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Accoutrements 1776-1865

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Revolutionary War  
hand forged chain, excavated on private land near TiconderogaGood, excavated$75.00
hand forged mattock, excavated on private land near TiconderogaGood, excavated$225.00
hand forged fascine knife, excavated on private land near Crown PointGood, excavated$225.00
"I" rosetteFair, excavated$25.00
Ticonderoga Bicentennial commemorative plateExcellent$50.00
early 24-round cartridge box, maker marked "RC" twice on bottom, front flap expertly reattached at hinge pointGood$950.00
group of 4 excavated 18th century buttons, location unknownGood$40.00
massive 19" powderhorn, beautifully painted with eagleFine$1495.00
early Delft ceramic inkwellFine$250.00
musket flint with old tag "Flint used in old revolutionary flint lock guns. Used before 1847"Fine$125.00
early Delft tile with house and shipsGood$100.00
early Delft tile with flower potGood$100.00
early Delft tile with man in boat and three other boatsGood$90.00
early Delft tile with narrow, tall houseGood$90.00
early Delft tile with house with smoking chimney and boatsGood$90.00
early Delft tile with shoreline sceneGood$80.00
early Delft tile with wide cottageGood$80.00
early tomahawk belt axe, beautifully hand madeGood$275.00
wooden case for gold scalesGood$50.00
early shutter pinsExcavated$50.00
8" Pewter bowlGood$125.00
7-3/4" Pewter bowlGood$110.00
iron strike-a-light, choiceGood$150.00 each
small iron strike-a-light, choiceFair$75.00
Fascine knifeGood$125.00
iron door pullGood$125.00
pair shoebuckles, almost matchingFine$110.00
2nd Regiment buttonFair$100.00
vent pick and brush Very Good $250.00
button mould, maker marked Very Good $850.00
automatic scarificator (multi bladed bleeder) with box Fine $450.00
automatic fleam (bleeder) with case, unusually largeFine$350.00
automatic fleam (bleeder) with case, brass finishFine$350.00
automatic fleam (bleeder) with case, plated finishFine$275.00
automatic fleam (bleeder) case, very attractiveVery Good$125.00
early Artilleryman's gimletGood$225.00
flat powder horn with screw tipVery Good$225.00
pain bulletVery Good$25.00
C1950 blue plate of Independence Hall, 10" wideExcellent$30.00
book, "Small Arms and Ammunition in the United States Service", published by the Smithsonian Institution 1956 Fine$75.00
War of 1812  
British broad arrow marked padlockGood, excavated$125.00
early powder horn turned plugGood$75.00
Pewter plate, by Boardman, Hartford, CTFine$350.00
American pewter plate marked by BARNESVery Good$295.00
American pewter plate marked by DANSFORTHVery Good$295.00
American pewter plate marked by BADGERVery Good$250.00
Artillery coat buttonGood$75.00
Artillery coat buttonFine$75.00
US over MS cheesebox canteenFine$895.00
US over MS cheesebox canteen, painted over long agoFine$695.00
New York coat button (Albert NY9A)Good$100.00
C1920 patriotic Eagle painted hatplate decorationFine$135.00
1812 pattern Army enlisted pewter cockade eagleGood$250.00
Fort Dearborn/Chicago sterling silver souvenir spoonVery Fine$38.00
Mexican War  
Ames peace flask, replaced topVery Good$225.00
William Henry Harrison log cabin campaign buttonExcellent$100.00
"Hall's Rifle" bullet mouldGood$675.00
framed print, "The Gallant Charge of the Kentucky Cavalry Under Col Marshall"Fine$225.00
Civil War  
bronze Architectural element of mounted Union soldierFine$225.00
early skinning knifeGood$75.00
excavated P1853 Enfield musket, complete except buttplate/triggerguard, with tag indicating recovery at SpotsylvaniaGood$350.00
Civil War period bootsFine$550.00
Handmade Confederate/Frontiersman side knife, made from file, 11-1/2" bladeGood$250.00
3 volume set "Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots" by Dean ThomasExcellent$275.00
framed Soldier's Memorial of the 40th Massachusetts Volunteers, good service including Cold Harbor and the Petersburg mine explosionGood$225.00
