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Antique Handguns

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International Flintlocks  
Flintlock carved pistol with wire inlay of Zulfiqar sword of Ali, gift of MuhammadFine$650.00
Continental flintlock belt pistolGood$575.00
Flintlock Naval style pistolGood$550.00
Flintlock naval style pistolGood$525.00
French M1766 Dragoon flintlock pistolGood$1395.00
French Year 13 flintlock pistolGood$750.00
unusual flintlock Mediterranean pistol with sculpted facesGood$950.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with wire sword inlayGood$650.00
C1750 flintlock Mediterranean horse pistolGood$595.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with nice wire inlay, zinc sideplate and escutcheonGood$475.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with wire inlay of Zulfiqar sword of AliFair$465.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with nicely carved stock and plain iron triggerguardGood$450.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with repaired stockFair$450.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistolFair$450.00
Mediterranean flintlock pistol with wire inlaid stock and fancy barrel Good$395.00
International Percussion  
French Mle 1837 Navy percussion pistolVery Good$675.00
English percussion dueling pistol by Sykes, OxfordFine$650.00
Prussian M1850 percussion cavalry pistolGood$950.00
German percussion dueling pistol by Bartolomäus Joseph KuchenreuterFair$850.00
Spanish percussion belt pistolFair$225.00
English percussion belt pistol by J.TARRATGood$450.00
Unmarked percussion dueling pistol with fine damascus barrelGood$375.00
Belgian percussion brass barrel belt pistolGood$450.00
Spanish military belt pistol inlaid on barrel "En Eibar por Gastelu ano 1866"Good$650.00
fancy percussion European belt pistol by E.FRIEDLEINGood$750.00
Germanic damascus percussion pistol by Pistor of SchmalkaldenFine$950.00
Austrian M1844 dragoon percussion pistolGood$950.00
fancy Spanish percussion miqulet pistol Good$850.00
C1800-20 Percussion conversion European pistolVery Good$450.00
engraved Adams Patent DA pocket revolver by Ancion & Cie Good$1250.00
J.R.Cooper boxlock pistol with belt hook and captive ramrodGood$375.00
Beautiful german silver mounted double barrel boxlock pistol, needing restorationPoor$150.00
Large brass percussion cannonbarrel boxlock belt pistolVery Good$650.00
fancy Percussion boxlock pistol with deep engravingFine$550.00
Archer, London unusual conversion boxlock pistolGood$450.00
fancy Percussion boxlock by J. Renkin LiegeGood$450.00
fancy Percussion boxlock with striped barrelGood$250.00
fancy Percussion boxlock pistol with folding triggerFair$225.00
Continental percussion boxlock pistolGood$175.00
Continental percussion boxlock pistolGood$150.00
Continental percussion boxlock pistolGood$145.00
Unmarked percussion box lock pistol with broken hammerFair$125.00
International Cartridge  
Continental pinfire pepperbox by MeyersFine$950.00
Large frame plain pinfire revolverFair$225.00
Medium frame blued engraved pinfire revolverVery Fine$550.00
Medium frame pinfire revolverFair$225.00
Medium frame pinfire revolverGood$250.00
small frame blued pinfire pistolVery Fine$350.00
Small frame pinfire revolver with folding triggerGood$225.00
Continental double barrel pinfire tip-up pistolGood$250.00
relic Bulldog style revolver (found near Fredricksurg, VA)Good$50.00
Revolutionary War  
C1730-60 Germanic flintlock belt or holster pistol with fancy pictorial sideplateVery Good$2250.00
C1750-70 American flintlock holster pistolVery Good$2250.00
C1750-70 Continental flintlock belt pistol, nicely engraved and carvedGood$850.00
C1740-70 French flintlock belt pistol, signed on lock by Verdun makerFair$1150.00
French flintlock coat pistol signed on lock "Lamotte"Fair$650.00
C1750-80 fancy European belt pistol by "Lory a Liege"Fine$1150.00
C1700-20 flintlock belt style pistolFair$1050.00
Ryan & Watson flintlock boxlock pistolFine$675.00
Brass barreled flintlock boxlock pistol by JonesGood$495.00
signed Flintlock boxlock pocket pistolFair$350.00
untouched Flintlock boxlock pocket pistolFair$450.00
Flintlock boxlock pocket pistol with folding triggerFair$350.00
C1750-80 flintlock coat pistol with antique ivory forearm capFair$595.00
