790-1810 walnut fullstock smooth kentucky rifle, built in a military style, bearing features of the US M1792 rifles. 39-5/8" octagon barrel of about .52 caliber bore with nice original open sights and long tang. Brass parts have a pleasing light patina with darker patina on iron parts. Keyed walnut fullstock is in sound condition with an age check in the butt, small crack in front of the lock, and an old crack in between the lock bolts that was secured long ago. Overall a very pleasing flintlock rifle. Has an old label on the forestock identifying it as a Kentucky rifle. Functions mechanically only if the trigger is set, hammer cocked, and trigger pulled, but with a normal trigger pull, not a hair trigger. Sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.