Peace flask, marked Batty 1849, spring non-functionalGood$395.00
Confederate "Script I" coat button by Isaacs Campbell (22.5mm)Fine$250.00
Wisconsin coat button, Extra Quality backmark (22.5mm)Good$125.00
Confederate Block I coat button, Superior Quality backmark (22.8mm)Very Fine$250.00
Vermont coat button, Scovill backmark (23.5mm)Good$40.00
colletion of 11 bullets and harmonica plate from Richmond, VA areaGood$100.00
Camp lead with musket caps, recovered at Stevensburg, VA, 2nd Corps Union Army camp winter of 1863/64Good$35.00
patent Eagle cloak buttonFine$100.00
Bullet in woodGood$25.00
Medical Staff lieutenant cased epaulettesVery Fine$2500.00
Painted toleware cream pitcherGood$150.00
Painted toleware tea caddyGood$85.00
Painted toleware tea caddyGood$80.00
Belt keeperFair$40.00
Fife mouthpieceGood$100.00
early bowie knife bladeGood$325.00
large contemporary pistol case for pocket pistol, with flask, mould, tool, bulletsGood$250.00
US M1858 "bullseye" canteen, complete with stopper, chain, cover and strapGood$375.00
Gutta perha topped box with ship (4-3/4" x 4-3/4" x 3-1/4")Fine$225.00
Greene carbine instruction leafletFair$500.00
unknown Shield coat buttonFine$85.00
cartridge box tins, pairFine$150.00
Massachusetts coat button, Scovill backmarkFine$40.00
Connecticut coat button, Scovill backmarkFine$75.00
WMI (Western Military Institute) buttonFine$295.00
Confederate staff coat buttonVery Fine$250.00
Confederate staff coat buttonFine$225.00
lot of 3 Confederate musket flints, random pull of three piecesExcellent$35.00
lot of 3 Confederate pistol flintsExcellent$35.00
lot of 4 medicine bottlesVery Good$15.00
Massachusetts Volunteer Militia cuff button (Albert MS37)Good$50.00
Pocket pistol case, nice grain, missing interiorFine$150.00
shoulder scalesFine$295.00
cloak button (clasp)Fine$100.00
TampionVery Good$125.00
Confederate-associated imported snake buckle with beltVery Good$550.00
Carbine sling, original 56" lengthGood$1450.00
M1864 US cartridge boxGood$295.00
Carbine cartridge boxVery Good$375.00
Capbox with Lewiston, ME makerVery Good$125.00
Pistol cartridge box by J. Davy & Co Newark NJFine150.00
Pistol cartridge boxFine$100.00
superb maker marked Capbox by Young, complete with wool and pickVery Fine$250.00
maker marked capbox with parial woolGood$135.00
CapboxVery Good$120.00
maker marked CapboxGood$110.00
capboxVery Fine$150.00
USN embossed cap boxVery Fine$495.00
USN embossed cap boxVery Good$375.00
USN embossed cap boxGood$275.00
USN pistol cartridge box, alteredGood$325.00
carbine boot, mounted to plaque to serve as match holder Excellent$175.00
Carbine boot, marked Metzger PhilaFine$150.00
Veteran's Memorabilia  
Massachusetts POW reunion badge lotFair$250.00
Ohio GAR medalVery Good$125.00
Massachusetts GAR medalVery Fine$125.00
Original box of GAR lapel badgesExcellent$250.00
GAR lapel badgeNear Mint$25.00
GAR Vetrans medal rank insignia, major, black backgroundExcellent$30.00
sixth plate daguerreotype of seated gentlemanFine$225.00
charcoal portrait of Albert Richardson (1833-1868) Boston Journal - War Correspondent, 14" x 12" oval frameFine$250.00
ninth plate gutta percha case with design of standing soldier with flagFine$295.00
McCellan saddle, Allegheny Arsenal markedVery Good$950.00
Spurs, pairGood$225.00
Picket PinFair$225.00
US marked Grimsley saddle stirrupsFine$375.00
Artillery fuse or flare, 12-1/2" longFine$75.00
grouping of 5 M1863 horse bits in original storage paper Fine$1595.00
M1863 US horse bit Fine$350.00
M1863 US horse bitVery Good$350.00
M1863 US horse bitVery Good$325.00
US Watervliet 12" M marked octagon-headed Artillerist's gimlet (vent punch)Very Good$250.00
US Watervliet 12" M marked round-headed Artillerist's gimlet (vent punch)Very Good$250.00
CS interlocking sword belt buckleGood$3450.00
M1851 eagle belt buckle with catchFine$250.00
M1851 eagle belt buckleFine$250.00