C1760 flintlock coat pistolFair$395.00
Percussion American Handguns  
Allen & Thurber sidehammer percussion target pistolFair$250.00
Allen & Thurber bar hammer DA pistol with antique ivory gripsGood$350.00
Allen & Thurber bar hammer DA pistolGood$350.00
Allen & Wheelock bar hammer DA pistolGood$225.00
Allen & Wheelock bar hammer DA pistol with antique ivory gripsFair$375.00
Allen & Wheelock center hammer in-line percussion pistol (5A-011) Good$795.00
Allen & Wheelock center hammer in-line percussion pistol (5A-011)Fair$450.00
Allen & Wheelock style center hammer percussion pistolFair$125.00
Bacon & Co ring trigger single shot pistolGood$450.00
Bacon & Co underhammer single shot pistolGood$475.00
Bacon percussion pocket model revolverGood$575.00
Bacon percussion pocket model revolverGood$550.00
scarce Cooper, Pittsburgh double action pocket revolverFair$950.00
rare B.F.Joslyn Army model percussion revolverFair$2250.00
Rare Ells Patent bar hammer revolverFair$675.00
Mass Arms Co., Maynard patent pocket revolverPoor$295.00
W.W.Marston "THE WASHINGTON ARMS Co" single shot percussion pistolGood$450.00
Scarce Starr M1858 Navy 36 caliber revolverGood$1250.00
E.Whitney Navy percussion revolverFair$675.00
Antique Cartridge Handguns  
scarce brass frame Allen & Wheelock 32 sidehammer revolverVery Good$850.00
Allen & Wheelock 32 sidehammer revolverGood$450.00
American Arms Co., Boston, Mass 32DA revolver, needs gripsFine$125.00
Connecticut Arms Co., front loading pocket revolverVery Good$450.00
Bacon large frame Navy model revolver (8A-013)Good$1095.00
Forehand & Wadsworth sidehammer revolverFine$275.00
Forehand & Wadsworth sidehammer revolverFine$250.00
Forehand Arms Co 38DA pistol boxVery Good$100.00
Forehand Arms Co 38DA pistol boxVery Good$100.00
Harrington & Richardson "THE H&R BULL DOG" 32DA revolverVery Fine$250.00
Harrington & Richardson "THE H&R BULL DOG" 32DA revolverFair$135.00
Hopkins & Allen "Dictator" 32rf revolverFair$100.00
engraved Hopkins & Allen XL No 3 32 rimfire revolver with Merwin style scoop-cylinder flutes and antique ivory gripsFine$450.00
unusual Hopkins & Allen XL No 3 32 rimfire revolver with Merwin style scoop-cylinder flutesVery Good$325.00
engraved Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No 2 32 revolver with "screaming eagle" vignetteGood$350.00
Hopkins & Allen "XL 3 Double Action 32 Centre Fire" revolverFair$125.00
Harrington & Richardson 38S&W hammerless revolverGood$225.00
Hopkins & Allen Ranger No 2 32rf revolver with mother of pearl gripsFair$165.00
Hopkins & Allen XL Bulldog 32 revolver boxGood$250.00
Iver Johnson 32DA revolver, blued finishFine$185.00
Iver Johnson 32 Hammerless revolver boxGood$225.00
Iver Johnson 38DA revolverVery Fine$275.00
Marlin No 32 Standard 1875 revolverVery Good$225.00
Marlin No 32 Standard 1875 revolverVery Good$220.00
Merwin Hulburt & Co 32 DA revolverFair$275.00
Moore teat-fire pocket model revolver with rare etched cylinderVery Good$950.00
Moore teat-fire pocket model revolver with rare silhouette-etched cylinder with boar hunting sceneVery Good$950.00
Moore teat-fire pocket model revolverFair$150.00
Moore teat-fire pocket model revolverFair$225.00
unusual "Duplex" 22/32 cartridge revolver by Osgood Gun WorksVery Fine$950.00
Plant front loading Army revolverVery Good$950.00
Plant front loading Army revolver, cylinder replaced with a blankGood$450.00
Plant front loading pocket revolver, marked Merwin & BrayFine$575.00
Plant front loading pocket revolverFine$550.00
Plant front loading pocket revolver, marked Merwin & Bray with bone gripsGood$595.00
Plant Eagle Arms front loading pocket revolver (8A-113) Fine$850.00
Plant Eagle Arms front loading pocket revolverGood$350.00
E.A.Prescott 22 caliber "humped frame" pocket revolverGood$395.00
James Reid "MY FRIEND" 22 knuckleduster revolverGood$1050.00
Sharps Model 1A pepperbox with scarce barrel marking (5F-073) Good$650.00
Sharps 22 4-barrel pepperboxGood$450.00
Sharps & Hankins 32 4-barrel pepperbox parts gunFair$125.00
Otis Smith patent .22 revolverFine$225.00
Otis Smith patent .32 rf revolver with ivory gripsFine$425.00
Otis Smith "Smith's New Model" 32 unusual top break revolver with brass barrelFine$225.00
Otis Smith "Smith's Patent No. 41" revolverFair$75.00
Springfield Arms .32 pocket revolverFair$250.00
