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Accoutrements 1865-1945
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Continental double barrel percussion boxlock pistol Good$250.00
Continental double barrel percussion boxlock pistol Good$225.00
Continental double barrel percussion boxlock pistol Good$175.00
Diminutive brass cannonbarrel percussion boxlock pistol Very Good$250.00
Small frame centerfire folding trigger revolver with fancy gutta percha gripsFine$275.00
early Merwin, Hulburt & Co. SA "Army" 44-40 revolver, period shortened barrel Good$1450.00
diminutive Allen-style vest pocket .22 derringer Good$250.00
Continental percussion boxlock pistol with spring-loaded bayonet Good$575.00
Fancy Flobert style cartridge parlor pistol Fine$575.00
Spanish large frame Lefaucheux-style pinfire revolver Good$450.00
Medium frame folding trigger pinfire revolver Good$225.00
Medium size pinfire double action revolver Fair$165.00
Reuthe patent animal trap gun Very Good$675.00
Lee Arms, Wilkes-Barre, PA "RED JACKET No 4" .32RF revolverGood$165.00
"HARD PAN" .32 revolver for restorationFair$65.00
"LEADER" .32 revolver for restorationGood$85.00
NOCK secondary martial flintlock pistolVery Good$750.00
Flobert action single shot rifle Good$165.00
C1840-60 percussion Pennsylvania curly maple fullstock rifle by S. Smith Good$1050.00
C1840-60 percussion fullstock rifle with stag inlay Fair$650.00
Untouched Virginia maple fullstock rifle with Sutherland, Richmond lock Very Good$2250.00
early Sharps New Model 1863 carbineGood$2250.00
M1863 Type II percussion musket, full lengthPoor$495.00
Burnside 5th model carbine, uncleaned conditionFair$650.00
English P1853 Enfield musket, full length, untouched conditionPoor$550.00
plain Continental halfstock fowlerGood$250.00
Burnside 5th model carbineFair$650.00
Confederate-marked P1853 Enfield musket, needs restorationGood$1150.00
Jenks-Maynard USN carbineGood$3200.00
Springfield M1863 Type I percussion musket, dated 1864Fair$775.00
C1840 Bedford County, PA style percussion longrifleGood$2750.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
complete M1851 sword belt with over-the-shoulder strapVery Fine$1350.00
California-style bowie knife with sheath, antique ivory gripVery Good$850.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1874 beltGood$100.00
American Military Knives  
massive handmade Bowie knife with clip point blade, handmade sheath marked "MERRITT'S SADDLERY SALMON IDAHO"Good$375.00
large Soldier made Bowie knife with clip point blade, handmade sheath tooled with nude Native girlGood$495.00
long Soldier made side knife with double-edged blade and unique "Texas Longhorn" pommelVery Good$450.00
Kinfolks trench knife with nude female decoration on sheathGood$225.00
American Swords  
M1808 W. Rose sabre, shortened to infantry hangarFair$950.00
M1812 W. Rose sabre with original scabbard, nicely markedVery Good$2250.00
M1860 cavalry sabre leather knot, marked H.GAYLORD/CHICOPEE/MASSVery Good$295.00
rare 1857 dated M1840 heavy cavalry sabre by Ames, with scabbardVery Good$1350.00
nickeled M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated SA 1913Good$550.00
Gun Parts  
P1853 Enfield ramrod, 33-1/2" long Good$150.00
M1841 Mississippi brass-tipped ramrod, full lengthFair$350.00
Rolling Block style cleaning rod, 31-1/2" longGood$75.00
M1842 Triggerguard, one bow nut absentGood$75.00
Burnside carbine barreled frame with rear sight (missing part of leaf)Good$325.00
percussion rifle barrel, octagon, marked "J.HARDER LOCK HAVEN PA", 36" long, 7/8" widthFair$75.00
American Bayonets  
M1905 leather bayonet scabbard, arsenal modified to 1910 Very Good$275.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardVery Good$150.00
M1942 16" bayonet by PAL, dated 1942, in USN MK1 scabbard Fine$325.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet, shortened, reputedly shortened for use by CanadaGood$350.00
Imperial German  
Saxony officer swordFair$225.00
98/05 bayonet by Deuteche Maschinenfabrik with frog and metal scabbardVery Fine$295.00
M1852/79 basket hilt sabre with scabbard, by WKC, waffenamt and dated 1884Very Good$650.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Police bayonet with scabbard by Horster, matching unit marksFine$550.00
98k bayonet with scabbard, matching numbers, with Afrikakorp frogFine$375.00
World Military Collectibles  
Spanish Infantry Officer sword with scabbard, dated 1863Good$350.00
South African P1821 officer sword with scabbard, engraved to the Cape Mounted Riflemen, integrated cavalry unit with excellent combat history 1827-1870Very Good$850.00
British P1845 officer sword with scabbard (missing drag)Very Good$450.00
British P1845 Sergeant's sword with scabbard, issue marked, possibly medical serviceGood$550.00