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Accoutrements 1865-1975

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Indian War Military  
Army revolver screwdriverFine$35.00
C1880-1900 bugle with tassels by the Standard Band Instrument Co., Boston, MassGood$225.00
Picket pin with sheathVery Fine$225.00
"United States Army Cavalry Tactics" book identified to "John A Wilcox Capt 4th Cavy", Wilcox was born in the District of Columbia, enlisted in 1861 and served until 1892 with a combat record fighting IndiansPoor$225.00
Ridabock military accesory tin box, measures 13-1/2" x 3" x 3-1/4"Fine$100.00
M1885 cavalry watering bitGood$85.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$125.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$120.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$110.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$100.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$65.00
M1874 Shoemaker horse bitGood$110.00
M1874 Shoemaker horse bitFine$185.00
unusual small size M1874 style US buckle on buff leather beltFine$950.00
US "H" buckleFine$225.00
M1874 NJ belt buckleFine$165.00
Frankford Arsenal 45 caliber revolver cartridgesFine$495.00
M1876 Prarie Belt with 1879 modificationFine$595.00
M1876 Prarie Belt with 1879 modificationGood$350.00
Indian War Period  
sixth plate tintype of boy in simulated outdoor scene with Springfield M1868 rifle leaning on rustic benchFine$75.00
"B&L" belt buckle, excavated, possibly Boston & Lowell RailroadFair$225.00
"Cumberland" fireman's beltGood$150.00
Fraternal belt, buckle absentGood$25.00
Plaster plaque of an indianFine$125.00
Shotshell priming tool, patent markedFair$40.00
Shotshell priming tool, wood handleFair$35.00
long leather Shot pouchGood$25.00
Shotshell crimping tool, "Keystone" brandVery Good$35.00
Shotshell crimping tool, black finishVery Good$30.00
Sombrero marked to dealer in Mexico CityFine$495.00
Leather shot flask by American Flask and Cap CoFine$50.00
mess triangle with strikerGood$225.00
Basketweave tooled pistol flap holsterGood$125.00
cased Medical instrument set by Tiemann Fine$1250.00
Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant belt buckleFine$35.00
fluted powder flaskGood$45.00
Hunting Camp CDV with men holding riflesFine$45.00
Boulder, Colorado "72 and 97" sterling silver souvenir spoonVery Fine$35.00
Spring Loaded Parlor gun boxVery Good$250.00
Winchester bullet mould, altered to 44-40 caliberVery Good$90.00
45 caliber "England" marked bullet mouldVery Good$45.00
45 caliber single bullet mouldGood$40.00
30 caliber single bullet mouldGood$35.00
M1872 US belt and buckle with sword hangers, marked to "3rd Battery"Good$295.00
Palmer Brace belt suspension systemFine$175.00
US embossed Hagner No. 2 cartridge boxGood$150.00
NG (New York National Guard) Frazier cartridge boxFine$100.00
RIM (Rhode Island Militia) all-leather cartridge boxGood$125.00
RIM (Rhode Island Militia) brass trim cartridge boxFair$125.00
NGP (National Guard of Pennsylvania) McKeever cartridge boxFine$125.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge boxVery Good$125.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge box, missing strapFair$75.00
tooled leather holster, fits S&W DA38 4" or similarGood$150.00
45-70 rifle slingFair$100.00
floral embossed pocket holster, fits S&W 32DA 3-1/2"Fine$75.00
Hagner cartridge boxGood$175.00
US M1864 cartridge box, modified to be used with Prarie BeltGood$350.00
flap holster for 38 caliber revolverGood$45.00
"Slim Jim" style holster for SAA type revolverGood$295.00
scarce US marked capboxGood$750.00
M1872 US Experimental belt and buckleGood$750.00
M1874 belt with sword hangerGood$150.00
M1874 beltGood$100.00
rare USMC McKeever cartridge box (missing tie-down strap)Good$250.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge boxVery Good$90.00
early 45-70 rifle slingFair$175.00