unmarked 32 spur trigger revolver with holsterVery Fine$225.00
William Uhlinger 22 caliber pocket revolver (8A-183)Good$325.00
large Whitney 32 caliber spur trigger revolverVery Good$235.00
Whitneyville Armory 22 revolverFair$150.00
Whitneyville Armory 22 revolverFair$150.00
Singleshot Deringers  
Rodier or Boss style single shot 22 derringerFair$135.00
rare Allen & Wheelock center hammer 22 derringer with full octagon barrelGood$395.00
E. Allen & Co single shot 22 derringer with silver owner nameplateFair$350.00
E.Allen & Co 41 derringerGood$1250.00
Connecticut "Bulldog" .44 single shot pistolVery Good$750.00
Cowles, Deane & Co .22 derringerVery Good$450.00
Eclipse marked .22 derringerVery Fine$350.00
Eclipse marked .22 derringerVery Good$250.00
"Keno" .22 single shot derringerFine$450.00
Stevens Diamond early 6" .22 single shotFine$375.00
J. Stevens Old Model .22 single shotFair$225.00
unmarked Merwin & Bray single shot rimfire derringer with rare iron frameGood$450.00
unmarked Merwin & Bray single shot 22Fine$250.00
American Arms over-under .22/.32 derringerGood$750.00
American Arms over-under .22/.32 derringerVery Good$650.00
Moore No1 .41 caliber derringer with American eagle engravingGood$850.00
Moore No 2 .41 caliber derringerVery Good$850.00
Moore No 2 .41 caliber derringerGood$650.00
Moore No 2 .41 caliber derringerPoor$650.00
National Arms Co 41 single shot derringerFair$450.00
National Arms Co No 2 .41 caliber derringerExcellent, refinished$1150.00
"Pointer" marked .22 derringerGood$295.00
"Pointer" marked .22 derringerGood$250.00
brass frame "Southerner" .41 derringer by Brown Mfg CoVery Good$650.00
J.Stevens 22 single shot derringerFine$295.00
J.C.Terry .41 derringerVery Good$995.00
Suicide Specials  
Alert - 1874 .22 revolverFine$225.00
Defiance .22 revolverVery Good$175.00
"Ranger 22 Long" revolverVery Fine$150.00
"Red Hot No 1" .22Fair$150.00
"Defender" .22 with checkered gripsGood$145.00
"Eureka" .22Fair$165.00
"Protector No1" .22Fair$120.00
"My Companion No 2" .32Fine$225.00
"Dictator No 2" .32 revolverVery Good$135.00
"Defender '89" .32Fine$135.00
"Hawkeye" .32Very Good$150.00
"Norwich Arms Co" .32 revolver with sculpted metal gripsVery Fine$350.00
"Norwich Arms Co" .32 revolver with sculpted metal gripsFine$325.00
"Red Jacket No 3" .32Good$125.00
"Challenge" .32 parts revolverFine$50.00
Unusual bi-color finish "Smoker No 3" 38 revolverFine$250.00
United States Martials  
C1820 flintlock secondary martial pistol by Ketland & CoVery Good$950.00
C1820 percussion conversion secondary martial pistol by Ketland & CoVery Good$650.00
C1820 percussion conversion secondary martial pistol marked London WarrantedVery Good$550.00
Flintlock reconversion belt pistol by Lane & Read, BostonGood$750.00
M1816 US North contract flintlock pistolGood$1150.00
M1816 US North contract percussion conversion pistolFair$595.00
M1836 US contract flintlock pistol by Johnson, 1842Good$1350.00
M1836 US contract percussion pistol by Waters, 1842Good$595.00
M1836 US Johnson percussion pistol dated 1840Fair$375.00
M1842 US Johnson percussion pistolVery Good$950.00
M1842 US percussion pistolGood$550.00
M1842 US Aston percussion pistolFair$450.00
M1842 Ames USN "boxlock" percussion pistol dated 1845Good$1295.00
M1842 Ames USN "boxlock" percussion pistol dated 1844Fair$1050.00
E. Whitney USN anchor marked cartridge conversion revolverGood$950.00
Colt M1849 pocket revolver, 3" barrel "Wells Fargo" modelFair$1450.00
Colt M1849 pocket revolver, 6" barrelVery Good$1150.00
M1849 pocket revolver, 4" barrelVery Good$1150.00
M1849 pocket revolver, 5" barrelGood$850.00
M1849 pocket revolver, 5" barrelGood$750.00
M1849 pocket revolver, 4" barrelFair$425.00
M1861 "round barrel navy" cartridge conversion revolverGood$750.00
Colt House Model "Cloverleaf" 4-shot .41 revolverGood$775.00
high quality engraved Open Top .22 caliber revolverVery Fine (refinished)$750.00
Open Top .22 caliber revolver, blued finishVery Good$550.00
Open Top .22 caliber revolverGood$295.00
Colt M1877 Lightning 3-1/2" revolverFine$725.00
Colt M1877 Lightning 5-3/4" revolverFair$550.00
Colt M1877 Lightning 3-1/2" revolverFair$550.00
Colt M1877 Lightning 4-1/2" revolverFair$495.00
Colt M1877 Lightning 5" revolver with dramatically blown cylinderPoor$395.00
New Line .22 revolverGood$225.00
