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International Military Rifles  
very nice quality flintlock Khyber Pass musket marked "WARRANTED" with British proofed barrelGood$950.00
scarce Austrian Werndl M1877 cartridge carbineGood$950.00
British percussion conversion carbineGood$650.00
British India Pattern 1842 percussion rifled musket Good$950.00
British P1842 Marine carbineGood$1750.00
Egyptian Rolling block rifleFair$450.00
Nepalese British P1840 Brunswick rifleGood$1150.00
Remington rolling block original saddle ring carbineFair$550.00
Remington rolling block 3-band military rifleFair$450.00
International Civilian Rifles  
Germanic percussion jaeger rifle, gold inlaid including lock GEORG MONS"Fair$550.00
Swiss Snider style cartridge sporting rifleFine$650.00
Flobert style parlor rifleFair$125.00
American Muzzleloading Rifles  
New England percussion half stock rifle marked on lock "A.W.SPIES"Good$750.00
C1820-30 percussion curly maple fullstock longrifle by Samuel Morrison, Milton, PAFair$750.00
C1840-60 percussion fullstock curly maple ketucky rifleFair$695.00
C1850 Southern States style Kentucky rifle with Golcher marked lock Good$750.00
C1850 Southern States style Kentucky rifle marked C.HaucGood$1150.00
Unmarked under hammer percussion rifleGood$450.00
C1850-60 percussion smooth rifle marked "G.CAPEN" on top of barrel, needs workGood$225.00
C1860 Richmond VA marked percussion half stock rifleGood$1250.00
C1860-70 fancy target rifle by Henry Stevens, Watertown, NYFair$595.00
American Cartridge Rifles  
Ballard Patent "dual ignition" rifleGood$950.00
Colt Lightning medium frame .32 slide action rifleFine$1450.00
Colt Lightning medium frame .32 slide action rifleFair$850.00
Extremely rare Sharps "Old Reliable" double barrel damascus cartridge shotgunGood$2250.00
Stevens "tip-up" single shot rifle with original Lyman combination tang sightGood$450.00
Frank Wesson "two trigger" sporting rifleGood$850.00
rare Stevens bored Winchester M1885 Low Wall 25rf rifleGood$1250.00
Air Rifles  
Wing Markham air rifle, non functionalFair$175.00
Red Ryder air rifle, non functionalFair$30.00
Original wooden shipping crate for Daisy No 195 Buzz Barton air riflesGood$125.00
Revolutionary War  
Double-US surcharged percussion conversion French M1763 musket by Maubeuge with history to the Battle of SaratogaGood$4750.00
early Doglock flintlock wall gun with long 51" British proofed barrelFair$2250.00
C1760-80 American stocked flintlock dual purpose musket/fowlerGood$1495.00
C1770-80 flintlock fusil musket with French marine and Dutch-Germanic featuresGood$1750.00
Ketland marked flintlock long fowlerGood$1950.00
American Hudson Valley longfowler with British Brown Bess lock dated 1742Poor$1095.00
United States Militaries  
rare M1808 US contract musket by D.Henkles, PhiladelphiaGood$2250.00
M1808 US Barstow, Exeter flintlock musketFair$1950.00
M1808 flintlock musket by R&C Leonard, Canton, MassGood$1750.00
M1808 Bartlett flintlock musketGood$1550.00
M1808 L. Pomeroy State of New York musketFair$1050.00
E. Whitney M1812 "N.HAVEN" percussion conversion musketFair$650.00
Presentation style militia musket by J.P.Moore with silver eagle plaqueGood$950.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked AshmoreFine$1250.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked GascoigneVery Good$1250.00
C1820 flintlock militia musket with GR-TOWER marked lockFair$850.00
C1820-40 percussion militia musket with large spread eagle inlay in stockGood$675.00
M1841 US "Mississippi" rifle by Robbins & Lawrence with Drake alteration sightsGood$1750.00
M1842 Harpers Ferry musket, expertly shortened to 39"Very Good$850.00
Leman rifled conversion of M1835 Nippes musketFair$950.00
Confederate military style percussion shotgun by F.H.Clark & Co., MemphisGood$2250.00
Remington Maynard conversion musketGood$1150.00
Remington Maynard conversion musket, shortenedFair$450.00
P.S.Justice third type percussion musket, shortenedGood$450.00
US Miller conversion rifleGood$650.00
M1863 US Bridesburg musket with desirable "IN" stamping for Irish Nationalists/Fenian BrotherhoodGood$950.00
Remington Rolling Block conversion of Civil War musketGood$1450.00
M1795 Type I musket with French parts from the American Revolution including US surcharged lockGood$3500.00
M1795 percussion conversion musket with earliest style Type I Springfield vertical marking lockGood$1195.00
Springfield M1812 Type II "studband" flintlock musket, dated 1816Very Good$2250.00
Springfield M1847 musketoon dated 1851Good$2250.00
M1870 USN rolling block rifleGood$975.00
M1870 USN rolling block rifleFair$650.00
M1871 Springfield Army rolling block rifleFair$750.00
scarce Springfield M1881 "Forager" 20 gauge shotgunGood$1750.00
Allen & Wheelock "Drop Breech" semi-military carbine rifleVery Good$1050.00
