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French M1777 complete flint lockGood$550.00
early musket front brass barrel band, possibly French MarineGood$150.00
Liege flint lock for large pistol or fowler, missing hammerFair$225.00
M1763 style triggerguardFair$75.00
pistol/fowler flint hammer (aged reproduction)Good$100.00
small pistol flint hammerGood$225.00
Brown Bess style aged reproduction flint hammerGood$125.00
Sharpe percussion conversion lock for fowler or militia musket, hammer loose but functionsFair$175.00
Barnes back action fowler or shotgun lock, functionsFair$100.00
Brown Bess flintlock barrelGood$250.00
Brown Bess percussion lock plate, faint markings and datePoor$75.00
2nd model musket flint lockplate marked BARNETTGood$125.00
British style flintlock musket hammer, completeVery Good$165.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistolGood$90.00
Revolutionary War  
early Brass musket musket triggerguard (broken)Good$75.00
Early American flint musket hammerGood$225.00
plain brass sideplate for large pistol or fowlerGood$75.00
plain brass pistol sideplateGood$100.00
fancy brass pistol sideplateGood$50.00
serpentine brass sideplate (possible repro)Good$50.00
early flint lockplate, possible relicPoor$35.00
early gooseneck flintlock musket hammer, lacking top jaw/screwVery Good$150.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistol or fowler, completeVery Good$150.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistol or fowler, lacking top jaw/screw, rounded faceVery Good$100.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistolGood$150.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistolGood$165.00
Original flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowlerVery Good$125.00
Original flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowlerVery Good$125.00
Original flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowlerVery Good$125.00
Original flintlock frizzen for pistolGood$40.00
British Longland pistol flint lock plateGood$40.00
Third model pistol hammer lacking top jaw and screwExcellent$75.00
Original flintlock hammer for pistol or fowlerGood$250.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowler, nicely agedGood$40.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowler, nicely agedGood$45.00
Reproduction flintlock flashpan for pistol or fowler, nicely finishedGood$35.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen spring for pistol or fowler, nicely finishedGood$40.00
Civil War  
Austrian Lorenz .54 caliber rifled musket barrelVery Good$250.00
Austrian Lorenz .58 caliber rifled musket barrelGood$175.00
Austrian Lorenz musket middle barrel bandGood$175.00
Austrian Lorenz musket middle barrel band Fair$125.00
Burnside sporting buttstockVery Good$150.00
Burnside carbine barrel and frameGood$250.00
Burnside carbine barrel bandGood$150.00
Burnside carbine rear sight (broken leaf)Good$225.00
Burnside carbine forearmGood$150.00
Enfield musket trigger guardGood$75.00
French musket middle barrel bandFair$40.00
Germanic musket lockGood$50.00
Starr carbine conversion lockVery Good$350.00
M1852/3 Sharps complete lockVery Good$750.00
Sharps New Model rifle/carbine lockGood$450.00
Sharps rifle barrel band setVery Good$395.00
Spencer carbine/rifle magazineVery Good$395.00
Spencer carbine/rifle magazineFair$350.00
Spencer carbine/rifle lever and complete blockGood$350.00
Spencer carbine/rifle lever and lower blockVery Good$225.00
Spencer carbine/rifle leverVery Good$175.00
Spencer rifle forearm with nose capFine$375.00
Spencer rifle forearmFine$350.00
Spencer carbine/rifle magazine followerGood$50.00
Colt M1855 Root revolver gripFine$250.00
Colt M1855 Root revolver percussion cylinderVery Good$125.00
P.S.Justice musket complete lockGood$250.00
Sharps New Model Rifle/Carbine leverVery Good$175.00
Springfield/Contract musket sight securing widgetExcellent$20.00
M1861 complete lock by Sarson & Roberts (New York)Good$500.00
M1861 complete lock by MowryGood$250.00
M1861 complete lock by SN&WTCGood$250.00
M1763/M1795 reproduction flashpan, nicely finishedGood$65.00
M1763/M1795 style lower sling swivel with studGood$85.00
