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Mexican cavalry sabreFair$225.00
Argentine Gaucho knife with scabbard, markedVery Fine$350.00
Argentine Gaucho knife with scabbard, made with early bladeFine$250.00
High quality articulated Victorian era suit of armourFine$1250.00
Early YataghanGood$150.00
Belgian soldier's belt with ID tag from the Hershey MuseumVery Good$85.00
Philippine sword with scabbard, beautifully carvedFine$165.00
Indonesian Kris with nicely carved grip and embellished brass scabbardGood$350.00
Indian "Death Head" knuckle knife with sheathFine$175.00
Bulgarian M35/A helmetVery Good$225.00
reproduction Two-handed swordFine$135.00
decorative Tulwar swordVery Fine$125.00
Argentine M1909 shortsword with scabbard and frogVery Fine$165.00
Argentine M1909 shortsword with scabbard and frogVery Fine$165.00
Brazilian Military shortsword with scabbardExcellent$250.00
Arabic powderhorn, nicely embellishedVery Good$150.00
Oriental curved shortsword scabbardFair$35.00
Chinese Boxer Rebellion period sabre with scabbardGood$595.00
Chinese Kuomintang National People's Party 1927-48 sword with scabbardFine$550.00
Chinese Nationalist dress sabre with scabbardVery Good$250.00
C1850-80 Russian belt buckleVery Good$250.00
C1870-1915 Russian belt buckleGood$150.00
M1891/30 Mosin Nagant bayonet, Hungarian madeExcellent$55.00
Parachutist jump pinExcellent$20.00
Soviet pocket knife with hammer, sickel, wheat headGood$125.00
Remington M1871 Spanish rolling block bayonetFine$75.00
antique Reproduction crusader sword, Carlos V on bladeFine$125.00
antique copy of a cuphilt rapierGood$275.00
Carcano bayonet with scabbard, folding bayonet converted to fixed bladeFine$225.00
Italian Naval officer sword with scabbardFine$450.00
Fascist youth leader dagger (incorrect scabbard)Good$250.00
Sardinian short swordGood$225.00
Italian cavalry sword with scabbardFine$550.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonet with scabbardVery Good$450.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonet with scabbard and frogVery Good$365.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonet with scabbardVery Good$350.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonet with scabbard, missing dragFine$295.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonetGood$175.00
Italian Vetterli sword bayonetGood$165.00
Italian Garand bayonet with scabbardFine$120.00
MVSN knife with marked scabbardFine$725.00
Italian youth leader knife with scabbardExcellent$495.00
Italian youth knife with scabbard marked FunginiVery Fine$250.00
small rifle sling, possibly italianFair$30.00
American captured Italian belt with tag indicating its capture and subsequent support of the allies by its former ownerVery Good$225.00
Italian steel helmetFine$85.00
First Empire French 3-branch D-guard sword with Spanish made blade inscribed "NO ME SAQUES SIN RAZON/NO ME GUARDES SIN HONOR"Fair$950.00
Trench knife made from Chassepot bayonet, with tag indicating it was found in a German trenchVery Good$295.00
C1850 breast plateFine$225.00
scarce M1874 Gras Navy marked bayonet with matching scabbardGood$225.00
M1874 Gras bayonet with scabbardVery Good$70.00
French WWI trench knife with sheathFine$350.00
Belgian Adrian helmetVery Good$250.00
French colonial Adrian helmetFine$250.00
French naval officer sword scabbardFair$275.00
Polish WZ27 bayonet with scabbard and frogFine$395.00
C1812 GR marked Naval cutlassGood$1350.00
named English pocket knife with spike, maker marked "MS LTD XX"Fair$50.00
Jungle carbine cleaning kitGood$225.00
C1850-60 "Canada Militia" button by P.TaitFine$100.00
Snider bayonet scabbardFine$30.00
Enfield rifle oilerVery Good$35.00
Enfield rifle oilerVery Good$30.00
Martini Henry socket bayonet with scabbardVery Good$125.00
Martini Henry socket bayonet with scabbardVery Good$110.00
P1888 bayonetVery Good$90.00
P1907 SMLE bayonetVery Fine$90.00
P1913 British bayonet by Winchester, in US style scabbardFine$395.00
No. 4 MKII spike bayonet with scabbardNear Mint$50.00
WWII machete scabbardFine$25.00
Birmingham machete with scabbardGood$50.00
Bayonets (scabbards as noted)  
AK-47 bayonet with scabbardFine$30.00
Belgian M1873 Albini-Braendlin socket bayonet with scabbardVery Good$195.00
M1889 Belgian bayonet by Hopkins & AllenFine$225.00
Austrian M1867 Werndl bayonet with scabbardFine$350.00
Austrian M1870 Werndl NCO bayonet with scabbard Very Good$350.00
Austrian M1867 Werndl bayonet with scabbard (damaged muzzle ring)Fair$350.00
Austrian Werndl Carbine socket bayonetFine$350.00
Austrian M1895 Cavalry bayonet with scabbardFine$250.00
Brazilian M1908 mauser bayonet with scabbard and frog, by CoppelFine$85.00
Canadian Spencer rifle socket bayonetFine$375.00
Chilean M1895 Mauser bayonet with scabbardVery Fine$100.00
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbard, Nazi reworkFine$150.00
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbardExcellent$100.00
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbardFine$75.00
Danish M1855 socket bayonetGood$110.00
Danish rolling block sabre bayonet with scabbardFine$225.00
Danish rolling block sabre bayonet with scabbardFine$225.00
Danish M1915 carbine bayonet with scabbardFine$235.00
Danish M1950 Garand bayonet in USM7 fiber scabbardFine$120.00
Danish M1950 Garand bayonet in USM7 fiber scabbardVery Good$110.00
German M4 rifle bayonet with scabbard, by ColtFine$85.00
Hungarian M1895 bayonet with scabbardVery Fine$225.00
Hungarian M1895 bayonet with scabbardFine$200.00
scarce Mexican rolling block bayonet and scabbard by Remington, marked "REPUBLICA MEXICANA"Very Good$325.00
Nepalese marked MK2 Lee Enfield bayonet with scabbardVery Good$285.00
Siamese mauser bayonet with scabbardFine$150.00
Swiss M78 Vetterli bayonet frogFine$125.00
Turkish M1890 bayonet with scabbard, arsenal shortened Fine$65.00