Powder Flasks (dimensions from base to tip, body at widest point)(flasks are complete with intact seams and functioning thumb lever unless otherwise noted)  
large plain black flaskFair$35.00
Handmade copper flask with geometric designs and powder measure in cap (4-1/2", 3-3/4")Good$40.00
Pair of standing Greyhounds flask with floral decoration, fox and deer head (8-1/4", 3-3/4", slight seam separations on base)Good$225.00
Scroll vignette flask with excellent original lacquer (7-1/4", 3-1/4")Fine$125.00
Shell pattern zinc pistol flask (4-1/4", 2", dinged, partially crushed)Fair$40.00
Deer's head flask with leaves (8", 3-3/8", slight seam separations)Very Good$275.00
Galvanized drinking or powder flask with basketweave pattern (8", 4")Fine$45.00
Brass horn shaped flask (5-3/4", 3", one face dent)Fine$45.00
Floral zinc pistol flask (4-1/8", 2-1/8", one face area of corrosion with pinhole)Fair$50.00
Hanging dead game flask (8", 3-1/2")Fine$100.00
Shell flask (7", 3-1/2", minor seam separations)Fine$85.00
Standing dogs, deer/wolf head flask (7-1/2", 3-1/4", seam separations)Good$150.00
Beaded, ribbed powder flask (8", 3", minor seam separations)Very Good$110.00
Hanging dead game flask (7-3/4", 3-1/4")Very Good$100.00
Fancy shaped flask with standing dog (6-1/2", 3-1/2", crack on one side above dog)Fair$100.00
Treed bear with dogs and hunter flask (7-1/2", 3-3/8", seam separation on bottom)Good$275.00
Dixon shell flask (7-1/4", 3-3/4")Good$100.00
Plain pistol flask marked SYKES (4-1/2", 1-7/8")Very Good$85.00
unusually large Deer zinc flask (9-1/8", 4-1/2", base dings, two minor seam separations)Very Good$110.00
Fancy flask with standing deer, deer head, wolf head, Am Flask & Cap Co marked (8", 3", seam separations, wide dent each side, nice original lacquer)Good$250.00
Hanging dead game flask (7-3/4", 3-1/4", slight seam separation one side)Fine$110.00
Floral flask marked PATENT (7-1/8", 3-1/8", very fine original lacquer, almost as new, couple minor dings and spot of corrosion)Very Fine$135.00
ribbed large shotgun flask, marked Am Flask & Cap Co (10", 5")Fine$175.00
pistol size floral flask (4-/34", 2", bent, seam separation)Poor$110.00
Spanish-American War  
"Army & Navy" brass patriotic mantle clockGood$225.00
USN interlocking buckleFine$50.00
scarce USN embossed revolver holster (most seams separated)Fair$295.00
1898 dated trapdoor and .45 revolver manualVery Good$135.00
1898 dated trapdoor and .45 revolver manualVery Good$130.00
scarce 1901 dated Krag rifle and carbine manualFair$225.00
rare engineer (USVI) marked canteenGood$250.00
rare USQMC Biscuit tinVery Good$295.00
Krag rifle oilerFair$35.00
M1898 Krag ammunition bandolier, emptyVery Good$40.00
Krag carbine scabbard, early styleGood$375.00
Krag carbine scabbard, later styleVery Good$295.00
World War I  
M1907 rifle slingVery Good$100.00
Sam Browne belt with shoulder strapFine$65.00
37mm Winchester-Hotchkiss cartridge, by UMC 1905, deactivatedFine$75.00
Gene Tunney signature on 1939 Mount Washington Hotel menu, "The Fighting Marine", won championship from Jack Dempsey (10-1/2" x 8" visible within matting)Excellent$225.00
Officer bootsGood$75.00
US R collar discVery Fine$40.00
US NA collar discVery Fine$40.00
TEX collar discVery Fine$40.00
Grenade carrierUnissued$45.00
Frankford Arsenal 38 caliber Colt revolver cartridges, unopenedExcellent$55.00
Sam Brown belt, incompleteFair$45.00
Folding lanternGood$125.00
"Freedom's Triumph" color hardbound book about the warVery Good$50.00
Aviation collar discVery Fine$50.00
unknown sight hoodFine$75.00
St Louis marked shoulder holster, possibly for Colt WoodsmanGood$40.00
M1851 eagle belt buckleExcellent$100.00
rimless Eaglesnap ammo beltVery Fine$250.00
M1907 eaglesnap rifle beltFine$185.00
experimental carbine ring with incorrect bootVery Good$350.00
Mess tinFine$75.00
Hollifield Enfield targer practice rodVery Good$225.00
