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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Untouched Virginia maple fullstock rifle with Sutherland, Richmond lock - $2250.00

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Wonderful, untouched Virginia percussion curly maple fullstock rifle. Marked on lock "SUTHERLAND/RICHMOND" for dealer and importer Samuel Sutherland of Richmond, Virginia, who likely provided the lock to another Virginia maker who then made the rifle by hand. No other markings. 15/16" octagon barrel 34-3/4" long of about .36 caliber bore. Patchbox bears some similarity to a 2nd Model Virginia Manufactory rifle. Entire gun is coated in a period varnish or oil finish. Furnishings and hardware appear to be of a "whiter" alloy of brass, the inside of the patchbox lid looks like more normal brass, but areas of the triggerguard and other furnishings where the varnish is chipped show fairly white. Key-fastened curly maple full stock is missing one key, wood looks gently used with minimal scattered old marks worn over. It has a nice thick butt and an even, boldly striped curly maple character. Has original front sight, rear sight is absent. Stock is very nicely cut for the furniture and in particular the patchbox, the barrel tang doesn't fit its cutout and may have been replaced during the period of use. Wonderful period ramrod that is square-shaped and appears to be of varnished pine, which would not have been a very practical or durable and is a wonder it survived. Barrel breech shows some, but not a great deal of use. This would have been a very fine and expensive rifle when it was made. Functional spring latch on patchbox. Mechanically good with set triggers, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.