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Imperial German

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Imperial German Accessories  
Austrian trench knife with scabbardFine$350.00
brass Matchbox cover, missing boxFine$20.00
shoulder strap, unidentifiedVery Good$40.00
Prussian Mutz hat insigniaFine$30.00
soldier souvenir grouping consisting of brass buckle, button and cathedral wood, mounted to a cardGood$125.00
rifle muzzle coverFine$125.00
soap barFine$65.00
folding cup in leather caseFine$75.00
musket tool, proofed (#15)Fine$75.00
Bavarian belt buckleVery Good$100.00
German Army walking out dress buckleFine$55.00
German Army buckle wrapped in original tissueNear Mint$100.00
Prussian spike helmet, zinc mountedGood$525.00
Prussian parts spike helmetPoor$350.00
Spikehelmet Parts  
Bavarian officer helmet plateFine$150.00
Baden zinc helmet plateGood$150.00
Prussian pioneer helmet plateFine$150.00
brass helmet spikeGood$125.00
Mecklenburg helmet cockardeGood$125.00
helmet spike backing plateGood$75.00
Artillery helmet spikeVery Good$150.00
helmet spike attaching brads, dome shaped, pairGood$60.00
Prussian steel helmet plateFair$70.00
Prussian brass helmet plateFine$120.00
Prussian brass helmet plate, missing hooks and repaintedFair$40.00
brass helmet spike attaching studsFine$125.00
helmet spike attaching studsFine$100.00
Helmet chinstrap hooks, pairFine$35.00
brass helmet spikeVery Good$135.00
helmet visors with brass combGood$30.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$125.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$75.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$75.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$75.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$75.00
single helmet chinscale, leather damagedFair$75.00
single helmet chinscaleGood$75.00
single helmet chinscale, leather damagedFair$75.00
Imperial Swords  
M1852/79 basket hilt sabre with scabbard, by WKC, waffenamt and dated 1884Very Good$650.00
Bavarian diplomatic sword with scabbardExcellent$1050.00
Artillery sabre with scabbard, by WeyersbergGood$550.00
unusually fancy P1889 sword by WKC with artillery motif pommelFine$750.00
Cavalry P1889 sword by Horster, with scabbard, waffenamt and dated 14 (1914)Good$595.00
Engraved Field Artillery P-guard sabre with scabbardFine$450.00
Prussian M1860 Naval cutlass dated 1861Good$1050.00
Lionhead Artillery sabre with scabbardVery Good$350.00
Imperial Bayonets  
M1839 Jaeger shortsword with scabbard, made without rifle attachmentFine$650.00
M1839 Jaeger shortsword with scabbard, made without rifle attachment, missing brass washerVery Fine$450.00
German captured M1866 French Chassepot bayonet with scarce matching regimental marks and serial numbersVery Good$325.00
German captured M1866 French Chassepot bayonetGood$185.00
Bavarian Werder sabre bayonet with scabbardFine$550.00
Bavarian Werder sabre bayonet with scabbardVery Good$450.00
98 n/a bayonet scabbard Fine$100.00
98/05 bayonet by Esser with metal scabbard, painted cammo greenFine$250.00
98/05 bayonet by Stahlblume with metal scabbardFair$150.00
KS98 bayonet with scabbard, reichs finance markedVery Good$550.00
KS98 Customs bayonet with scabbardFine$550.00
scarce black finished KS98 bayonet with scabbardFine$250.00
M1891 Mosin-Nagant socket bayonet, Russian made, German captured, in ersatz scabbard (Kiesling Vol I p252)Very Fine$395.00
very rare 98/02 walking out dress sawback bayonetVery Good$1250.00
unknown scabbard throatGood$40.00
bayonet scabbard, 19" long, 1-3/8" wide brass throat, nicely regimentally markedFair$150.00