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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Reuthe animal trap gun - $675.00

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Reuthe animal trap gun. Oddly dangerous by modern standards, to operate this firearm, it was chained to a solid object like a tree, bait (meat) attached to the barbed ends that were attached to the trigger, and when an animal pulled at the bait, it set off the trigger, discharging the two percussion barrels in the direction of the bait being pulled. Cast iron body with lettering "HARTFORD.CONN/F.REUTHE'S PATENT/MAY 12" 1857". 5" barrels, about 11-1/2" overall with bait barbs in rear position. Threaded hole at rear for attachment to a threaded rod. Cast iron texture with black patina and some painted finish Functions mechanically.