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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania M1797 by Miles, regimentally marked, stock shortened - $950.00

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Interesting regimentally marked Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1797 musket. Marked on barrel with oval proof of Phrygian cap over P, "CP" Commonwealth of Pennsylvania marking, and regimental mark "100 RGT 8 CO NO 4" for 100th Regiment, 8th Company, musket (or rack position) number 4. Marked on lock at tail "MILES/CP". According to Moeller, the muskets marked with the Phrygian cap are thought to have been actually produced earlier in Pennsylvania on the state's own contract, while eagle-proofed muskets may have been made later under the US Militia Act of 1808. 44" barrel with flintlock reconversion begun. Metal parts have a smooth medium patina overall with minimal scattered pitting. Stock shortened to middle band position, has a nice patina overall with expected handling marks, seems like it may have been cut in front of the lock, but has matching handling marks, suggesting it is the original wood. Initials "IG" engraved in left side of butt. Lower sling swivel and stud are absent. Lock is equipped with good quality reproduction hammer, flash pan, and screw. Also comes with a replacement middle band spring, reproduction middle band with swivel, and piece of partially shaped walnut to restore forearm. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.