M1903 Springfield Pedersen device canvas pouchVery Fine$60.00
pair Gas mask anti-fog cansFine$60.00
Stamping kitFine$225.00
Stamping kit, incompleteGood$110.00
Mills belt, missing part of buckle, with eaglesnap rifle ammo pouchFine$125.00
Medic eaglesnap Mills beltFine$450.00
civilian M1917 style revolver holster Fine$45.00
eaglesnap rifle ammo belt Fine$160.00
eaglesnap leather rifle ammo pouch, dated 1915Fine$135.00
eaglesnap leather rifle ammo pouch, dated 1915Fine$125.00
45 auto dot-snap clip pouch, marked RussellExcellent$30.00
45 auto dot-snap clip pouch, marked MillsExcellent$30.00
eaglesnap ammo belt with rimmed snapsFine$165.00
leather M1911 pistol magazine pouch, dated 1914Fine$125.00
Browning Machine Gun oilerVery Fine$35.00
aluminum CanteenGood$20.00
embroidered 3rd Army Aviator Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$125.00
embroidered General Headquarters Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$50.00
embroidered 7th Corps Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$65.00
embroidered 9th Corps Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$65.00
embroidered 7th Division Liberty Loan patchVery Fine$85.00
embroidered 12th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$85.00
embroidered 26th "Yankee" Division Liberty Loan patchExcellent$90.00
embroidered 27th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$60.00
embroidered 35th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$60.00
embroidered 42nd Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$65.00
embroidered 76th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$75.00
embroidered 85th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$70.00
embroidered 89th Division Liberty Loan patch with yellowNear Mint$70.00
embroidered 206th Infantry Regiment Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$85.00
unknown Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$65.00
WWI Cavalry  
M1910 Mounted canteenGood$85.00
Picket pin with leather sheathFair$75.00
M1892 Whipple cavalry bit, second pattern, dated 1905Good$80.00
M1909 cavalry bit, WL contractor markFine$90.00
Horse bitVery Good$110.00
Swivel holster for M1917 revolver Meadows p.233Fine$350.00
picket pin with scabbardFine$225.00
picket pin with scabbard, has interesting field artillery markingsVery Good$225.00
WWI Marine  
USMC binocularsGood$275.00
Firearm Accessories and Ammo  
Winchester 32WCF reloading toolFair$30.00
DuPont keg-shaped powder canGood$50.00
Eubanks leather ammo beltGood$85.00
38 revolver military style holsterGood$45.00
H.H.Heiser #1930 pocket revolver holsterGood$65.00
unmarked pocket pistol holster, 6-1/4" long overall, tooled coyboy designGood$55.00
32 S&W US Cartridge Co ammo box, empty, end damagedFair$35.00
vintage fishing flies display box with fliesGood$25.00
45 Auto brass with Remington contract boxGood$25.00
"No Buckl" trademark web slingFine$85.00
Winchester Leg-o-Mutton gun caseFine$75.00
Iver Johnson Leg-o-Mutton gun caseFair$40.00
Peters High Velocity 16ga shotshell box, emptyFair$30.00
Ideal 38-40 reloading toolFine$50.00
Winchester 38-55 bullet mouldVery Good$95.00
Winchester 45-70 (45 GOVT) bull mould, altered to approx. .63" slugFair$50.00
wooden case, fits Stevens Medium frame pocket rifleGood$225.00
nice vintage canvas rifle or carbine slingGood$45.00
Remington Model 552 rifle boxVery Good$30.00
Savage 1931 catalogVery Good$75.00
Stevens 1931 catalogVery Good$75.00
Stevens 1939 catalogVery Good$75.00
set of Daisy air rifle targetsFine$25.00
Early UMC 38 S&W ammo box, fullVery Good$90.00
Winchester marked punchExcellent$35.00
European style shotgun slingGood$20.00
Winchester green tube gun grease with boxGood$25.00
Monark 22 long rifle ammo box, fullExcellent$20.00
Peters DEWAR MATCH 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$60.00
Remington Kleanbore 22 long SHOT ammo box, with 26 original cartridgesGood$10.00
