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Accoutrements 1865-1975

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Indian War Military  
"United States Army Cavalry Tactics" book identified to "John A Wilcox Capt 4th Cavy", Wilcox was born in the District of Columbia, enlisted in 1861 and served until 1892 with a combat record fighting IndiansPoor$225.00
pair Patent screwdrivers, as illustrated in gun tools bookFine$75.00
SAA "L" screwdriverExcellent$50.00
US marked mess kitGood$65.00
45-70 rifle sight hoodFine$40.00
45-70 rifle sight hoodGood$35.00
Ridabock military accesory tin box, measures 13-1/2" x 3" x 3-1/4"Fine$100.00
Winchester Hotchkiss 37mm shell, deactivatedFine$110.00
M1885 cavalry watering bitGood$85.00
M1851 sword belt and buckle with hangersFine$200.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$125.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$120.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$110.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$100.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$65.00
M1874 Shoemaker horse bitFine$250.00
unusual small size M1874 style US buckle on buff leather beltFine$950.00
US "H" buckleFine$225.00
M1874 NGP belt buckleFine$125.00
M1874 NJ belt buckleFine$165.00
US tin drinking cupFine$135.00
Frankford Arsenal 45 caliber revolver cartridgesFine$495.00
Billinghurst-Requa volley gun cartridgeFine$100.00
M1876 Prarie Belt with 1879 modificationFine$795.00
M1876 Prarie Belt with 1879 modificationGood$495.00
Indian War Period  
"Cumberland" fireman's beltGood$250.00
Fraternal belt, buckle absentGood$50.00
Plaster plaque of an indianFine$125.00
unknown .50/.52 caliber bullet mouldFair$50.00
Shotshell priming tool, patent markedFair$40.00
Shotshell priming tool, wood handleFair$35.00
long leather Shot pouchGood$25.00
Shotgunning set with rabbit flask and long leather shot pouchGood$75.00
iron single ball bullet mouldFair$25.00
Shotshell crimping tool, "Keystone" brandVery Good$35.00
Shotshell crimping tool, black finishVery Good$30.00
unknown pistol bullet mouldGood$50.00
Sombrero marked to dealer in Mexico CityFine$495.00
Grover Cleveland embroidered campaign ribbonNear Mint$100.00
Leather shot flask by American Flask and Cap CoFine$50.00
mess triangle with strikerGood$225.00
Basketweave tooled pistol flap holsterGood$125.00
early combination lockfine$225.00
cased Medical instrument set by Tiemann Fine$1250.00
Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant belt buckleFine$35.00
fluted powder flaskGood$45.00
zinc powder flask with deerGood$40.00
scroll flask with split sideFair$40.00
Hunting Camp CDV with men holding riflesFine$45.00
Boulder, Colorado "72 and 97" sterling silver souvenir spoonVery Fine$35.00
Spring Loaded Parlor gun boxVery Good$250.00
Winchester bullet mould, altered to 44-40 caliberVery Good$90.00
45 caliber "England" marked bullet mouldVery Good$45.00
45 caliber single bullet mouldGood$40.00
30 caliber single bullet mouldGood$35.00
41 caliber single bullet mouldFair$30.00
floral embossed pocket holster, fits S&W 32DA 3-1/2"Fine$75.00
Hagner cartridge boxGood$175.00
US M1864 cartridge box, modified to be used with Prarie BeltGood$350.00
flap holster for 38 caliber revolverGood$45.00
"Slim Jim" style holster for SAA type revolverGood$295.00
scarce US marked capboxGood$750.00
M1872 US Experimental belt and buckleGood$750.00
M1874 US buckle with beltVery Good$250.00
M1874 NJ buckle with beltVery Good$225.00
M1874 belt with sword hangerGood$150.00
rare USMC McKeever cartridge box (missing tie-down strap)Good$375.00
.45-70 McKeever Type III cartridge boxVery Good$135.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge boxVery Good$125.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge box, missing closure strapGood$85.00
45-70 rifle slingVery Good$150.00
Powder Flasks (dimensions from base to tip, body at widest point)(flasks are complete with intact seams and functioning thumb lever unless otherwise noted)  
copper powder flask with checkered flower blossom pattern (8", 3-1/2", spring broken)Fair$45.00
leather covered flask (9-3/4", 4-1/2", dents)Good$35.00
plain copper flask, American Flask and Cap Co marked (7-7/8", 3-1/2", dings from use, one ring post missing, tiny seam separation)Fair$30.00
