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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1780-1800 American copy of a French M1763 Charleville musket - $2250.00

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C1780-1800 American flintlock musket of the French M1763/66 Charleville pattern. Not maker marked, underside of barrel has an unknown marking, and numerous parts have 4-punch-dot mating marks including lock parts, inside of sideplate, and stock under sideplate. 42-1/4" barrel with bayonet stud at muzzle. Gun has some interesting pre-Springfield features like its upper hand that never had a sighting blade, and a flatter triggerguard with wider swells than the Type I Springfield. Overall, it has a crudity of manufacture that the federal and state inspectors of the early 19th century would have rejected, including four visible delamination flaws in the barrel and a spot on the bottom of the barrel that appears to have a "bandage" forge welded on it during manufacture that make the observer wonder if it was ever proof tested. The lockplate is bent just in front of the tumbler hole such that the tail of the plate is about 3/16" out of plane with the front of the lockplate, something we've never seen, and probably would be impossible if it was properly hardened.

Metal parts have an attractive medium brown patina with some old light uncleaned rust, and a little expected pitting in the flash hole area. A handmade period rear sight is present behind the rear barrel band. Stock has minor evidence of having been cleaned long ago, or could be rough manufacture, as the patina and oil finish are very old. There are some expected handling marks and minor ramrod channel chips, a small piece of wood missing above the middle band spring, a small repaired crack to left of barrel tang, and a scratch or hairline crack in the bottom of the stock behind the rear barrel band. Frizzen was refaced long ago and the refacing is chipped at the top. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.