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American Bayonets

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American Revolution  
French M1771 socket bayonetFair$275.00
wonderful large American-made musket bayonet patterned after Long Land bayonet, but plainly forged from a single piece of ironGood$750.00
British India Pattern socket bayonetFair$100.00
"The Bayonet Book" by Watts & WhiteFine$295.00
American made applied socket musket bayonetGood$450.00
War of 1812-Mexican War  
very clean M1795 style unmarked bayonetFine$225.00
Extremely Rare 1808 EBERLE maker marked socket bayonet, long-narrow blade variation (Riley p 23, 24, 30)Fair$1350.00
M1812 bayonet marked "US" on shankGood$375.00
M1812 US bayonet with unusual "&" inspector markGood$325.00
M1812 style bayonet, unmarked, unusually heavy socketVery Good$200.00
early Federal period bayonet with unusual "HUK" marking on socketFair$350.00
scarce Simeon North M1816 bayonet marked US SNGood$375.00
M1816 bayonet marked "US"Very Good$175.00
M1816 bayonet, marked "US"Good$150.00
M1816 bayonet with unusual marking "US over E over L over O", blade length 13-1/4"Good$275.00
M1816 bayonet, marked "US TA X"Very Good$225.00
M1816 bayonet, rare marking US EGGood$195.00
M1816 bayonet marked US LAVery Good$185.00
M1816 bayonet marked US CBGood$175.00
M1816 bayonet marked USEBVery Good$165.00
M1816 socket bayonet marked US WLGood$150.00
M1816 bayonet with indistinct US markFair$135.00
M1816 bayonet marked US JB, shortened to 13-1/2" blade lengthGood$115.00
M1816 bayonet with indistinct US markFair$110.00
M1816 bayonet, marked US TAFair$85.00
M1816 style bayonetFair$75.00
unusual unfinished M1819 Simeon North Hall rifle bayonet marked US SN, possible Confederate usedGood$550.00
M1819 Hall rifle bayonetFair$350.00
M1819 Hall rifle bayonetFair$225.00
M1835/42 US socket bayonetVery Good$250.00
M1835/42 US bayonet with additional "N" sub-inspector markGood$250.00
M1835/42 socket bayonet with unusual "N" inspector marking Very Good$235.00
M1835/42 US socket bayonetGood$225.00
European 69 caliber import bayonetVery Good$135.00
M1842 bayonet marked USFine$375.00
M1842 bayonet marked US, very cleanFine$295.00
Civil War  
M1851 cadet socket bayonet marked "US"Good$450.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet marked "C&Co"Fine$750.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet marked "C&Co", blade shortened to 13-7/8"Good$250.00
untouched French M1842 sabre bayonetVery Good$225.00
H&P conversion socket bayonet marked "US"Good$175.00
very nice unmarked US 69 caliber conversion musket bayonetVery Good$150.00
H&P style socket bayonetFair$75.00
interesting civil war conversion musket bayonet altered to fencing bayonet (faint US mark)Fair$100.00
P1842 British socket bayonet marked HADLEY CHAPMANGood$185.00
M1842 US socket bayonetVery Good$250.00
Harper's Ferry "US" marked M1855 sabre bayonet with scabbard and frogFair$495.00
M1841 Mississippi NH alteration sabre bayonetVery Good$350.00
scarce Greene rifle socket bayonetFair$225.00
M1858 fencing bayonet socket (replaced screw)Good$250.00
M1841 Mississippi rifle Drake alteration socket bayonet (Reilly Fig B82)Fine$575.00
P1856 Enfield sabre bayonetVery Good$350.00
Enfield rifle sabre bayonetVery Good$225.00
Enfield rifle sabre bayonet, missing press studGood$110.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonet with scabbardFair$195.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonet with Manchester maker markGood$150.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonetGood$150.00
P1853 Enfield bayonet with shortened socketGood$65.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonetFair$125.00
British P1859 Enfield cutlass bayonetGood$695.00
Austrian 70 caliber musket socket bayonetGood$120.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz bayonet with unusually fine wood-bodied, leather-covered scabbardFine$495.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz socket bayonet, missing locking ringVery Good$90.00
American-produced Austrian M1854 Lorenz bayonetFair$150.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonetGood$165.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonetGood$150.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonetGood$150.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonet, battlefield pickupFair$65.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonet, battlefield pickupFair$50.00
M1855/63 US/J socket bayonet with 7 rivet scabbard (missing several rivets)Fair$150.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US" and "C&Co", unusual location of markingGood$250.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US", socket dentedFair$120.00
M1855 bayonet marked ". over US over S"Very Fine$250.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Fine$225.00
M1855 bayonet marked ". over US over S"Fine$225.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Good$175.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Good$165.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US J", with extra hole in socketGood$110.00
