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Flintlock Mediterranean Dag blunderbuss knee gun signed "G Berleur"Good$850.00
Japanese blackpowder replica British military pistol Very Fine$295.00
Unusual acid etched percussion boxlock pistol marked "A.V.&G.S" Very Good$395.00
Fine quality medium-small frame pinfire revolver with gold/silver embellishment and carved gripFine$650.00
Fine quality medium-small frame pinfire revolver with silver embellishmentFine$595.00
E.Whitney percussion pocket revolver with fine cylinder sceneVery Good$795.00
engraved "EUREKA" .30rf revolverFair$225.00
Nicely engraved period copy (brevette) of a Colt M1851 Navy revolver marked "American Muzzleloading Revolver Patent New York"Good$850.00
Colt M1862 Police 6-1/2" revolver Good$1250.00
USN R.F.Sedgley Mark 5 flare pistol Fine$225.00
US Arms Co .30 rimfire revolver Fine$295.00
Whitneyville Armory 22 caliber spur trigger revolver, needing cylinder and pinFine$150.00
early Colt Open Top 22 high-spur trigger revolverVery Fine$750.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 Second Issue revolver Very Good$325.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 3-1/2" revolver with original factory red linen-covered pasteboard boxExcellent$1250.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 3" revolver with original factory red linen-covered pasteboard boxExcellent$1150.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 3" revolver with original factory red linen-covered pasteboard boxVery Fine$900.00
.32 Model 1-1/2 3" revolver with original factory red linen-covered pasteboard boxFine$750.00
Allen-style vest pocket 22 derringerFair$195.00
Wesson & Harrington 22 revolverGood$325.00
Colt No. 3 .41rf derringer with British proofsGood$595.00
Early American maple-stocked flintlock musket Fair$2495.00
M1816 Sprintgfield Type III percussion conversion musket Fair$675.00
Springfield M1863 Type II musket dated 1864 Good$1195.00
Rare M1867 Springfield Cadet rifle Fair$4750.00
Unmarked untouched percussion double barrel shotgun Fair$225.00
"Wm MOORE & Co" forearm lever double barrel shotgunGood$325.00
Dutch M1871/88 Beaumont rifleVery Good$550.00
Flobert single shot rifle Fine$225.00
C1850-60 Indiana halfstock percussion rifle by R.D.Tucker of Leavenworth Good$850.00
J.H.Hall M1843 breechloading percussion carbineFair$1395.00
Needham conversion Bridesburg M1861 musket Fine$1450.00
M1863 Type II Springfield rifled musket dated 1864 Good$895.00
Neumann Bros double barrel damascus cartridge shotgun Fine$450.00
Forehand & Wadsworth "sidehammer" single barrel shotgun Fair$225.00
British Snider Military rifle by BarnettFair$475.00
Winchester M1885 Low Wall 32 long rifle Very Good$850.00
C1850-60 fine percussion fullstock rifle for restoration by J & D Little, Pittsburgh, PAGood$375.00
M1842 Harpers Ferry percussion musket dated 1848Good$1050.00
Springfield M1816 Type I flintlock musket dated 1824Very Good$1975.00
Assembled M1861/63 Springfield musketGood$950.00
Hopkins & Allen "falling block" cartridge shotgunVery Good$450.00
Iver Johnson single barrel shotgun with unusual triggerguard side-lever releaseFair$295.00
C1840-60 Pennsylvania fullstock rifle with Henry Leman, Lancaster marked barrel Good$650.00
C1840-60 fullstock Pennsylvania rifle by John Forker, Mercer, PA Good$650.00
Harpers Ferry M1795 flintlock musket dated 1813 Good$1950.00
M1835 Springfield percussion conversion musket dated 1841Good$950.00
W.H.Davenport falling block single barrel breechloading shotgunVery Good$450.00
C1860 percussion halfstock rifle by James Good$495.00
Jenks USN carbine dated 1844Good$1650.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Civil War period bootsFine$550.00
McCellan saddle, Allegheny Arsenal markedVery Good$950.00
Handmade Confederate/Frontiersman side knife, made from file, 11-1/2" bladeGood$250.00
Ticonderoga Bicentennial commemorative plateExcellent$50.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
Plain 10/12 gauge shotgun flask with original chain, by American Flask and Cap CoVery Good$225.00
US Army/Navy CO2 fire extinguisher, Randolph Lab Model E 2-1/2 B, full, with bracket and instructions/maintenance recordVery Good$125.00
Original NRA surplus Remington M1903A3 rifle shipping boxGood$35.00
Original NRA surplus M1 carbine shipping box Good$35.00
Officer boots with puteesFine$125.00
Officer bootsGood$75.00
M1943 combat boots, identifiedGood$75.00
Mountain Troop rucksackGood$75.00
Packboard wood frame pack by American Seating Co 1943Very Good$50.00
Packboard wood frame pack by American Seating Co 1945Fine$50.00
painted soldier suitcase painted with Munda 1943 battle honor, also painted with Guadalcanal, Philippines, Luzon, New Zealand, and New GuineaVery Good$450.00
painted soldier suitcase with pinup girl, Mount Fuji, and dragons, of Robert E. Pratt, 63rd Infantry Regiment Poor$450.00
B-3 winter flight jacket with original painted squadron patchFair$550.00
scarce contract USN G-1 flight jacket by Werber SportswearFine$550.00
American Military Knives  
early 1910 dated M1909 Springfield bolo (sn9031)Good$325.00
M1917 bolo with scabbardFine$175.00
unissued Case XX fixed machete with original blade guard, has a couple storage pitting spotsNear Mint$225.00
Case Fixed survival machete, complete with blade guard, in original storage waxUnissued$325.00
V44 survival knife by Case, with original sheath Excellent$575.00
large Soldier made Bowie knife with 8" clip point blade and crown-shaped pommel, with theatre-made sheathVery Good$375.00
American Swords  
M1860 cavalry sabre with scabbard, by Mansfield & Lamb, 1865Good$650.00
Gold sword knotGood$175.00
M1808 Starr, exceptionally well-marked, with expertly crafted replica scabbard Good$2250.00
C1820-35 5-ball eaglehead with scabbard, fine blued bladeFine$1650.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1862Very Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard (nice repair), Ames 1864Fine$495.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Fine$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Very Good$275.00
M1840 NCO sword with reproduction scabbard, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$295.00
C1790-1810 Philadelphia eaglehead, nicely gilded hand-chased pommel, Bolton & Co marked engraved blade with eagleVery Good$1050.00
Gun Parts  
M1861 full-length stockGood$350.00
Enfield lock screws with brass escutcheons, pairGood$100.00
American Bayonets  
M1795 bayonet, US WB variant markingVery Good$375.00
M1905 bayonet dated 1918 (sn1079258)Fine$225.00
USM3 16" bayonet scabbardFine$185.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz bayonetGood$150.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonet Very Good$175.00
M1855/63 U.S (variant marking) socket bayonet, sub-inspector marked "L" $150.00
M1855/63 . over US over S marked socket bayonet (variant marking) Good$135.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonet Good$125.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonet Good$120.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonet (blade tip bent) Fair$110.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Police bayonet with scabbard by Horster, matching unit marksFine$550.00
World Military Collectibles  
British P1845 officer sword with scabbard (missing drag)Very Good$450.00
British P1845 Sergeant's sword with scabbard, issue marked, possibly medical serviceGood$550.00