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"Early Cartridge Handguns, Calibre 22" book by LaidackerNew$150.00
Flintlock Mediterranean decorative pistol Good$135.00
scarce Lindsay superposed load two-shot percussion pistolFair$950.00
Continental single shot parlor pistol Fine$250.00
unmarked Ethan Allen style percussion single shot pistol Good$125.00
"DEFENDER" .22 revolver with checkered gripsGood$165.00
"TYCOON" .22 revolver, needing cylinderGood$100.00
rare "GYPSY" .22 revolver barrel/frame for restorationFair$75.00
"RANGER 22 LONG" .22 revolver, needing cylinderGood$75.00
Eclipse marked .22 derringerVery Good$250.00
Continental brass-mounted M1822 French-style flintlock musket Good$695.00
Continental M1822 French-style flintlock musket Good$650.00
C1840-60 Southern-style percussion muzzleloading rifle Good$450.00
French M1754 style percussion conversion musket Fair$650.00
M1817 US "Common" rifle by Johnson, stock shortenedGood$450.00
Flintlock fowler/militia musket with British proofed barrelGood$850.00
Beautiful curly maple-stocked militia musket with US/1836 dated barrel, W.A.Holland Boston marked lockVery Good$850.00
Confederate-marked P1853 Enfield musket, TOWER 1863 Good$1750.00
Ballard single shot drop-breech .38 rifleFair$495.00
M1861 musket, shortened stockPoor$450.00
Heavy percussion Belgian guild double barrel shotgun Very Good$450.00
Double barrel cartridge shotgun by Pittsburgh Fire Arms Co Good$375.00
1664 Spanish wheelock rifle, converted to percussion Good$2250.00
C1860 percussion halfstock smooth rifle Good$450.00
Winchester M1894 US Border Patrol commemorative carbine with factory boxFine$850.00
Kittredge marked Frank Wesson two-trigger Civil War carbine Good$1750.00
Frank Wesson two-trigger "semi-military" carbine rifle Fine$1650.00
Frank Wesson two-trigger "semi-military" carbine rifle Good$1050.00
C1840 New England fullstock longrifle by Silas Allen, Shrewsbury, MA with N. Kendall lockGood$2250.00
C1840-60 Percussion halfstock rifle with GOLCHER marked lock Very Good$650.00
M1795 Springfield Type III percussion conversion musket dated 1812 Good$1395.00
Prussian Germanic M1809 percussion musket Good$850.00
Flobert action single shot rifle Good$165.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Ticonderoga Bicentennial commemorative plateExcellent$50.00
Starr 44 caliber revoler mould Good$250.00
California-style bowie knife with sheath, antique ivory gripVery Good$850.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
painted soldier suitcase painted with Munda 1943 battle honor, also painted with Guadalcanal, Philippines, Luzon, New Zealand, and New GuineaVery Good$450.00
painted soldier suitcase with pinup girl, Mount Fuji, and dragons, of Robert E. Pratt, 63rd Infantry Regiment Poor$450.00
B-3 winter flight jacket with original painted squadron patchFair$550.00
scarce contract USN G-1 flight jacket by Werber SportswearFine$550.00
US Army Air Force B6 leather flight helmet Fair$110.00
US Army Air Force A-11 leather flight helmet Good$150.00
US Army Air Force AN-H-15 canvas flight helmet Very Fine$200.00
US Navy canvas flight helmet Near Mint$100.00
American Military Knives  
Soldier made knife with large aluminum pommel, aluminum and leather washer gripFine$100.00
Mark 2 USN knife by Robeson Shuredge with red spacers, unusually fine leather scabbardFine$450.00
Camillus USMC fighting knife with sheathVery Good$375.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife (variant Olean, NY marking) with sheathVery Good$395.00
American Swords  
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
scarce M1840 NCO sword by Ames, 1848Fair$450.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1862Very Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard, Ames 1864Very Fine$595.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard (nice repair), Ames 1864Fine$495.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Fine$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Ames 1864Very Good$275.00
M1840 NCO sword with correct scabbard, Emerson & Silver 1863Very Good$425.00
M1840 NCO sword with reproduction scabbard, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$325.00
M1840 NCO sword, Emerson & Silver 1863Good$295.00
M1840 NCO sword, no maker, inspected and dated 1863Goo$225.00
C1790-1810 Philadelphia eaglehead, nicely gilded hand-chased pommel, Bolton & Co marked engraved blade with eagleVery Good$1050.00
M1841 USN cutlass by Ames dated 1842 with scabbard Good$1750.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, with unusual whistle guard, marked GERMANYExcellent$995.00
extrafancy M1860 Staff and Field sword and heavily engraved brass scabbard, fancy metal grip, by PettiboneGood$695.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Henderson Ames Co., has Springfield Armory style hiltFine$550.00
M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Manuel Acores, Boston, variant counterguardFine$375.00
Child's M1860 Staff and Field sword and scabbardGood$350.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with early-style scabbard made without throat, dated 1849, original wire missing a couple small piecesFine$1250.00
USMC NCO sword with scabbard by Meyer, marked West GermanyVery Fine$395.00
M1812 W. Rose sabre with original scabbard, nicely markedVery Good$2250.00
Gun Parts  
Enfield lock screws with brass escutcheons, pairGood$100.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, 33-1/2" long Good$150.00
M1841 Mississippi brass-tipped ramrod, full lengthFair$350.00
Rolling Block style cleaning rod, 31-1/2" longGood$75.00
American Bayonets  
"The Bayonet Book" by Watts & WhiteFine$295.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz socket bayonet Very Good$225.00
Garand bayonet by WT 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" knife-point bladeFine$350.00
Garand bayonet by UFH 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear-point blade Fine$175.00
Garand bayonet by AFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" blade Very Fine$250.00
Garand bayonet by PAL in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" blade Fine$225.00
Garand bayonet by UC in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" blade Fine$225.00
M1905 leather bayonet scabbard, arsenal modified to 1910 Very Good$275.00
Imperial German  
Saxony officer swordFair$225.00
98/05 bayonet by Deuteche Maschinenfabrik with frog and metal scabbardVery Fine$295.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Police bayonet with scabbard by Horster, matching unit marksFine$550.00
98k bayonet with scabbard, matching numbers, with Afrikakorp frogFine$375.00
World Military Collectibles  
Philippine bolo knife with wood scabbard, WWII bring-backGood$125.00
South African P1821 officer sword with scabbard, engraved to the Cape Mounted Riflemen, integrated cavalry unit with excellent combat history 1827-1870Very Good$850.00
British P1845 officer sword with scabbard (missing drag)Very Good$450.00
British P1845 Sergeant's sword with scabbard, issue marked, possibly medical serviceGood$550.00