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American Swords

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American Revolution  
antique copy of a C1670 cup hilt rapierGood$350.00
War of 1812-Mexican War  
C1790-1810 "pillow pommel" spadroon with wonderful blue and gold blade, complete scabbard, nice giltVery Fine$2250.00
C1800-20 naval dirk with brass hilt engraved with anchor and martial panoplies, damascus bladeGood$950.00
Reproduction US Baltimore Naval cutlassGood$650.00
M1812 US Starr sabre, HHP inspectedGood$750.00
M1818 Starr US sabre with scabbard, very nicely markedGood$750.00
C1820 American reverse-P guard sabre with scabbard, possibly all-American made, white-finished plain blade shows forging flawFine$850.00
C1820-30 American reverse-P guard sabre, S&K blade, wonderfully unique carved and checkered wood gripVery Good$550.00
C1820-35 5-ball eaglehead with scabbard, fine blued bladeFine$1650.00
C1820-40 Ames style knighthead sword with eagle counterguardVery Good$395.00
C1830 straight sword with American eagle counter guard, French-pattern hilt, and diamond bladeGood$495.00
C1830-50 Eaglehead sword with eagle langets, blued bladeVery Good$495.00
M1840 Justice sabre with scabbardGood$450.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1841 USN cutlass by Ames, 1846Good$1150.00
M1841 USN cutlass dated 1846Good$1150.00
Civil War Union  
C1850-60 knighthead sword with scabbard, eagle engraved bladeFine$350.00
scarce M1832 Foot Artillery sword dated 1862 (only 300 produced) with scabbardGood$1250.00
scarce pattern Non-Regulation officer sword with scabbard, by ClaubergVery Fine$2495.00
unusual M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard marked only C.ROBY & CO (Chelmsford, MA, made as a state contract)Very Good$1250.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, Ames 1864Good$750.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, Ames 1862Good$650.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, dated 1865Good$550.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, unmarked, painted gold for GAR posts & 50th Civil War anniversary celebrationsGood$425.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1862Very Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1864Fine$350.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Fine$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Very Good$275.00
M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1864 Good$265.00
M1840 NCO sword with reproduction scabbard, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$295.00
Ames M1840 Musician sword with scabbard, dated 1864Fine$450.00
M1850 US Staff and Field sword and scabbard, by HorstmannFine$1550.00
M1850 US Staff and Field sword and scabbard, blade with beehive trademark of Samuel HoppeGood$1395.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword, unmarked, with very fine bladeFine$750.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword with nicely engraved Roby-style bladeFine$650.00
M1860 cavalry sabre with scabbard, by Mansfield & Lamb, 1865Good$650.00
M1860 USN cutlass dated 1862, partial original wire, rest restoredVery Good$650.00
Civil War period M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, by HorstmanVery Good$950.00
"shingle stick" wood and leather practice cutlass (ref "Small Arms of the Sea Services" by Rankin pp49-50)Fine$350.00
Knighthead sword with scabbardVery Fine$250.00
Knight pommel sword with engraved bladeVery Fine$225.00
M1860 Staff style sword with cruciform crossguard and plain bladeFine$175.00
Knighthead sword marked GERMANYFine$135.00
Knighthead swordVery Good$100.00
Indian Wars  
C1880 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company officer sabre with scabbardFine$550.00
C1880 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company officer sabre with scabbardFine$495.00
M1850 style USMC officer swordGood$850.00
M1850 style USMC officer sword by HorstmannFine$750.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, with unusual whistle guard, marked GERMANYExcellent$995.00
extrafancy M1860 Staff and Field sword and heavily engraved brass scabbard, fancy metal grip, by PettiboneGood$695.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Henderson Ames Co., has Springfield Armory style hiltFine$550.00
early Indian War period M1860 staff and field sword and scabbard by M C LilleyFine$495.00
Child's M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbardGood$350.00
M1872 artillery officer sabre and scabbard by M.C.LilleyVery Fine850.00
M1872 Springfield artillery officer sabre and scabbardExcellent$750.00
fancy M1872 Cavalry officer sabre with scabbard by RidabockExcellent$850.00
Fine knighthead dress sword by Morris Angel & SonGood$350.00
early Knights Templar sword with scabbard, by Horstman, PhiladelphiaVery Fine$450.00
Knights of St. John sword and scabbardFine$250.00
Post-1900 US Army Swords  
M1902 Eaglehead officer's sabre, gold washed blade, named to (Major William) "Billy" B. Grizzard of Fort Worth, TX, interesting record of service 1930's - WWIIExcellent$950.00
Air Force Academy sword with scabbardExcellent$375.00
M1902 officer sabre with scabbard, named to an officer of the 185th Field Artillery (part of the 34th "Red Bull" Division, served in North Africa and Italy)Excellent$350.00
M1902 officer sabre with scabbard, early horn grips by Horstman, broken quillonFine$225.00
Post-1900 US Cavalry Swords  
M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated LF&C 1918Good$550.00
Post-1900 US Navy Swords  
M1852 USCG sword with scabbard marked USAVery Fine$495.00
M1852 USCG sword with scabbard by Boston Uniform CoFine$450.00
M1852 Naval Officer sword with scabbard, marked MADE USAVery Good$250.00
Post-1900 USMC Swords  
USMC NCO sword and scabbard by Hilborn, presented to a 2nd Engineers master sargentExcellent$550.00
C1960-70 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbardNear Mint$575.00
C1960-70 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbardExcellent$550.00
C1950-60 USMC mamaluke sword with scabbard by Japan SwordFine$550.00
Scabbards and Parts  
C1790-1800 Philadelphia eagle sword pommelVery Good$250.00
Baltimore eagle sword pommelFine$175.00
M1832 Foot Artillery sword scabbard mountsGood$350.00
early Colichemarde sword blade, 37-1/2" overall, 30-1/2" edge, 1.4" wide at hiltFair$950.00
rayskin Colichemarde scabbard body, 29-3/4" long, 1-1/8" wide at throat on outsideFair$275.00
Medical Staff or Pay Department sword scabbard, drag absent, 0.725" wide inside throatGood$295.00
Feathered eaglehead sword grip, possibly for M1841 USN officer swordVery Fine$450.00
Germanic style sword hiltFair$225.00
C1830-50 straight leather scabbardGood$135.00
M1840 Dragoon sabre blade marked LelandGood$350.00
M1840 Musician sword scabbardVery Good$325.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyVery Good$225.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyFair$175.00
M1850 Staff/Foot sword scabbard bodyFair$150.00
M1852 Navy sword scabbard middle mount, Civil War period, with ring, 1-1/4" wide, 2-1/4" longVery Good$110.00
M1852 Navy sword scabbard middle mount, Civil War period, without ring, 1-3/16" wide, 2-13/16" longVery Good$100.00
Light Cavalry style scabbard, does not fit AmesGood$125.00
reproduction Confederate shortsword scabbard, fits blade 21" long, missing dragFine$75.00
M1860 cavalry sabre leather knot, marked H.GAYLORD/CHICOPEE/MASSVery Good$295.00
USCG sword scabbard throat and middle mountsFine$175.00
rare M1905/06 Experimental officer pigskin 33" scabbardGood$1500.00
rare M1905/06 Experimental enlisted 31" scabbard, very scarce with RIA 1906 mark visibleGood$1500.00
C1880-1910 USN sword belt (hangers damaged)Very Good$75.00
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50
Vietnam USMC sword storage bagNear Mint$37.50