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French flintlock eprouvette (gunpowder tester) by "TURAINE A PARIS"Good$750.00
Hero style percussion boot pistolGood$185.00
"Bonanza" .22 revolverGood$225.00
Remington New Model Navy factory cartridge revolverFine$650.00
Remington Elliot 4-shot .32 derringerFair$425.00
fancy flintlock Mediterranean pistol with silver embellished barrel and wire inlaid stock with split-tipped Zulfiqar, sword of Ali, successor to MohammadGood$650.00
scarce Mass Arms Co., Maynard-primed belt revolverFair$550.00
early Iver Johnson 32 DA hammered revolver with purse holsterFine$295.00
C. Sharps Model 1A 4-barrel .22 pepperboxFine$750.00
C. Sharps Model 1C 4-barrel .22 pepperboxGood$650.00
Colt Open Top 22 spur trigger revolverFair$325.00
Smith & Wesson first model, second issue 22 revolverFair$225.00
Smith & Wesson 2nd model 38 DA revolver with mottled red/black gripsFine$850.00
Colt 4" Pocket factory caseGood$950.00
M1763/66 French Charleville percussion conversion musketGood$2350.00
Nice quality and fine condition Belgian guild percussion double barrel shotgunVery Fine$750.00
Dutch M1871/78 Beaumont rifleFair$350.00
C1840-60 percussion underhammer target rifle by H.B.Harrington, Lebanon, NHGood$950.00
M1795 Type III flintlock musket, dated 1812Good$1850.00
Massive English percussion single barrel fowler by Sharpe. LondonGood$750.00
C1790-1810 flintlock walnut fullstock smooth kentucky rifle, similar to US M1792 rifleGood$1250.00
R. Ashmore & Son side-by-side "buck and ball" gunFair$650.00
French M1763 style flintlock project gunFair$1050.00
American restock of earlier British Brown Bess musket partsGood$1250.00
nice American restock of an early British third model Brown Bess musketGood$1250.00
French M1777 style flintlock project musketPoor$650.00
early M1873 .45-70 trapdoor carbineVery Good$1750.00
Double barrel percussion shotgun by D. ChildFair$185.00
Remington Eliphalet Remington 1816 Commemorative Flintlock RifleNear Mint$1650.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Nathaniel Miller (NM) marked 4-button mould with castingsFair$650.00
Nathaniel Miller (NM) marked 4-button mould with castingsFair$450.00
Smith carbine mould, "JH" martially markedFine$350.00
early buff leather cavalry sword knot, removed from a Confederate cavalry officer swordVery Good$450.00
sixth plate tintype of standing soldier wearing 9-button coat and canteen, in pressed caseFine$225.00
ninth plate tintype of seated soldier wearing 9-button coat and interesting hat, holding a book or image case, in pressed caseFine$100.00
quarter plate tintype of standing olive-skinned fez-wearing soldier with Springfield musket and Colt revolverFine$450.00
C1820-30 interlocking eagle buckle on original beltGood$550.00
perched Eagle pistol powder flaskExcellent$350.00
perched Eagle pistol powder flaskFine$175.00
large staved wooden canteen, period green paint (9-1/2" x 6")Good$595.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1907 eaglesnap rifle beltFine$185.00
M1907 rifle slingVery Good$100.00
M1907 rifle sling with brass hooks, BOYT markedVery Good$100.00
sixth plate tintype of boy in simulated outdoor scene with Springfield M1868 rifle leaning on rustic benchFine$75.00
M1872 US belt and buckle with sword hangers, marked to "3rd Battery"Good$295.00
Sam Browne belt with shoulder strapFine$65.00
Palmer Brace belt suspension systemFine$175.00
M1874 Shoemaker horse bitGood$110.00
Army revolver screwdriverFine$35.00
C1880-1900 bugle with tassels by the Standard Band Instrument Co., Boston, MassGood$225.00
American Military Knives  
Sykes-Fairbairn stiletto with scabbard, zinc gripVery Fine$450.00
Mark 2 USN knife by Robeson Suredge in fiber scabbard Good$175.00
Mark 2 USN knife by RCC (guard marking) in fiber scabbard Good$175.00
Camillus USMC fighting knife (guard marking)Very Good$275.00
Camillus USMC fighting knife (guard marking)Good$195.00
Camillus USMC fighting knife (guard marking)Good$185.00
USMC Corpsman knife with sheath, by ClydeGood$275.00
PAL red spacer USMC fighting knife with sheathFine$550.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheathFine$375.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheathFair$250.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheathVery Good$325.00
Estwing knife with marked sheathGood$50.00
USM3 ACC guard marked with USM8 scabbardGood$225.00
scarce Australian V44 knife knife with sheath, guard marked "M" for Marsden, Sydney (leather tie-down glued)Good$750.00
scarce Australian V44 knife marked "MARSDEN/SYDNEY", with sheath, theatre made wood gripGood$550.00
American Swords  
C1820-30 5-ball eaglehead spadroon with scabbard, blade/scabbard and guard brokenFair$350.00
Interesting modified horsehead hilted sword with pipeback blade and New York eagle on langetVery Good$2450.00