large plain black flaskFair$35.00
small pistol scroll flask (4-1/4", 2", slight seam separation on base)Fine$110.00
Handmade copper flask with geometric designs and powder measure in cap (4-1/2", 3-3/4")Good$40.00
James Dixon & Sons hanging dead game flask (7-3/4", 3-1/2", dent one side near top)Fine$175.00
Shell pattern zinc pistol flask (4-1/8", 2")Good$65.00
Pair of standing Greyhounds flask with floral decoration, fox and deer head (8-1/4", 3-3/4", slight seam separations on base)Good$225.00
Scroll vignette flask with excellent original lacquer (7-1/4", 3-1/4")Fine$125.00
Shell pattern zinc pistol flask (4-1/4", 2", dinged, partially crushed)Fair$40.00
Deer's head flask with leaves (8", 3-3/8", slight seam separations)Very Good$275.00
Galvanized drinking or powder flask with basketweave pattern (8", 4")Fine$45.00
Brass horn shaped flask (5-3/4", 3", one face dent)Fine$45.00
Floral zinc pistol flask (4-1/8", 2-1/8", one face area of corrosion with pinhole)Fair$50.00
Beautiful diminutive pistol flask with two pheasants in field (4", 1-3/4")Fine$225.00
Hanging dead game flask (8", 3-1/2")Fine$100.00
Shell flask (7", 3-1/2", minor seam separations)Fine$85.00
Standing dogs, deer/wolf head flask (7-1/2", 3-1/4", seam separations)Good$150.00
Beaded, ribbed powder flask (8", 3", minor seam separations)Very Good$110.00
Hanging dead game flask (7-3/4", 3-1/4")Very Good$100.00
Fancy shaped flask with standing dog (6-1/2", 3-1/2", crack on one side above dog)Fair$100.00
Treed bear with dogs and hunter flask (7-1/2", 3-3/8", seam separation on bottom)Good$275.00
Dixon shell flask (7-1/4", 3-3/4")Good$100.00
Plain pistol flask marked SYKES (4-1/2", 1-7/8")Very Good$85.00
unusually large Deer zinc flask (9-1/8", 4-1/2", base dings, two minor seam separations)Very Good$110.00
Fancy flask with standing deer, deer head, wolf head, Am Flask & Cap Co marked (8", 3", seam separations, wide dent each side, nice original lacquer)Good$250.00
Hanging dead game flask (7-3/4", 3-1/4", slight seam separation one side)Fine$110.00
Shell flask (7", 3-1/4", slight seam separations)Fine$55.00
Floral flask marked PATENT (7-1/8", 3-1/8", very fine original lacquer, almost as new, couple minor dings and spot of corrosion)Very Fine$135.00
Floral flask (7-1/4", 3-1/2")Very Good$45.00
fancy Partridge floral flask (6-3/4", 3-1/4")Very Good$135.00
ribbed large shotgun flask, marked Am Flask & Cap Co (10", 5")Fine$175.00
Floral flask (7-1/2", 3-1/2")Fine$100.00
pistol size floral flask (4-/34", 2", bent, seam separation)Poor$110.00
Spanish-American War  
Admiral Dewey Flagship Olympia souvenir spoonFine$25.00
scarce USN embossed revolver holster (most seams separated)Fair$295.00
M1892 Whipple cavalry bridle bit, first patternFine$150.00
Winchester Lee front sight hoodFine$175.00
1898 dated trapdoor and .45 revolver manualVery Good$135.00
1898 dated trapdoor and .45 revolver manualVery Good$130.00
scarce 1901 dated Krag rifle and carbine manualFair$225.00
rare engineer (USVI) marked canteenGood$250.00
rare USQMC Biscuit tinVery Good$295.00
Krag rifle oilerFair$35.00
M1898 Krag ammunition bandolier, full, one pocket opened but full with proper cartridgesFine$150.00
M1898 Krag ammunition bandolier, two pockets emptyFine$125.00
M1898 Krag ammunition bandolier, emptyVery Good$40.00
Krag McKeever cartridge box, dated 1903Fine$115.00
Krag McKeever cartridge box, dated 1909 Fine$100.00
Krag carbine scabbard, early styleGood$375.00
Krag carbine scabbard, later styleVery Good$295.00
World War I  
M1910 eaglesnap pistol beltVery Good$175.00
Mills 45 auto pouch with two magazinesFine$100.00
Trench lighter made from coinsGood$75.00
Grenade carrierUnissued$45.00
M1910 mounted rifle beltFair$65.00
M1910 pistol beltFair$60.00
M1910 dismounted rifle beltVery Fine$45.00
eaglesnap flashlight, incompleteFair$100.00
M1907 leather rifle sling by H.-S.S.CO.Good$125.00
M1907 leather rifle sling, 1918 datedGood$90.00
Frankford Arsenal 38 caliber Colt revolver cartridges, unopenedExcellent$55.00
Sam Brown belt, incompleteFair$45.00
Folding lanternGood$125.00
"Freedom's Triumph" color hardbound book about the warVery Good$50.00
Aviation collar discVery Fine$50.00
Trench art shell dated 1919 ReimsFine$40.00
unknown sight hoodFine$75.00
