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Continental folding trigger revolver with fancy hard rubber gripsFine$275.00
early Bacon Mfg Co., Norwich, CT 32 rimfire pocket revolverGood$575.00
American Arms Co., Wheeler's Patent .22/.32 swivel breech derringerGood$595.00
unmarked Dickinson 32 derringerGood$350.00
"EUREKA" .22 revolver with fancy eagle gripsPoor$165.00
US Navy marked Colt Richards .38 revolverVery Good$2750.00
Egyptian marked French an XIII style flintlock pistolGood$695.00
Double barrel Continental percussion boxlock pistolPoor$135.00
Frank Wesson single shot 22 caliber derringerGood$375.00
"IMPERIAL No1" .22 revolverGood$225.00
"ROBIN HOOD No. 1 LONG" .22 revolverGood$250.00
New Line 32cf etched panel revolverFine$495.00
Zimmerstutzen 4mm parlor rifleGood$750.00
C1840 percussion fullstock "over the log" heavy barrel target rifle with Stillwell marked lockGood$750.00
C1850-70 extrafancy New York halfstock rifle by J.G.Syms, 44 Chatham St, NYVery Good$1250.00
Contemporary percussion curly maple fullstock rifle by H.Hendricks of Verona, WisconsinFine$550.00
Thompson Center Arms .45 sidelock percussion rifleVery Good$350.00
Ethan Allen "Drop Breech" rifle for restorationPoor$395.00
Granville Henry percussion boxlock shotgunFair$250.00
Contemporary Left-handed birdseye maple fullstock longrifle made with antique partsGood$550.00
C1780-1800 American copy of a French M1763 Charleville musketGood$2250.00
US contract M1817 "Common Rifle" by Henry DerringerFair$950.00
M1795 early Type I percussion conversion musket, dated 1801Good$2250.00
Eli Whitney Style III 1812 contract musketGood$1250.00
Springfield M1865 "First Allin" trapdoor conversionVery Fine$3250.00-
Interesting, plainly made single barrel percussion halfstock fowlerFair$175.00
Hopkins & Allen "Falling Block" single barrel shotgunGood$375.00
C1860 short-barreled smooth rifle marked J.BISHOPGood$250.00
US M1814 rifle for restorationFair$450.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
brass and wood .58 caliber tampionFine$100.00
Maynard primer tape or large cap tin, 1-1/2" sizeGood$50.00
CS interlocking sword belt buckleGood$3450.00
Colt's Patent Walker/Dragoon pistol flaskGood$1750.00
bronze Architectural element of mounted Union soldierFine$225.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
tooled leather holster, fits S&W DA38 4" or similarGood$150.00
Camp Lejeune postcard book, contains all 18 postcardsFair$75.00
"B&L" belt buckle, excavated, possibly Boston & Lowell RailroadFair$225.00
USMC binocularsGood$275.00
37mm Winchester-Hotchkiss cartridge, by UMC 1905, deactivatedFine$75.00
American Military Knives  
Camillus USMC guard marked fighting knife with sheathFine$275.00
V44 survival knife by CaseGood$275.00
V44 survival knife scabbardExcellent$350.00
wonderful ID'd and documented USN MK1 Geneva Forge knife of Stanley P. Jankowski, USN service 1942-1969, including USS Essex during WWII, the "Fightin'est Ship in the Fleet" with 13 battle starsFair$350.00
American Swords  
C1830-50 straight blade eaglehead sword with nicely blued blade, interesting hilt with eagle langets and grip made without brass side strapsFine$495.00
C1820-35 5-ball D-guard Eaglehead with nice scabbard, scarcer variant hilt without ball counterguardFine$950.00
1820-30 Eaglehead sabre with blued blade, eagle quillon, eagle langetFine$950.00
rare M1852 USN officer sword by Ames, government inspected and dated 1852 (only 500 produced and so marked)Very Good$1150.00
Knight pommel sword with engraved bladeVery Fine$225.00
M1860 Staff style sword with cruciform crossguard and plain bladeFine$175.00
M1841 USN cutlass by Ames, 1846Good$.00
C1790-1810 "pillow pommel" spadroon with wonderful blue and gold blade, complete scabbard, nice giltVery Fine$2250.00
Gun Parts  
M1841 Mississippi rifle front band with sling swivelFair$275.00
Enfield Palmer front barrel band, sling swivel absentFair$75.00
Enfield Palmer rear barrel band, bentFair$75.00
German M1871/84 rear barrel bandGood$75.00
M1861 Special Model US marked buttplate with screwsGood$75.00
M1795 front bandGood$275.00
M1816 front bandFair$200.00
M1842 front bandGood$225.00
M1842 triggerguardGood$75.00
M1861 hammer with screwGood$100.00
M1861 hammerGood$85.00
M1855/70 nose capGood$25.00
M1855/70 buttplate, alteredFair$25.00
M1855/61 triggerguardGood$65.00
M1874/88 triggerguardGood$50.00
M1873 triggerguard bow, sling swivel removed for carbine/cadet modelFair$25.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" front brass barrel bandFine$250.00
Interesting military-style long rifle stock with set triggers, possibly Austrian or SwissVery Good$295.00
Continental flintlock pistol barrelFair$125.00
American Bayonets  
British P1859 Enfield cutlass bayonetGood$695.00
Harper's Ferry "US" marked M1855 sabre bayonet with scabbard and frogFair$495.00
USM3 16" bayonet scabbardVery Good$175.00
USN MK1 16" bayonet scabbardFine$175.00
interesting M1795 bayonet marked US with additional "&" mark on socketGood$395.00
Imperial German  
Wurttemberg brass helmet plateGood$275.00
Complete pikelhaube brass trim chinstrap, very nice displayable conditionVery Good$225.00
Mutz hat insigniaGood$40.00
National helmet cockardeGood$75.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
NSFK Kustenflug 1937 desk medalFine$350.00
2nd model Luftwaffe dagger hangersVery Good$235.00
Sword hanger, nicely markedVery Fine225.00
Pith helmet national colors insigniaFair$25.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
World Military Collectibles  
Cold Steel replica Scottish baskethilt broadsword with scabbardFine$350.00
Argentine M1891 brass grip bayonet with matching scabbardFine$225.00
Swedish socket bayonetFair$135.00