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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Interesting primitive C1820 flintlock Pennsylvania longfowler - $850.00

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Interesting primitive C1820 flintlock Pennsylvania longfowler. 45-1/4" barrel of about .69 caliber bore, equipped with simple front and rear sights. Lock is from a M1816 Simeon North martial pistol. Furnishings are simple repurposed pieces or handmade pieces. Front ramrod pipe is a repurposed fancier brass piece, middle pipe is plain iron, and the ferule is unlike anything we've seen, having the flat portion of the metal it was made from contoured to the stock and nailed on. Plain brass triggerguard, and buttplate is one piece of sheet iron that goes over the heel and toe. A screw was added along the bottom to repair a crack long ago. It is noted the butt shape is a "Lehigh Valley slope". Stock is simply constructed, having old finish overall, long crack in the butt, a few cracks opposite the lock, and a sliver missing on either side of the front portion of the forearm. Nice antique ramrod is broken off at one end. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.