rimless Eaglesnap 45 Auto magazine pouchGood$75.00
Type I Warner Swazy scope caseGood$350.00
St Louis marked shoulder holster, possibly for Colt WoodsmanGood$40.00
Mills ammo beltFine$135.00
M1851 eagle belt buckleExcellent$100.00
rimless Eaglesnap ammo beltVery Fine$250.00
leather sword hangerFine$225.00
experimental carbine ring with incorrect bootVery Good$350.00
Mess tinFine$75.00
Hollifield Enfield targer practice rodVery Good$225.00
M1903 Springfield Pedersen device canvas poucVery Fine$60.00
pair Gas mask anti-fog cansFine$60.00
Stamping kitFine$225.00
Stamping kit, incompleteGood$110.00
Mills belt, missing part of buckle, with eaglesnap rifle ammo pouchFine$125.00
Medic eaglesnap Mills beltFine$450.00
civilian M1917 style revolver holster Fine$45.00
eaglesnap rifle ammo belt Fine$160.00
eaglesnap leather rifle ammo pouch, dated 1915Fine$135.00
eaglesnap leather rifle ammo pouch, dated 1915Fine$125.00
US swivel holster dated 1915Good$125.00
45 auto dot-snap clip pouch, marked RussellExcellent$30.00
45 auto dot-snap clip pouch, marked MillsExcellent$30.00
eaglesnap ammo belt with rimmed snapsFine$165.00
leather M1911 pistol magazine pouch, dated 1914Fine$125.00
Browning Machine Gun oilerVery Fine$35.00
aluminum CanteenGood$20.00
embroidered 3rd Army Aviator Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$150.00
embroidered General Headquarters Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$65.00
embroidered 7th Corps Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$110.00
embroidered 9th Corps Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$110.00
embroidered 7th Division Liberty Loan patchVery Fine$125.00
embroidered 12th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$135.00
embroidered 26th "Yankee" Division Liberty Loan patchExcellent$150.00
embroidered 27th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$100.00
embroidered 35th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$100.00
embroidered 39th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$100.00
embroidered 42nd Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$110.00
embroidered 76th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$135.00
embroidered 85th Division Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$125.00
embroidered 89th Division Liberty Loan patch with yellowNear Mint$125.00
embroidered 206th Infantry Regiment Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$150.00
unknown Liberty Loan patchNear Mint$125.00
WWI Cavalry  
M1910 Mounted canteenGood$85.00
Picket pin with leather sheathFair$75.00
M1892 Whipple cavalry bit, second pattern, dated 1905Good$80.00
M1892 Whipple cavalry bit, second pattern, dated 1907Fair$60.00
M1909 cavalry bit, WL contractor markFine$90.00
Horse bitVery Good$110.00
Swivel holster for M1917 revolver Meadows p.233Fine$350.00
picket pin with scabbardFine$225.00
picket pin with scabbard, has interesting field artillery markingsVery Good$225.00
Firearm Accessories and Ammo  
Eubanks leather ammo beltGood$85.00
38 revolver military style holsterGood$45.00
H.H.Heiser #1930 pocket revolver holsterGood$65.00
unmarked pocket pistol holster, 6-1/4" long overall, tooled coyboy designGood$55.00
32 S&W US Cartridge Co ammo box, empty, end damagedFair$35.00
vintage fishing flies display box with fliesGood$25.00
45 Auto brass with Remington contract boxGood$25.00
"No Buckl" trademark web slingFine$85.00
Winchester Leg-o-Mutton gun caseFine$250.00
Iver Johnson Leg-o-Mutton gun caseFair$175.00
Peters High Velocity 16ga shotshell box, emptyFair$30.00
Ideal 38-40 reloading toolFine$50.00
Winchester 38-55 bullet mouldVery Good$95.00
Winchester 45-70 (45 GOVT) bull mould, altered to approx. .63" slugFair$50.00
wooden case, fits Stevens Medium frame pocket rifleGood$225.00
nice vintage canvas rifle or carbine slingGood$45.00
Remington Model 552 rifle boxVery Good$30.00
Savage 1931 catalogVery Good$75.00
Stevens 1931 catalogVery Good$75.00
Stevens 1939 catalogVery Good$75.00
set of Daisy air rifle targetsFine$25.00
Early UMC 38 S&W ammo box, fullVery Good$90.00
Winchester marked punchExcellent$35.00
European style shotgun slingGood$20.00
Winchester green tube gun grease with boxGood$25.00
early Remington-UMC 22 short full ammo box "for Remington-UMC repeating rifles"Fine$50.00