M1763/M1795 style flint musket hammer, completeGood$350.00
M1795 front barrel bandFair$250.00
M1795 front barrel bandGood$235.00
M1795 middle barrel band, completeGood$265.00
M1795 middle barrel band, missing sling swivelGood$175.00
M1795 middle barrel band, missing sling swivelFair$165.00
M1763/M1795 lower barrel bandGood$125.00
M1795 Type III triggerguardGood$85.00
M1816 musket full stockVery Good$550.00
M1816 flintlock hammer with period replaced jaw and screwGood$275.00
M1816 flintlock hammer, top jaw and screw replacedGood$250.00
M1816 sideplateVery Good$55.00
M1816 sideplateVery Good$50.00
M1816 front barrel bandGood$250.00
M1816 front barrel bandGood$250.00
M1816 front barrel bandGood$235.00
M1816 front barrel bandGood$225.00
M1816 front barrel bandFair$210.00
M1816 middle barrel band, complete with sling swivelGood$225.00
M1816 rear barrel bandVery Good$50.00
M1816 rear barrel bandGood$40.00
M1816 rear barrel bandGood$30.00
M1816 style buttplateFair$25.00
M1816 Type II complete triggerguard with screws, trigger and pinVery Good$100.00
M1816 breechplug, dated 1829Fine$35.00
H&P musket hammer with case colorFine$100.00
H&P musket hammerVery Good$75.00
M1842 Springfield complete lock, dated 1851Good$175.00
M1842 hammer with original tumblerGood$150.00
M1842 hammer with fine case colorsFine$100.00
M1842 sideplateGood$45.00
M1842 sideplateGood$40.00
M1842 US buttplate, unusually good conditionVery Good$75.00
M1842 style buttplateFair$25.00
M1842 middle barrel bandVery Good$225.00
M1842 middle barrel band, missing sling swivelGood$125.00
M1842 lower barrel band Fair$25.00
M1842 lower barrel bandGood$40.00
M1842 Triggerguard, bow nuts absentGood$50.00
M1847 musketoon ramrod retaining spoonGood$35.00
M1847 musketoon/M1851 cadet sideplateGood$75.00
1847 lower barrel band for cavalry carbine conversion to artillery musketoonFine$250.00
M1847 musketoon partial stockFair$55.00
M1855/66 buttplateVery Good$75.00
M1855/66 trigger guard with original screwsGood$60.00
M1855/66 buttplate with original screwsGood$60.00
M1855/66 trigger guardFair$50.00
M1855/63 style triggergard, alteredGood$35.00
M1861 front barrel bandVery Good$50.00
M1861 front barrel bandFair$25.00
M1855/63 rear sight, reproduction leavesGood$100.00
M1861 Springfield lock, dated 1862, sear brazed, needs mainspringFair$350.00
M1861 barrel, smooth bore, missing rear sightGood$250.00
M1863 complete lockGood$250.00
M1863 upper barrel bandExcellent$30.00
M1864 complete lock with original case colorsNear Mint$950.00
M1864 complete lockVery Good$265.00
M1864 complete lockGood$250.00
M1863/64 HammerVery Good$35.00
M1863/64 HammerFair$35.00
M1864 barrel band setVery Good$225.00
M1864 style lower barrel bandFair$30.00
M1864 musket sightVery Good$225.00
M1864 musket sightGood$225.00
M1866 Springfield complete lock with screwsGood$225.00
M1866 Springfield complete barreled actionGood$225.00
M1866 complete breechblockVery Good$100.00
M1866 hammerGood$40.00
M1866 hammerGood$35.00
M1873/79 lower barrel bandVery Good$100.00
45-70 upper barrel bandFine$50.00
45-70 rifle sightFine$100.00
M1873 early rifle sight with "slotless" screwsFine$150.00
M1873 early dated lock with correct knurled hammer, very fine original blueVery Fine$350.00
M1879/84 complete lock, replaced sear springGood$175.00
.45-70 rifle stock, made from Civil War musket stockFair$125.00
M1879 Cavalry "C" marked buckhorn sightFine$350.00
M1879 "R" marked buckhorn sightFine$50.00
M1879/88 triggerguardFine$55.00
M1879/88 triggerguardGood$50.00
M1884 Buffington cavalry "C" rear sight (ladder chipped)Good$250.00
M1884/88 Buffington rifle sightGood$135.00
M1884/88 Buffington rifle sight with screwsFair$100.00
M1888 barreled receiver with barrel bandsGood$175.00
Krag rifle barrel band set, missing screwsFine$125.00
M1896 rifle sightFine$175.00
M1896 rifle sight, missing ladderGood$25.00
M1901 rifle sightFine$75.00
Krag rifle sling swivelFine$20.00
M1903 rifle sightGood$40.00
Other Parts  
Roberts conversion lockplateGood$100.00
Fowler style brass triggerguardGood$45.00
Fowler style brass triggerguardFair$40.00
C1820 flinlock militia musket lock, reconversion, hammer looseFair$275.00
Aged reproduction militia musket style flint lock, functionsGood$275.00
