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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
British P1842 Marine carbine dated 1847 - $1750.00

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British P1842 Marine carbine. Marked on lock TOWER 1847, stock proofs visible with matching date of 1847, good barrel proofs. 27" round barrel of about .66 caliber bore. Brass parts show evidence of having been cleaned at some point, iron parts are a darker brown with little pitting to speak of. Stock is good, having been lightly cleaned, showing numerous minor handling marks, free of cracks with a small chip in front of lock. Included is a 2010 write up from Richard J. Schwan detailing the history of this model, having been used heavily by British marines in the Crimean War and the capture of the seaport at Sebastipol. Also in the write up is the provenance of this individual gun, having been acquired with a P1853 Enfield musket from an Atlanta, GA man who was a Confederate descendent. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.