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Pre-1945 Nazi

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Nazi Accessories  
spoon/fork combination, waffenamt markedFine$40.00
1933 Hitler miniature bookFine$25.00
6x30 binoculars, ddx coded, optics goodGood$135.00
Gasmask in original canExcellent$225.00
Medical pouch with contentsFine$350.00
unfinished NSKK car flag top (2-11/16" high)Fine$125.00
NSDAP Kreistag Altena Ludenscheid 1939 tinnieFine$60.00
Machine gun wooden ammo carrier, emptyFine$225.00
WKC store display card, depicts lionhead sword, dovehead sword, dress bayonetFine$225.00
Card game "Ein Spiel von Deutschem Land fur klein und gross"Fine$50.00
book, "Der kampf im Westen", complete with all photos and stereo glassesExcellent$350.00
lot of StampsFine$35.00
Flare gun holsterFine$495.00
entrenching shovelGood$125.00
shelter halfGood$250.00
ZF41 scope railExcellent$275.00
10x80 flak binoculars, dkl codedVery Good$575.00
metal drinking water containterFine$250.00
pre-war enameled street sign "An der Spandauer Brücke" (central Berlin, about 1 mile from the Reichstag)Very Good$850.00
"Unsere Soldatenlieder" Soldier song bookFair$50.00
coathanger from Hotel Berliner Hof KarlsruheVery Good$35.00
Large grouping of photos, showing uniforms, horses, field scenes, etc.Fine$250.00
1945 Army diaryFair$85.00
Kreigsmarine diaryFine$125.00
shrapnel damaged mauser cleaning kit, nicely marked ab44 Fine$135.00
SA award presentation book, unissuedNear Mint$90.00
7x50 binoculars with case, Zeiss markedFine$250.00
Afrikakorp 6x30 binoculars, ddx coded, slightly clouded opticsFine$250.00
Mauser rifle cleaning chainFine$25.00
Artillery fuse case, dated 1941Fine$35.00
1st Model Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard and hanger by SMFFine$650.00
miniature Army dagger with scabbard, by AlcosoExcellent$495.00
miniature Army dagger with scabbard, by AlcosoExcellent$650.00
miniature 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger with scabbardExcellent$650.00
Labor Hewer dagger by Alcoso with Pauseback markingFine$950.00
Red Cross leader dagger with scabbardGood$1150.00
Red Cross hewer with scabbard and frogVery Fine$850.00
Red Cross hewer with scabbardFine$550.00
SA ground Rohm dagger with scabbard, by PackVery Fine$1350.00
SA dagger with scabbard, by HerderFine$650.00
SA dagger with scabbard and hanger, by PeresFine$595.00
SA dagger with scabbard, by TillmannsFine$495.00
SA dagger with scabbard, RZM codedFair$375.00
Luftwaffe sword with scabbard by SMFVery Good$950.00
SS silver Lionhead officer sword with scabbard, by Alcoso$2250.00
Dovehead sword with scabbard, unmarked, crack in gripVery Fine$325.00
Dovehead sword with scabbard, late aluminum hilt, by EickhornFine$395.00
NCO sword with scabbard, matching numbers, by HorsterVery Fine$395.00
Police bayonet with scabbard and frog, matching unit marksFine$695.00
Police bayonet with scabbard, non matching unit marksFine$550.00
Fireman bayonet with scabbard, scarce L&E maker mark with fire police helmet trademark for Linnenbrugger & Ellermann, BielefeldFine$225.00
sawback Fireman bayonet with scabbard and frogFine$450.00
Fireman bayonet with scabbard by EickhornFine$135.00
Fireman bayonet with scabbard by HollerFine$125.00
Fireman bayonet with scabbard, Leipzig makerFine$125.00
S84/88 bayonet by Koeller, Weimar 1920/32 marked, in incorrect scabbardVery Good$110.00
scarce Waffenamt Austrian Manlicher bayonet with scabbardFine$350.00
Czech vz24 bayonet with scabbard, Z marked, waffenamtExcellent$295.00
Engraved dress bayonet with scabbard and frog, regimentally engraved blade 14th Infantry, by HollerVery Fine$550.00
Stag grip dress bayonet with scabbard, by WKCFine$225.00
black finished dress bayonet by HenckelsFine$295.00
M1939 dress bayonet, unusual maker logo, with scabbardVery Fine$150.00
M1939 dress bayonet with scabbard and frog by KlassVery Fine$140.00
M1939 dress bayonet with scabbard and frog by WKCFine$125.00
M1939 dress bayonet with scabbard and frog by SeilheimerFine$125.00
scarce Weimar produced 98k bayonet, wuk 27 markedFine$350.00