scarce first model New Line .22 revolverFair$225.00
New Line .22 revolver, missing partsFine$225.00
New Line .22 revolver parts gunFine$175.00
New Line .32 revolver with F.T.Baker, London agent markingFine$750.00
New Line .32 cf revolver with etched panel and ivory gripsVery Good$295.00
British proofed Colt New Line .38cf revolverVery Fine$750.00
Colt M1894 US Army marked 38DA revolverFair$450.00
Brevette (period copy) revolver altered to look like a Wells Fargo modelFair$225.00
SAA high quality period copyGood$650.00
Japanese made non-firing replica M1851 revolverExcellent$150.00
Reproduction Dragoon model revolverVery Fine$350.00
1st model Beals pocket revolver with accessories and restored original boxGood$1450.00
scarce Beals 2nd model pocket revolver Good$3750.00
scarce Beals 2nd model engraved pocket revolverFair$950.00
scarce Beals 3rd model pocket revolverGood$750.00
Remington-Rider magazine pistolFine$1150.00
Remington-Elliot single shot .41 derringerGood$950.00
Remington-Elliot single shot .41 derringerGood$650.00
Smoot No 1 revolver, first style, revolving shield missingGood$275.00
Smoot No. 4 38 caliber revolverFair$275.00
Vest Pocket .41 deringerVery Good$950.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerVery Good$450.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerVery Good$425.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerFair$275.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerFair$250.00
Euroarms New Model Army replicaExcellent$225.00
Smith and Wesson  
rare SECOND QUALITY first model, second issue 22 revolver (5G-009) Good$1350.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverVery Fine$675.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverFine$550.00
inscribed .22 first model, second issue revolverVery Fine$650.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverFine$550.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverFine$425.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverVery Good$395.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverVery Good$395.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverGood$375.00
22 first model, second issue parts revolverGood$75.00
.22 first model, third issue revolver, blued finishFine$295.00
.32 No. 2 "Old Model Army" revolverVery Good$750.00
.32 No. 2 "Old Model Army" revolver Good$550.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 first issue revolverGood$325.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 first issue revolver, missing partsFair$175.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 second issue revolverGood$325.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 SA revolver with scarce red/black mottled gripsFine$450.00
early .32 Model 1-1/2 SA revolver with pearl gripsFine$325.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 SA revolverFine$275.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 SA revolverFine$275.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 SA revolverVery Good$265.00
1st Model "Safety Hammerless" revolver with inscription tying it to a Camden, NJ murder and executionVery Good$2250.00
2nd Model "Safety hammerless" revolver with original factory boxVery Fine$1150.00
.38 SA First Model "Baby Russian" revolver with bone gripsFine$650.00
.38 SA 2nd model revolverFine$325.00
.38 SA 2nd model revolverGood$320.00
early .38 SA 2nd model revolver, 3-digit serial numberFair$225.00
.38 SA 2nd model revolverFair$135.00
38 safety hammerless parts revolverFair$85.00
.44 SA second model American revolverPoor$650.00
.44 SA New Model No. 3 with western associationGood$1250.00
relic S&W DA revolver (found near Fredricksburg, VA)Good$85.00
Percussion Pepperboxes  
Allen & Thurber, Norwich ring trigger pepperbox pistolGood$750.00
Allen's Patent, Norwich percussion pepperbox pistolGood$650.00
Allen & Thurber, Norwich percussion pepperbox pistolFair$595.00
Allen & Thurber, Norwich/Worcester transitional percussion pepperbox pistolGood$550.00
Allen & Thurber, Worcester, 6-shot fluted barrel pepperboxGood$550.00
Allen & Thurber, Worcester, pocket pepperboxGood$550.00
Blunt & Syms ring trigger pepperboxVery Good$850.00
Flare Guns  
Sklar, San Francisco flare pistol Fine$195.00
Sklar, San Francisco flare pistolGood$125.00
International flare pistolGood$165.00