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Japanese Accessories  
Japanese shrapnel with coin and photocopy of soldier dog tagGood$75.00
1000 stitch belt with prayer card and seedFine$350.00
4th Class Order of the Rising Sun medalFine$250.00
5th Class Order of the Sacred Treasure medalFine$225.00
1938 sargent shoulder boardsFine$75.00
Lieutent shoulder boardsFair$40.00
Aviator breast insigniaFine$45.00
Enlisted collar insigniaFine$25.00
Officer interlocking buckleExcellent$250.00
early Canteen with strapFine$275.00
cased Russo-Japanese war medalFine$85.00
gold embroidered cherry blossom insignias, unissued strip of 10Unissued$40.00
Mess kitFine$150.00
second class infantry marksman badgeFine$250.00
Identification sheet for Japanese Military insignia, made for US troopsFine$30.00
Japanese Bayonets  
Arisaka bayonet unmarked, late war style un-fullered blade, in rubberized scabbardFine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet with hourglass marking, with rubberized frogFine$195.00
Arisaka training bayonet, in green wooden scabbardFine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in late war wooden scabbardVery Fine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet with hourglass marking, crude unfullered blade, in late war wooden scabbardFine$250.00
Arisaka bayonet, unmarked in late war wooden scabbardGood$225.00
Arisaka bayonet by Jinsen, late war unfullered bladeFine$165.00
Arisaka bayonet by Mukden Arsenal, bird pommel, straight quillon, blued bladeFine$225.00
Arisaka bayonet by Mukden Arsenal, bird pommel, straight quillon, late war unfullered bladeVery Good$195.00
silk meatball flag (36" x 26")Fair$100.00
large rising sun paper parade flag (approx 11 x 7")Excellent$135.00
small rising sun paper parade flag (2" x 1-1/2")Fine$25.00
Japanese Headgear  
Last ditch enlisted hatExcellent$450.00
wool overseas cap (civilian)Very Fine$150.00
Swords and other Edged Weapons  
late war Red and Brown regimental grade sword knotVery Fine$450.00
Blue and Brown company grade sword knotFine$250.00
Brown Navy sword knotVery Fine$225.00