Spencer caliber Ball & Williams Ballard carbineGood$1495.00
Second Model Merrill breech loading percussion carbineGood$1250.00
Starr percussion 54 caliber carbine, marked to the 1st Arkansas regimentGood$1950.00
Civil War  
Austrian Lorenz 69 caliber rifle, shortened, missing partsPoor$50.00
Austrian M1854 percussion musket, shortenedVery Good$395.00
Austrian M1854 percussion musket, shortenedGood$395.00
English New Land/M1839 style percussion militia musketVery Good$950.00
"Tanner & C" confederate associated musketVery Good$2250.00
French Mle 1840 percussion musket, stock shortenedFair$260.00
French Mle 1840 percussion musket, stock shortenedFair$250.00
Belgian made French M1842 percussion rifled musketVery Good$750.00
Belgian made French M1842 percussion rifled musketFair$450.00
Prussian M1809 brass band musketGood$750.00
Muzzleloading Double Barrel Shotguns  
fancy S. Sutherland, Richmond, VA gold inlaid double barrel percussion shotgunGood$1450.00
Hollis & Sheath 10ga English double barrel percussion shotgun$350.00
T.W.Tignor, Richmond, VA percussion double shotgunFair$1850.00
"T WALTON" double barrel percussion shotgunVery Good$395.00
Fancy Pennsylvania-Dutch percussion shotgun by F. Hummel in Lebanon PAVery Good$750.00
Fancy long double shotgun by Bentley with deer patchbox, inlaid hunting scene on barrel ribFair$650.00
Whitneyville, Conn. marked percussion double barrel shotgunFair$375.00
Richards double barrel percussion shotgun with cap boxFair$295.00
double barrel shotgun by L. Cromwell, BaltimoreGood$695.00
Smith, English double barrel percussion shotgunGood$350.00
double barrel percussion shotgun by Brownson, Slocum & HopkinsGood$350.00
John P Lovell & Sons percussion double shotgunGood$350.00
Unmarked percussion double barrel shotgun with unusual painted stockGood$295.00
W&C Scott percussion double, missing one hammerFair$250.00
Moore fancy percussion doubleGood$295.00
W&C Scott & Son, London double barrel percussionGood$250.00
Cartridge Double Barrel Shotguns  
L.C.Smith No.1 hammerless damascus double shotgun, made in 1896Fine$850.00
"THE CONTINENTAL" double barrel damascus shotgunVery Fine$650.00
fancy W&C Scott & Son sidelever damascus double shotgunVery Good$650.00
Wm Moore & Co double barrel English cartridge damascus double shotgunVery Good$450.00
Stanley Arms Co cartridge damascus double shotgunGood$295.00
Chicago Arms Co double barrel shotgunVery Good$650.00
"Prize Quality" damascus doubleFair$275.00
W. Richards damascus double shotgunGood$325.00
Double barrel Belgium cartridge shotgun by A.RichardFair$135.00
Unmarked forearm lever release cartridge shotgunGood$225.00
US Arms Co damascus double shotgunGood$250.00
W.Richards double barrel damascus shotgunFine$325.00
"Neuman Bros" double barrel damascus shotgun with unusual silver dog on lockFine$550.00
J.P. Clabrough & Sons heavy 10ga damascus double shotgunFair$295.00
Richard double barrel damascus shotgunFine$350.00
"New Baker" by Syracuse Gun and Forging Co Batavia NY double shotgunGood$375.00
Heavy English 10 gauge double by W. ParkerFair$250.00
Fancy unmarked trigger guard lever doubleGood$395.00
W. Morse & Co. double barrel shotgunGood$325.00
"New Ithaca Double" 12 gauge, made in 1927Fine$650.00
Ithaca Flues 12 gauge damascus double, made in 1914Good$350.00
German double barrel underlever shotgun by Jung & Sohne SuhlVery Good$450.00
Unmarked Continental underlever pinfire double barrel shotgunGood$550.00
English pinfire double by Thomas PhillipsPoor$150.00
W. Richards damascus doubleGood$275.00
W. Richards fancy engraved double barrel damascus shotgunGood$395.00
early Parker Underlifter mid grade 12ga doubleFair$375.00
Parker field grade laminated steel double shotgunFair$495.00
Muzzleloading Single Barrel Shotguns  
American made C1840-60 American single barrel percussion fowlerGood$375.00
C1800 percussion conversion single barrel fowlerGood$395.00
Hunter large bore single barrel shotgun Good$350.00
scarce Whitney single barrel percussion shotgunGood$275.00
single barrel percussion shotgun by Lane & Read, Boston with long 44-1/2" barrel Good$295.00
Cartridge Single Barrel Shotguns  
Hopkins & Allen Arms Co single barrel shotgun with unusual tang safetyFair$235.00
unusual Iver Johnson single shotgun with ring trigger barrel releaseVery Good$350.00
American Arms Co. "SEMI HAMMERLESS" single barrel cartridge shotgunGood$275.00
Rupertus, Philadelphia marked shotgunFair$375.00
Rare and unusual Japanese style Flobert lifter-action single barrel shotgunGood$475.00
unusual early William Lawrence, Laconia, NH toplifter single barrel shotgun with full octagon barrelFine$550.00
unusual early William Lawrence, Laconia, NH toplifter single barrel shotgunGood$375.00
"THE NEEDLEGUN" bolt action shotgun conversion of French military musketGood$350.00