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Nazi Accessories  
Interesting model of a sailing sloop made by a German POW at Camp Carson, Colorado, dated June 18, 1944Fine$650.00
RAD pennant (86" x 50")Fine$375.00
"Unternehmen Barbarossa" wartime original soldier art book, depicting one soldier's interpretation various stages of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, 18 full color drawings, 15 of which are captioned, plus a black and white portrait of Heinz Guderian, including tanks, planes, Kiev, Moscow, night fighting, etc.Fine$495.00
1933 Hitler miniature bookFine$25.00
Medical pouch with contentsFine$350.00
NSDAP Kreistag Altena Ludenscheid 1939 tinnieFine$60.00
Machine gun wooden ammo carrier, emptyFine$225.00
WKC store display card, depicts lionhead sword, dovehead sword, dress bayonetFine$225.00
Card game "Ein Spiel von Deutschem Land fur klein und gross"Fine$50.00
book, "Der kampf im Westen", complete with all photos and stereo glassesExcellent$350.00
lot of StampsFine$35.00
shelter halfGood$250.00
ZF41 scope railExcellent$275.00
10x80 flak binoculars, dkl codedVery Good$575.00
"Unsere Soldatenlieder" Soldier song bookFair$50.00
Large grouping of photos, showing uniforms, horses, field scenes, etc.Fine$250.00
1945 Army diaryFair$85.00
Kreigsmarine diaryFine$125.00
SA award presentation book, unissuedNear Mint$90.00
7x50 binoculars with case, Zeiss markedFine$250.00
Afrikakorp 6x30 binoculars, ddx coded, slightly clouded opticsFine$250.00
Mauser rifle cleaning chainFine$25.00
early 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard and hangerFine$750.00
Red Cross hewer with scabbard and frogVery Fine$850.00
SA ground Rohm dagger with scabbard, by PackVery Fine$1350.00
Luftwaffe sword with scabbard by SMFVery Good$950.00
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbard, Nazi reworkFine$150.00
Police bayonet with scabbard by Horster, matching unit marksFine$550.00
Police bayonet with scabbard, non matching unit marksFine$495.00
sawback Fireman bayonet with scabbard and frogFine$450.00
Fireman bayonet with scabbard by EickhornFine$135.00
scarce Waffenamt Austrian Manlicher bayonet with scabbardFine$350.00
Engraved dress bayonet with scabbard and frog, regimentally engraved blade 14th Infantry, by HollerVery Fine$550.00
Stag grip dress bayonet with scabbard, by AlcosoFine$250.00
M1939 dress bayonet, unusual maker logo, with scabbardVery Fine$150.00
M1939 dress bayonet with scabbard and frog by KlassVery Fine$140.00
98k bayonet with scabbard, matching numbers, with Afrikakorp frogFine$375.00
scarce Weimar produced 98k bayonet, wuk 27 markedFine$350.00
98k Mauser unmarked bayonet with ersatz frogExcellent$350.00
98k bayonet by Berg & Co, non matching numbers, has unusual flaw in tip, with scabbardVery Fine$100.00
98k bayonet coded 42ffc, non matching numbers, tip slightly bent, with scabbardVery Good$100.00
BDM knife with sheathFine$150.00
Trench knife with scabbardFine$275.00
rare trench knife with scabbard with multi-tool in gripFine$950.00
folding pocket knife marked OpinelVery Good$80.00
Edged Weapon Parts and Accessories  
Luftwaffe marked 98k bayonet frogVery Good$150.00
rare ersatz leather and canvas 98k bayonet frogFine$165.00
Army dagger scabbardGood$75.00
Navy dagger pommel, damagedGood$90.00
Navy dagger grip, damagedGood$90.00
SA/NSKK dagger hangerFine$125.00
SA/NSKK dagger hangerFine$125.00
SA dagger belt hanger clipFine$125.00
SA dagger hanger belt loop d-ringFine$50.00
Trench knife scabbardFine$100.00
SS sword knot, missing part of black cordVery Good$250.00
green and gold bayonet knot with tag identifying it to a ObergefreiterFine$175.00
Green/silver knotNear Mint$90.00
Hats and Caps  
late Labor overseas hatExcellent$350.00
Visor hat cordExcellent$75.00
occupied Bulgarian cammo helmetFine$575.00
Winter flight helmet, complete with goggles, mikes, and cordFine$650.00
Winter flight helmet, complete with mikes and cordFine$495.00
helmet liner with complete original leatherFine$175.00
Buckles and Belts  
Reichswehr buckleVery Good$75.00
Paratrooper buckleGood$165.00
aluminum Army buckle, two-piece variantExcellent$125.00
HJ buckleVery Fine$100.00
"Front Heil" veteran's organization buckle with beltFair$185.00
Police sleeve patchFair$35.00
Panzer sleeve insigniaFine$75.00
signal lieutenant collar tabs, pair, unissuedNear Mint$135.00
GI souvenir book of Kreigsmarine insignia and front of grain bag Nazi eagleGood$350.00
M40 Army breast eagle on uniform fragmentFine$150.00
M44 Army breast eagle, damaged as torn from a uniform as a souvenirFine$75.00
M44 Army breast eagle, unusedExcellent$65.00
Luftwaffe overseas or m43 hat eagleFine$40.00
Reichstag pinVery Good$50.00
Pith helmet tri-color insigniaExcellent$75.00
Army uniform breast eagleVery Fine$35.00
Medals and Decorations  
Mother's Cross, gold, in caseVery Fine$275.00
Mother's Cross, gold, in caseVery Good$200.00
Mother's Cross, silverVery Fine$110.00
Mother's Cross, bronzeVery Fine$85.00
Czech annexation medal with caseFine$250.00
cased Iron Cross, First ClassFine$450.00
Iron Cross, First Class with scarce screw backFine$450.00
Iron Cross, First ClassGood$250.00
Eastern Front medal, unissued with original envelope and paperNear Mint$135.00
pair Saar medallionsFine$75.00
pin for War Merit Cross with SwordsGood$30.00
Tank assault badge, maker marked Frank & ReifGood$350.00
Minesweeper badgeFine$225.00
Minesweeper badge, late style, Berlin maker markedGood$195.00
Panzer Grenadier badge, maker markedExcellent$525.00