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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Leman rifled conversion of M1835 Nippes musket - $950.00

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Rare rifled musket Leman, Lancaster, PA bolster conversion of a M1835 musket by Nippes, 1846. We are acquainted with the scarce smoothbore Leman conversions, but this is the only rifled one we recall handling. 42" barrel, .69 caliber. Well-marked lock, metal parts have a brown patina overall with scattered light rust. Stock is fair, was skilled down possibly to lighten it in the past, as it has a older added finish on it, has a couple minor slivers in the ramrod channel, and rear portion of butt was inexplicably sawn off and is either the original piece or wood or has been with the gun for a very long time. A small amount of wood is missing from the thinnest part of the wedge-shaped piece. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.