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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Presentation Joseph Manton & Sons double rifle/double shotgun set - $2950.00

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"JOSEPH MANTON & SONS Patentees", as marked on locks, fine presentation double shotgun with double rifle barrels. Each barrel set inlaid in gold "MANUFACTURED BY JOSEPH MANTON & SONS EXPRESSLY FOR E.R.PEETE AND PRESENTED BY HIM TO SAM.T.TAYLOR". This exact arm is documented on page 281 of "The Mantons: Gunmakers" as having been made in 1834 and that the marking at that point was an anachronism, since only one of Manton's sons was engaged in business with him at that point. Both barrels are marked "H&S" for subcontractor Hollis & Sheath. Rifle barrels mic at just under 0.56". Shotgun bores mic at just under 0.71" and are gauge stamped 14. Each barrel set comes with its own nice original ramrod, the shotgun rod being wooden and having a covered ball pulled, and the rifle rod being steel with a brass loading tip and opposite end threaded for cleaning implements. Gun is equipped with sling swivel studs but swivels are absent. Rifle barrel is equipped with a folding 4 leaf express rear sight. Barrels have platinum lined vents and hammers have Manton's patent screw-off hammer strikers. Metal parts are restored to factory-style finishes with blued hammers/screws, barrels browned, and other parts "in the white". Locks and triggerguard bow have nicely engraved game scenes. Walnut stock is beautifully grained with fan-shaped striped graining in the butt and down the length of the stock. Stocks are lightly refinished with small cracks behind the lockplates and a small crack below the right lock. This set comes with a nicely made brushed aluminum engraved plastic tag for display. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.