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Continental flintlock Naval style pistolVery Good$495.00
Continental flintlock Naval style pistolGood$495.00
Medium frame English Adams Patent percussion DA revolverFair$350.00
Large frame double action 11mm pinfire revolverVery Good$395.00
.22 caliber long-barrel "poacher's gun" with skeleton shoulder stockFair$350.00
M1808 Simeon North, Berlin, CT Navy flintlock pistolGood$2250.00
M1836 US percussion pistol by R. Johnson, dated 1842Good$650.00
M1842 US percussion pistol by H. Aston, dated 1847/8Very Good$895.00
nicely engraved "CAPT. JACK" .22 revolverVery Fine$375.00
"CREEDMOOR No 2" .32 revolverVery Good$175.00
Iver Johnson "ECLIPSE" .22 derringerFine$350.00
No. 1-1/2 .32 SA revolver with original green factory boxExcellent+$1250.00
.32 DA revolver with original red factory boxExcellent$1150.00
original red factory box for .32 DA revolverFair$350.00
relic Kentucky rifle buttstock, patchbox, buttplate, triggerguard, and hammer, with tag indicating its discovery in the woods near Germantown, NY in 1927 while huntingGood$250.00
German M1871/84 Mauser bolt action rifle with Bavarian markingsFine$850.00
British M1779 Brown Bess musket with regimental markingsGood$2250.00
Harpers Ferry M1803 percussion US rifle, dated 1819Fair$1350.00
M1795 first type flintlock musket with vertical lock markingGood$1850.00
M1884 cadet .45-70 rifle SN362381Very Fine$1050.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz .54 caliber rifled musketFair$850.00
William Moore percussion double barrel shotgunFair$250.00
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania M1797 by Miles, regimentally marked, stock shortenedGood$950.00
Harpers Ferry M1803 flintlock US rifle, dated 1819Good$2750.00
M1808 US contract musket by Joshua and Charles Barstow of Exeter, NH, stock shortenedGood$950.00
English single barrel flintlock halfstock fowlerFair$650.00
Belgian M1867 Albini-Braendlin "trapdoor" action rifleGood$1050.00
Steyr M1886 Kropatschek 8mm bolt action magazine-loading rifleVery Good$650.00
antique Winchester M1873 .32-20 lever action rifleGood$1750.00
Spanish M1754 miqulet musket, converted to percussion using original hammerGood$3250.00
wonderful C1750 Hudson Valley longfowlerFair$3495.00
Springfield M1842 musket dated 1849Good$1250.00
M1879 .45-70 saddle ring carbine SN187375*Very Good$2500.00
M1879 .45-70 saddle ring carbine SN138295Good$1850.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
early swivel gun ball (8oz weight, 1-1/2" diameter)$50.00
early swivel gun ball (8oz weight, 1-1/2" diameter)$50.00
small wooden rumlet (4-1/4" x 4")$250.00
early hand-forged 6" x 3" belt axeGood$250.00
stag gripped skinning knife marked "NORTONS & RILEY/REFINED SHEAR STEEL" with period handmade leather sheathGood$175.00
early frontier-made belt axe, showing interesting forging delaminations, 5-1/4" x 2-1/2"Good$250.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
US embossed Hagner No. 2 cartridge boxGood$150.00
NG (New York National Guard) Frazier cartridge boxFine$100.00
RIM (Rhode Island Militia) all-leather cartridge boxGood$125.00
RIM (Rhode Island Militia) brass trim cartridge boxFair$125.00
NGP (National Guard of Pennsylvania) McKeever cartridge boxFine$125.00
Krag .30-40 McKeever cartridge box, dated 1904Very Fine$125.00
"Army & Navy" brass patriotic mantle clockGood$225.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge boxVery Good$125.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge box, missing strapFair$75.00
tooled leather holster, fits S&W DA38 4" or similarGood$150.00
American Military Knives  
Boker skinning knifeFair$25.00
American Swords  
C1830 Widmann, Philadelphia straight blade eaglehead, very unique, heavy hilt with striped brass grip, large guard attached with wreath motif, large eagle counterguardGood$1250.00
C1830 Widmann, Philadelphia straight blade eaglehead sword with double langetsGood$650.00
C1830-50 straight-blade eaglehead swordGood$395.00
large, high quality M1850 Foot Officer sword by Mintzer, PhiladelphiaFine$850.00
unusual pattern 3-branch Non-Regulation officer sword with scabbard, by HorstmannGood$950.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, Ames Cabotville 1849 datedGood$850.00
early Springfield M1902 officer sword with scabbard, full nickel-silver mountedGood$450.00
C1830-50 Eaglehead sabre with scabbard, nice etched bladeFine$750.00
American shell-pattern Naval cutlass with American made running fox blade dated 1760Fair$1150.00
C1790 Rhode Island style silver hilt eaglehead hanger, needing restorationFair$1000.00
American "Figure 8" Naval cutlass with unusual sun, moon, and stars talisman bladeFair$1150.00
M1840 NCO swordFair$125.00
C1700-50 Iron hilted sword with extensively pierced intricate hiltFair$550.00
Victorian copy of a very fancy Continental small swordVery Good$275.00
early excavated rapier bladeGood$275.00
Gun Parts  
M1817 "Common" rifle barrel, dated 1841Good$250.00
Harpers Ferry M1795 complete percussion conversion lock, dated 1812Good$325.00
Smith carbine buttstock with buttplate and sling swivel, needs one buttplate screwGood$350.00
Spencer ring bar plateGood$100.00
M1842 triggerguard with sling swivelGood$75.00
American Bayonets  
Brown Bess Third Model bayonet with scabbardVery Good$395.00
M1816 bayonet, marked "US TA X"Very Good$225.00
M1816 bayonet, marked "US"Good$150.00
M1816 style bayonetFair$75.00
Very Good$150.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonet with scabbardFair$195.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonet with Manchester maker markGood$150.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonetGood$150.00
P1853 British Enfield socket bayonetFair$125.00
untouched French M1842 sabre bayonetVery Good$225.00
excavated Austrian M1854 Lorenz bayonetGood$100.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Good$175.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Good$165.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US J", with extra hole in socketGood$110.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonetGood$150.00
.45-70 "MASS" bayonet scabbardGood$50.00
Imperial German  
Bavaria officer helmet plate (5-3/8" x 4-3/16", attaching studs 2-13/16" apart)Fine$275.00
Baden enlisted zinc trim helmet plate (5" x 4-1/18", attaching loops 2-7/8 apart)Fine$275.00
World Military Collectibles  
Interesting Second Empire French poniard-style swordGood$295.00