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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1860 Tennessee mountain style percussion rifle - $1250.00

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Interesting C1860 Mountain-style rifle with "CONESTOGA RIFLE WORKS" marked lock. 44" 15/16" octagon barrel of about .40 caliber bore. Conestoga Rifle Works was a trade name used by Henry Leman of Lancaster, PA. Tennessee style plain brass patchbox with old grease within. Unusually shaped triggerguard with "fishtail" type finger hook. Barrel tang unlike anything we have seen before; it is a long iron tang like those found on mountain rifles, but then steps down and continues all the way on to the buttstock comb. Plain brass ramrod pipes with unusual plain ferule where it enters the stock. Nice antique, possibly original hickory ramrod. Metal parts have an old oil finish on them with an attractive appearance and some pitting in the barrel breech area. Stock is good, worn around the lock mortise, lock screw, and forearm pins. Has a small piece replaced above the lock, crack in front of lock, and several worn slivers and minor cracks in the forearm edges. This gun was found in a 95-year-old widow's home in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The picker who bought it indicated she had several old long arms with the same patina that looked like they had been sitting in the same position for decades. Mechanically good with set triggers, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.