98k Mauser unmarked bayonet with ersatz frogExcellent$350.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, cof 44 codeVery Fine$250.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, jwh 42Excellent$225.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, 44 fnjExcellent$225.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard and frog, matched numbers, 41asw codeFine$175.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, S/174 codedFine$165.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, 41fnj codeFine$165.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard and frog, matched numbers, by BergVery Fine$165.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, WKC 1938Very Fine$165.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, Clemen & Jung 1939Very Fine$165.00
98k Mauser bayonet with scabbard, matched numbers, 43aswFine$150.00
98k bayonet by Berg & Co, non matching numbers, has unusual flaw in tip, with scabbardVery Fine$100.00
late unmarked HJ knife with scabbardVery Fine$295.00
BDM knife with sheathFine$225.00
rare trench knife with scabbard with multi-tool in gripFine$950.00
trench knife with scabbardFine$275.00
folding pocket knife marked OpinelVery Good$80.00
Edged Weapon Parts and Accessories  
Luftwaffe dagger hangerGood$135.00
Afrika canvas 98k bayonet frogVery Good$225.00
Luftwaffe marked 98k bayonet frogVery Good$150.00
rare ersatz leather and canvas 98k bayonet frogFine$165.00
98k bayonet frog coded kvz 1942Good$50.00
Army dagger scabbardGood$75.00
Navy dagger bladeFine$110.00
Navy dagger pommel, damagedGood$90.00
Navy dagger grip, damagedGood$90.00
SA/NSKK dagger hangerFine$125.00
SA/NSKK dagger hangerFine$125.00
SA dagger belt hanger clipFine$125.00
SA dagger hanger belt loop d-ringFine$50.00
SA dagger hanger belt loop d-ringFine$50.00
Trench knife scabbardFine$100.00
SS sword knot, missing part of black cordVery Good$250.00
green and gold bayonet knot with tag identifying it to a ObergefreiterFine$175.00
Green/silver knotNear Mint$90.00
Hats and Caps  
late Luftwaffe visor hatFine$650.00
late Labor overseas hatExcellent$350.00
U-Boat driver leather hood (Berrafato & Berrafato p134)Excellent$225.00
Visor hat cordExcellent$75.00
occupied Bulgarian cammo helmetFine$575.00
Winter flight helmet, complete with goggles, mikes, and cordFine$650.00
Winter flight helmet, complete with mikes and cordFine$495.00
felt pith helmetFair$195.00
helmet liner with complete original leatherFine$175.00
Buckles and Belts  
Paratrooper buckleGood$165.00
SS buckleGood$365.00
SS buckleGood$350.00
aluminum Army buckleFine$125.00
steel Army buckle with tabGood$135.00
steel Army buckle with 1940 dated tabGood$120.00
HJ buckleVery Fine$100.00
"Front Heil" veteran's organization buckle with beltFair$185.00
aluminum Army buckleGood$70.00
Police sleeve patchFair$35.00
Panzer sleeve insigniaFine$75.00
Panzer sleeve insigniaFine$65.00
Panzer collar tabFine$65.00
Police visor hat insigniaExcellent$30.00
signal lieutenant collar tabs, pair, unissuedNear Mint$135.00
political collar tabFine$85.00
embroidered Bahnshutz collar tabFine$65.00
applied Bahnshutz collar tabFine$50.00
GI souvenir book of Kreigsmarine insignia and front of grain bag Nazi eagleGood$350.00
M40 Army breast eagle on uniform fragmentFine$150.00
M44 Army breast eagle, damaged as torn from a uniform as a souvenirFine$75.00
M44 Army breast eagle, unusedExcellent$65.00
Luftwaffe breast eagleFine$50.00
Luftwaffe overseas or m43 hat eagleFine$40.00
Reichstag pinVery Good$50.00
Pith helmet tri-color insigniaExcellent$75.00
Army uniform breast eagleVery Fine$35.00
Sports insigniaFine$45.00
Medals and Decorations  
Romanian Crusade Against Communism medalFine$35.00
Mother's Cross, gold, in caseVery Fine$275.00
Mother's Cross, silverVery Fine$110.00
Mother's Cross, bronzeVery Fine$85.00
Czech annexation medal with caseFine$250.00
Iron Cross, First Class with scarce screw backFine$450.00
Iron Cross, First ClassGood$250.00
Eastern Front medal, unissued with original envelope and paperNear Mint$135.00
pair Saar medallionsFine$75.00
pin for War Merit Cross with SwordsGood$30.00
Minesweeper badgeFine$225.00
Minesweeper badge, late style, Berlin maker markedGood$195.00
Panzer Grenadier badge, maker markedExcellent$525.00