Remington Kleanbore PALMA 22 long rifle ammo box, fullExcellent$30.00
Remington Kleanbore POLICE TARGETMASTER 22 long rifle ammo box, fullVery Fine$30.00
Remington Kleanbore lubricated 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$10.00
Western Xpert 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$12.00
World War II  
C1945 advertising poster for wrestler Charles "Texas Babe Sharkey" Kemmerer, great photos with cowboys and crown, in frame, one small hole in poster (actual dimensions 20-1/4" x 14")Fine$350.00
Original NRA surplus Remington M1903A3 rifle shipping boxGood$35.00
Original NRA surplus M1 carbine shipping box Good$35.00
Mountain Troop rucksackGood$75.00
Packboard wood frame pack by American Seating Co 1943Very Good$50.00
Packboard wood frame pack by American Seating Co 1945Fine$50.00
painted soldier suitcase with pinup girl, Mount Fuji, and dragons, of Robert E. Pratt, 63rd Infantry Regiment Poor$450.00
Airborne postcard, unusedFine$30.00
M1907 rifle sling with brass hooks, BOYT markedVery Good$100.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, BOYT maker markedGood$185.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedGood$135.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedGood$75.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooksGood$110.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MRT 10-69 markedVery Good$150.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO 1944 marked, fragile in places and backed with a later piece of leatherFair$40.00
USMC belt buckleFine$40.00
RIA tool for Browning M1919 machine gunFine$40.00
Toy machine gun with crank and rattle sound effectFine$225.00
cased fuse setterFine$250.00
Garand leather rifle scabbardGood$125.00
field sewing kitGood$35.00
"The 5th Division in France" wartime book printed in France, missing fold-out mapFair$35.00
"Fall In" book from the American Legion for entering WWII servicemenGood$20.00
Army Song Book 1941Fine$15.00
US mess knifeFine$15.00
M1937 web beltVery Good$20.00
Entrenching shovel with coverFine$85.00
Navy purple heart medalFine$125.00
Anti-gas protective cover, sealedGood$20.00
US marked wire cutters with pouchGood$135.00
Field Manual FM 2-5 Cavalry Drill Regulations, HorseFine$65.00
USMC gas canGood$135.00
Mountain troop tent, dated 1944Good$350.00
Identified Sam Brown beltGood$30.00
American captured belt with tag indicating its finding in Dunkirk, BelgiumVery Good$125.00
Soldier lot of Charles J. Wyman, pacific theatre army vet, including photos and separation documentsFine$225.00
lot of 5 photos showing black soldiersFine$100.00
Ordnance Watch repair cabinet, one quarter set extra parts for Hamilton 17-jewel wristwatch, almost all containers present, empty, with TM 9-175 manual for watch maintenanceVery Good$225.00
M1903A3 rifle front sight hoodUnissued$40.00
N-2 goggles in box with extra lensesVery Fine$65.00
enameled canteenVery Good$50
USN doctor's surgical tool pouch with instruments Excellent$225.00
Trench shotgun manual (TM 9-285)Very Fine$125.00
canvas cavalry water bucketVery Good$45.00
canvas rifle muzzle cover, US marked and dated 1944Very Fine$35.00
group of Garand rifle cleaning toolsFine$60.00
Canteen suspension hookExcellent$50.00
WWII Headgear  
USN pith helmetVery Fine$250.00
USMC pith helmet, identifiedFair$350.00
WWII Aviation  
souvenir ceramic miniature canteen from Edenton Marine Corps Air StationFine$125.00
Charles Lindbergh bust bankFine$225.00
WWII Marine Corps  
Camp Lejeune postcard book, contains all 18 postcardsFair$75.00
Korea/Vietnam War  
US Army/Navy CO2 fire extinguisher, Randolph Lab Model E 2-1/2 B, full, with bracket and instructions/maintenance recordVery Good$125.00
scarce contract USN G-1 flight jacket by Werber SportswearFine$550.00
M139 20mm ammo canGood$50.00
Air force bootsFine$85.00
Smith & Wesson marked handcuffs with key and case (stitching damaged)Very Good$65.00