M1855/63 US bayonet, shortened to 14" bladeGood$85.00
American made socket bayonet for Austrian M1854 Lorenz rifleVery Good$250.00
Indian Wars  
Colt sabre bayonetFair$375.00
M1867/69 cadet socket bayonetVery Good$350.00
.45-70 bayonet in US frog scabbardVery Fine$175.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardVery Fine$185.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardFine$165.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardVery Good$150.00
M1873/84 .45-70 bayonet in NY scabbardFine$150.00
.45-70 cadet socket bayonetVery Fine$125.00
.45-70 cadet bayonetFine$75.00
.45-70 cadet bayonet marked USFair$75.00
unmarked .45-70 cadet bayonetVery Good$75.00
Peabody rifle socket bayonetGood$165.00
socket bayonet, almost fits Winchester Hotchkiss rifleGood$75.00
Spanish-American War  
M1895 Winchester-Lee bayonet with scabbardFine$850.00
1895 dated Krag bayonet with scabbardGood$225.00
Krag bayonet with early scabbard, dated 1896Very Good$225.00
Krag bayonet with scabbard, dated 1899, New York markedVery Good$185.00
1899 dated Krag bayonet with leather sheathGood$125.00
Krag bayonet with leather scabbard, dated 1901Good$100.00
M1905 Springfields  
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1918 (sn796079) Fine$275.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1919 (sn1102715)Very Fine$250.00
M1905 bayonet dated 1908 sn243190 (cracked muzzle ring)Fair$135.00
World War I  
M1913 Remington bayonet with scabbard, US surchargedFine$325.00
M1917 Winchester bayonet with scabbardFine$375.00
M1917 rifle/trench shotgun bayonet, markings and locking button removedGood$100.00
World War II  
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1920 (sn1163342) with wooden grips in USN MK1 fiber scabbardFine$395.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1906 (sn153889) with early "Lazy S" fiber scabbardGood$325.00
M1905 bayonet dated RIA 1908 (sn123596) with black plastic grips in USM3 fiber scabbardFine$450.00
M1942 16" bayonet by PAL, dated 1943, chipped blade, in reproduction scabbardGood$225.00
M1942 UFH bayonet, dated 1942, with USN MK1 scabbardFine$325.00
USN MK1 training bayonet in USN MK1 scabbard, scarce PBCo contract, muzzle ring crackedFair$225.00
USN MK1 training bayonet in USN MK1 scabbard, blade tip slightly reshaped, catch doesn't functionFine$195.00
very rare 1943 dated Original 10" M1 bayonet with scabbard, by UticaFine$325.00
Garand bayonet by WT 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" knife-point bladeFine$350.00
Garand bayonet by PAL 1942 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear point bladeVery Good$145.00
Garand bayonet by UFH 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear-point blade Fine$175.00
Garand bayonet by AFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeVery Fine$250.00
Garand bayonet by PAL in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeExcellent$325.00
Garand bayonet by PAL in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeFine$225.00
Garand bayonet by UC in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeFine$225.00
Garand bayonet by UFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeVery Good$150.00
M4 bayonet by ACC in USM8A1 scabbardVery Good$275.00
M4 bayonet by AERIAL in USM8 scabbardGood$235.00
USM4 bayonet by Kinfolks (KI) with USM8A1 sheathGood$175.00
M4 bayonet by KINFOLKS in USM8A1 scabbardGood$165.00
M4 bayonet by PAL in USM8 scabbardVery Fine$225.00
USM4 bayonet by Utica in USM8 scabbardFine$225.00
Shortened Garand bayonet, good grips and locking mechanismExcellent$60.00
M1913 Winchester bayonet in fiber trench shotgun scabbardFine$265.00
Shortened Garand bayonet, good grips/locking mechanismGood$45.00
M7 Conetta bayonet with scabbardExcellent$75.00
Scabbards and Parts  
Brown Bess fusil bayonet scabbardGood$150.00
M1835 bayonet scabbardFine$225.00
1855 style socket bayonet scabbardFine$115.00
Civil War sabre bayonet scabbard mountsFine$175.00
.50-70 leather bayonet scabbardGood$125.00
early trapdoor scabbard with scarce U.S frogGood$100.00
45-70 bayonet US frog scabbardFine$100.00
45-70 bayonet US hook scabbardVery Good$75.00
45-70 bayonet US hook scabbardGood$70.00
.45-70 "MASS" bayonet scabbardGood$50.00
45-70 bayonet scabbard belt hook for frog scabbardFine$40.00
45-70 bayonet scabbard metal bodyFine$20.00
45-70 McKenney's patent bayonet scabbardFine$75.00
.45-70 NGP frog bayonet scabbardVery Good$45.00
Winchester Lee USN stright pull rifle bayonet scabbardGood$350.00
M1917 bayonet scabbardFine$175.00
M1917 bayonet scabbardGood$135.00
M1905 bayonet unmodified leather scabbardVery Good$225.00
USM3 16" bayonet scabbardVery Good$175.00
USN MK1 16" bayonet scabbardFine$175.00
Original packing sleeve for 16" USM3 bayonet scabbardsFine$100.00
USM7 10" bayonet scabbard for M1905E1 bayonetGood$125.00
reproduction USM7 10" bayonet scabbardNear Mint$35.00
Trench shotgun bayonet, marked B.M.CoExcellent$135.00
Trench shotgun bayonet, marked B.A.Co with additional defense inkstampExcellent$135.00