C1830 Ames Knighthead sword with marked scabbard, beautiful gold giltVery Fine$2450.00
C1850 Diplomatic sword with cutout eagle counterguard, mother of pearl grip, triangular bladeGood$850.00
C1860-70 Diplomatic sword with cutout eagle counterguard, mother of pearl grip, scabbardGood$850.00
Military Academy sword with scabbard, by RowlandVery Fine$250.00
West Point sword with scabbardVery Fine$225.00
Air Force Academy sword with scabbard, by VanguardVery Fine$350.00
scarce M1840 pattern sabre by HammondFine$1250.00
M1860 cavalry sabre by Ames, 1864Fine$850.00
M1860 cavalry sabre by Emerson & Silver, 1864Very Good$750.00
Confederate foot officer sword with scabbardFair$1750.00
Gold sword knotVery Fine$250.00
M1902 brown sword knotFair$50.00
M1902 black sword knotFine$65.00
M1840 Artillery sabre scabbardGood$325.00
C1800-20 horseman's sabre with wide blade, interesting North Carolina sunburst device on langetGood$1250.00
C1810-20 D-guard NCO sword, nice grip wrapGood$375.00
C1820 stirrup hilt sabre with interesting birdhead-shaped reinforcement at guard-pommel junctureGood$350.00
C1820-30 eaglehead sabre with partial scabbard, nice blued bladeVery Good$595.00
C1830-40 eaglehead sword with Medusa langet, nice brass scabbardGood$750.00
C1830-40 eaglehead sword with eagle counterguardGood$450.00
assembled "Peterson Figure 75" style non-regulation officer sword with raisin scabbardGood$575.00
M1860 cavalry sabre by Baker, Solingen, battlefield pickup conditionFair$350.00
M1860 cavalry sabre by Ames, 1864, broken, battlefield pickup conditionFair$250.00
M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated LF&C 1918Very Good$595.00
Gun Parts  
M1842 musket stock with triggerguard and buttplate, fine cartouchesVery Good$650.00
Smith carbine complete barrel with sight and forearmFair$395.00
Fancy Kentucky rifle buttstock with buttplate, triggerguard, and partial patchboxFair$75.00
Full length American curly maple fowler stock with buttplate and triggerguard, for restorationFair$150.00
modern fine grade curly maple stock for a British Longland musket/fowler, needs final finishingFine$350.00
early American stock for a musket utilizing British Longland musket partsFair$350.00
American Bayonets  
early American handmade bayonet with unusually long socketGood$295.00
French M1728 socket bayonet, markedGood$750.00
American applied socket bayonet in the British Long Land styleGood$650.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1909 (sn390966)Good$225.00
Garand bayonet by UC, original lengthGood$100.00
Krag bayonet scabbard, early belt hanger styleFine$125.00
M1835/42 US socket bayonetGood$225.00
Peabody rifle socket bayonetGood$165.00
1895 dated Krag bayonet with scabbardGood$225.00
1899 dated Krag bayonet with leather sheathGood$125.00
M1905 bayonet dated 1906 (sn153889) with early "Lazy S" fiber scabbardGood$325.00
M1913 Winchester bayonet in fiber trench shotgun scabbardFine$265.00
USM4 bayonet by Kinfolks (KI) with USM8A1 sheathGood$175.00
M1835/42 US socket bayonetVery Good$250.00
M1905 bayonet dated 1908 sn243190 (cracked muzzle ring)Fair$135.00
M1913 Remington bayonet with scabbard, US surchargedFine$325.00
M1917 Winchester bayonet with scabbardFine$375.00
M1917 rifle/trench shotgun bayonet, markings and locking button removedGood$100.00
.50-70 leather bayonet scabbardGood$125.00
M1917 bayonet scabbardFine$175.00
M1917 bayonet scabbardGood$135.00
Trench shotgun bayonet, marked B.M.CoExcellent$135.00
Trench shotgun bayonet, marked B.A.Co with additional defense inkstampExcellent$135.00
Krag bayonet with early scabbard, dated 1896Very Good$225.00
French M1771 socket bayonetFair$275.00
very clean M1795 style unmarked bayonetFine$225.00
M1816 bayonet, marked US TAFair$85.00
"NAHKAMPFER" etched trench knife with sheathFine$350.00
P1889 Prussian officer sword with scabbard and knot, by EickhornVery Good$375.00
P1889 Prussian officer sword, engraved blade to Jäeger-Regt. zu Pferde No. 3Fine$650.00
Gew98 rifle sling, maker marked 1851 OKGood$175.00
group of unused WWII era postcardsExcellent$25.00
Ashtray with Army insigniaFair$35.00
M1862 Dryse Needle-rifle bayonetGood$450.00
Bavarian officer helmet plate (5-3/8" x 4-3/16", attaching studs 2-13/16" apart)Fine$275.00
Baden enlisted zinc trim helmet plate (5" x 4-1/18", attaching loops 2-7/8 apart)Fine$275.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
nicely signed Japanese flag (32" x 27")Good$275.00
extensively signed Japanese flag, larger size (44" x 30")Very Good$350.00
Identified carved Ancestor Mask from Papua New Guinea identified to M.H.Blandford of PT boat 144 with captured signed Japanese flag (33" x 28")Good$650.00
World Military Collectibles  
Swiss Federal rifle bayonetGood$150.00
Interesting Second Empire French poniard-style swordGood$295.00