USN M1867 carbine forearm and original barrel bandVery Good$450.00
unknown locking ringGood$35.00
David F Clark 1885 inspected Colt M1873 SAA revolver gripGood$1000.00
Martini cadet Birmingham Small Arms rifle barrelGood$85.00
shotgun triggerguardGood$50.00
M1798 style shortened stock with buttplate and triggerguardFair$150.00
Whitney style musket triggerguardGood$50.00
M1816 style pistol hammer, replaced top jaw and screwGood$225.00
M1817 US rifle front barrel bandGood$350.00
M1819 US pistol stock (formerly drilled for a lamp, displays well)Good$395.00
M1819 Hall rifle hammer jaw screwFair$125.00
M1819 Hall rifle frizzen springFair$225.00
M1819 Hall rifle style front band (fit imperfect)Very Good$275.00
M1835 Nippes flint lock dated 1844 (possibly restored)Good$750.00
M1836 style pistol hammer, replaced top jaw and screwGood$225.00
southern kentucky rifle barrel signed "S.H.WARD JAMESTOWN NC"Good$450.00
Austrian Werndl hammerFair$50.00
Smith & Wesson first model, second issue revolver sideplateFine$150.00
Smith & Wesson first model, second issue revolver grips with screwGood$150.00
Smith & Wesson first model, second issue revolver cylinderGood$125.00
Remington Elliot 5-shot derringer barrelGood$125.00
Remington New York State rolling block rifle forearmVery Fine$225.00
M1871 Remington Rolling Block Army pistol gripNear Mint$250.00
Remington Whitmore shotgun forearmGood$150.00
small percussion lockplateVery Good$20.00
rolling block military rifle upper barrel bandFine$30.00
Winchester M1895 Lee straight pull extractorFair$25.00
reproduction Colt Lightning gripsFine$25.00
reproduction unknown Colt pistol gripsFine$25.00
unknown C1950 Franzite revolver gripsFine$25.00
thick handmade rod, 40-1/2" longGood$250.00
thick handmade rod, 31-1/2" longFair$60.00
M1795 ramrod, 42" longGood$250.00
M1795 ramrod, 42-1/4" longFair$225.00
M1795 ramrod, 41-3/4" long, recut threadsGood$225.00
M1795 ramrod, 39-1/2" longGood$165.00
M1795 ramrod, 34-1/4" longGood$100.00
M1795 ramrod, 33" longGood$150.00
M1795 ramrod, shortened to 34"Good$150.00
M1816 US North reproduction ramrodFine$150.00
M1816 ramrod, full lengthGood$250.00
M1816 ramrod, full lengthGood$225.00
rare M1816 RIFLED musket ramrod, full lengthGood$350.00
M1816 ramrod, shortened to 39-1/4" long, unusual with "N" inspector markingGood$225.00
unknown rifled musket ramrod, 31" longGood$75.00
Trumpet head ramrod, 44" longGood$150.00
M1842 style ramrod, 34" longFair$100.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, full lengthGood$225.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, full lengthFair$175.00
M1809 Prussian musket ramrod, 40-1/4" longGood$150.00
H&P conversion musket ramrod, full length Very Good$250.00
M1858 cadet ramrodVery Good$350.00
M1861 ramrod, full lengthVery Good$265.00
M1861 ramrod, full lengthVery Good$250.00
M1861 ramrod, full length, altered threadsGood$200.00
M1861 ramrod, full lengthFair$185.00
M1861 ramrod, 33" longGood$110.00
M1863 ramrod, full lengthFine$250.00
M1863 ramrod, full lengthFine$240.00
M1863 ramrod, full length, threads damagedGood$225.00
M1863 ramrod, full lengthFair$200.00
M1863 ramrod, full length, altered threadsGood$185.00
M1863 ramrod, nearly full length, threads recutGood$175.00
M1863 ramrod, 39" longGood$150.00
M1868/70 cleaning rod, shortened slightly to 32-1/2"Good$100.00
M1868/70 cleaning rod, shortened to 29-1/2" (rare)Fine$100.00
M1866/1873 Winchester cleaning rod, ex-Flayderman inventoryGood$350.00
M1873 early .45-70 cleaning rodFine$150.00
M1880 rod bayonetFine$250.00
Wooden .45-70 rifle garrison rodExcellent$50.00
Wooden .45-70 carbine garrison rodExcellent$75.00
Springfield Krag rifle 3-piece cleaning rodGood$60.00
English Martini-Henry cleaning rodGood$50.00
English Martini-Henry cleaning rod, shortened Very Good$35.00
British style unknown rod, 28-1/2" longFine$125.00
unknown rifle cleaning rod, very high qualityFine$150.00
Rolling block style cleaning rod, 35-1/2" longVery Good$75.00
unknown Rifle cleaning rod (22" long)Fine$30.00
Three-piece shotgun cleaning rod, 1892 patentedGood$50.00
One-piece shotgun cleaning rodGood$35.00
Three-piece shotgun cleaning rodGood$35.00
Snider Enfield cleaning rodGood$250.00