Monark 22 long rifle ammo box, fullExcellent$20.00
Peters DEWAR MATCH 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$60.00
Remington Kleanbore 22 long SHOT ammo box, with 26 original cartridgesGood$10.00
Remington Kleanbore PALMA 22 long rifle ammo box, fullExcellent$30.00
Remington Kleanbore POLICE TARGETMASTER 22 long rifle ammo box, fullVery Fine$30.00
Remington Kleanbore lubricated 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$10.00
Western Xpert 22 long rifle ammo box, fullFine$12.00
World War II  
Airborne postcard, unusedFine$30.00
USMC ammo beltFair$45.00
can opener with original envelopeExcellent$25.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, BOYT maker markedGood$185.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedVery Good$175.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedGood$150.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedGood$135.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO markedGood$75.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooksGood$110.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MRT 10-69 markedVery Good$150.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO 1944 marked, fragile in places and backed with a later piece of leatherFair$40.00
USMC belt buckleFine$40.00
RIA tool for Browning M1919 machine gunFine$40.00
Toy machine gun with crank and rattle sound effectFine$225.00
USQMC marked condiment jar with lidNear Mint$35.00
cased fuse setterFine$250.00
Garand leather rifle scabbardGood$125.00
Original K-ration Dinner empty boxFair$100.00
field sewing kitGood$35.00
Camp Kilmer NJ orientation bookFine$10.00
"The 5th Division in France" wartime book printed in France, missing fold-out mapFair$35.00
"Fall In" book from the American Legion for entering WWII servicemenGood$20.00
Army Song Book 1941Fine$15.00
Mountain troop rucksack, later painted by Boy Scout council Good$45.00
Mountain troop rucksack, later painted by Boy Scout councilFair$40.00
US mess knifeFine$15.00
M1937 web beltVery Good$20.00
Merchant Marine Mariners Medal with caseFine$550.00
Entrenching shovel with coverFine$85.00
Navy purple heart medalFine$125.00
Anti-gas protective cover, sealedGood$20.00
US marked wire cutters with pouchGood$135.00
48-star US flag on original poleGood$125.00
Field Manual FM 2-5 Cavalry Drill Regulations, HorseFine$65.00
USMC gas canGood$135.00
Mountain troop tent, dated 1944Good$350.00
Identified Sam Brown beltGood$30.00
American captured belt with tag indicating its finding in Dunkirk, BelgiumVery Good$125.00
Two-Tone M1911 .45 magazineVery Good$65.00
eaglesnap money beltExcellent$225.00
USMC eagle, globe & anchor hat/helmet device
Soldier lot of Charles J. Wyman, pacific theatre army vet, including photos and separation documentsFine$225.00
lot of 5 photos showing black soldiersFine$100.00
sterling pinback Glider wingVery Fine$225.00
Ordnance Watch repair cabinet, one quarter set extra parts for Hamilton 17-jewel wristwatch, almost all containers present, empty, with TM 9-175 manual for watch maintenanceVery Good$225.00
M1903A3 rifle front sight hoodUnissued$40.00
Grouping of pigeon related items including breeding chart, message leg band, and dummy eggFine$275.00
Messenger pigeon leg bandFine$65.00
Distinguished Service CrossNear Mint$250.00
N-2 goggles in box with extra lensesVery Fine$65.00
enameled canteenVery Good$50
USN doctor's surgical tool pouch with instruments Excellent$225.00
Trench shotgun manual (TM 9-285)Very Fine$125.00
canvas cavalry water bucketVery Good$45.00
M1911 pistol holster by Sears 1942Fine$125.00
M1911 pistol holster by Milwaukee SaddleryVery Fine$125.00
M1911 pistol holsterVery Good$75.00
canvas rifle muzzle cover, US marked and dated 1944Very Fine$35.00
group of Garand rifle cleaning toolsFine$60.00
Canteen suspension hookExcellent$50.00
WWII Aviation  
souvenir ceramic miniature canteen from Edenton Marine Corps Air StationFine$125.00
Charles Lindbergh bust bankFine$225.00
Balloonist wing (non-sterling) on N.S.Meyer cardVery Fine$175.00
American Optical Co flight goggles with caseFine$295.00
Type A-9 heated leather glovesFine$135.00
Korea/Vietnam War  
M139 20mm ammo canGood$50.00
Air force bootsFine$85.00
Smith & Wesson marked handcuffs with key and case (stitching damaged)Very Good$65.00