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Flintlock Mediterranean pistolFair$350.00
Continental flintlock pistol marked "A PARIS"Fair$350.00
very small Over-Under "tap action" flintlock boxlock pistolFine$1450.00
Whitney Navy model revolverFair$750.00
"DEFENDER 89" .22 with fancy gripsFair$225.00
engraved "PRARIE KING" .22 with antiuqe ivory gripsGood$350.00
M1860 Army revolverFair$850.00
M1849 pocket model 4" revolverFine$1450.00
M1849 pocket model 4" revolverFair$550.00
Remington Rider cartridge pocket revolverGood$495.00
Percussion box lock side hammer pistol with folding trigger Fair$225.00
Frank Wesson 22 caliber tip-up single shot pistol Fair$350.00
"LIBERTY" .22 revolverExcellent$450.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringer Fine$650.00
Remington Vest Pocket .41 derringer Fair$425.00
Civil War period .22 first model, second issue revolver Very Good$425.00
Spanish percussion dragoon pistolFair$450.00
M1819 S. North contract pistol, dated 1822, converted to percussionGood$1150.00
"TYCOON" .22 short barrel revolver with unusual marking on side of frameFair$135.00
Folding trigger Continental revolver with fancy grips Fine$325.00
Antique folding trigger Continental revolver $250.00
Diminutive Continental parlor pistol Very Fine$275.00
Medium frame Continental pinfire revolver Fine$275.00
Diminutive Belgian pinfire revolver with folding trigger Good$350.00
Numrich Arms swivel breech double rifle Excellent$425.00
M1866 Springfield "Second Allin" .50-70 3-band rifleVery Good$1050.00
M1866 Springfield "Second Allin" .50-70 3-band rifleGood$950.00
"Zulu" style single barrel shotgun with unusual "MODOC" markingGood$350.00
Argentine M1879 saddle ring carbineVery Fine$950.00
C1840-60 percussion walnut halfstock rifle with engraved brass ovoid patchboxGood$650.00
Remington M1889 double barrel twist shotgunVery Good$550.00
M1842 Springfield musket dated 1845Very Good$1250.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple fullstock Pennsylvania rifle with Leman Lancaster marked lock Good$850.00
Plain percussion single barrel fowler Fair$275.00
very fine quality Lewis & Tomes (New York) marked English single barrel percussion fowler Good$850.00
Remington M1889 damascus double barrel 12ga cartridge shotgun Good$550.00
Hopkins & Allen 44 smoothbore falling block Very Fine$950.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
excavated P1853 Enfield musket, complete except buttplate/triggerguard, with tag indicating recovery at SpotsylvaniaGood$350.00
Pistol cartridge box by J. Davy & Co Newark NJFine150.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
McKeever cartridge box with oval NJ (New Jersey) plateFine$125.00
McKeever cartridge box with brass NG (National Guard) deviceFine$125.00
Plain 10/12 gauge shotgun flask with original chain, by American Flask and Cap CoVery Good$225.00
US Army/Navy CO2 fire extinguisher, Randolph Lab Model E 2-1/2 B, full, with bracket and instructions/maintenance recordVery Good$125.00
American Military Knives  
unmodified M1910 bolo, Springfield 1912, sn19828, with scabbardFine$350.00
Mark 2 USN knife by RCC (guard marking) in USN BOYT marked leather scabbard Fine325.00
Mark 2 USN knife by RCC (guard marking) in USN marked leather scabbard Very Good$275.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheath Very Fine$750.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife with sheath Fine$495.00
PAL red spacer USMC fighting knife with sheathGood$550.00
early 1910 dated M1909 Springfield bolo (sn9031)Good$325.00
M1917 bolo with scabbardFine$175.00
American Swords  
M1833 Dragoon sabre with rare marking "United States Dragoons"Good$1050.00
M1840 Artillery 2nd S&K contract sabre (1847 contract dated 48)Very Good$550.00
M1840 Artillery 2nd S&K contract sabre (1847 contract dated 48)Fair$325.00
M1850 US Staff and Field sword and scabbardVery Good$1450.00
unusual M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard marked only C.ROBY & CO (Chelmsford, MA, made as a state contract)Very Good$1250.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, Ames 1864Good$750.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, Ames 1862Good$650.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, unmarked, nice patinaVery Good$650.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, dated 1865Good$550.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, unmarked, painted gold for GAR posts & 50th Civil War anniversary celebrationsGood$425.00
M1840 Artillery sabre Fair$225.00
M1860 USN cutlass dated 1862, partial original wire, rest restoredVery Good$650.00
Gold sword knotGood$175.00
M1808 Starr, exceptionally well-marked, with expertly crafted replica scabbard Good$2250.00
C1820-35 5-ball eaglehead with scabbard, fine blued bladeFine$1650.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1862Very Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard (nice repair), Ames 1864Fine$495.00
Gun Parts  
Enfield Palmer lower barrel bandGood$100.00
Enfield Palmer upper barrel bandGood$100.00
early Trapdoor stock with civil war partsGood$225.00
M1816 RIFLED musket ramrod with cupped headGood$350.00
P1853 Enfield full length ramrod 38-3/4" longGood$250.00
Flobert parlor pistol barrel/action, missing partsGood$75.00
Snider Enfield carbine two-piece cleaning rodGood$125.00
Enfield lock screws with brass escutcheons, pairGood$100.00
American Bayonets  
M1855 rifle/early Mississippi rifle sabre bayonetGood$350.00
.45-70 US socket bayonet in US hook scabbard (small repair to leather seam)Fair$85.00
M1795 bayonet, US WB variant markingVery Good$375.00
Imperial German  
silver Masonic medal, dated 1927/28 (52mm wide)Fine$35.00
large silver shooting medal, dated 1927/28 (65mm x 73mm)Fine50.00
silver shooting medal, nicely detailed with target and rifles, dated 1895 (30mm)Good$35.00
War service cross, second classGood$20.00
25-Year Faithful Service medal with ribbonFine$50.00
25-Year Faithful Service medalFine$35.00
Prussian veteran's ribbon with nice eagle device (brass device 29mm x 38mm)Good$50.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Police bayonet with scabbard by Horster, matching unit marksFine$550.00
World Military Collectibles  
Italian Naval sword with scabbardFine$395.00
French Bourbon court sword with scabbard (Louis XVIII)Fine$950.00
Horn riding crop with bladeFine$225.00