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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1840-60 fullstock Pennsylvania rifle by John Forker, Mercer, PA - $650.00

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C1840-60 fullstock Pennsylvania rifle marked on barrel flat "J.FORKER", most likely John Forker (1816-1861) who is listed as having made fullstock percussion rifles in Mercer, PA. There is a John Forker listed in Philadelphia, but given the lack of sophistication and Pittsburgh lock, was more likely made in western PA, where several other members of the Forker family with firearm inventors and makers. 35-3/8" 0.9" of about .33 caliber. Equipped with a Bown & Tetley trade lock. Overall a simple but elegant gun, made without a buttplate, a simple iron triggerguard, teardrop lock screw escutcheon, only two plain brass ramrod pipes, and no forearm cap. The stock is nicely made with good lines and attractive curly grain primarily in the butt area, showing that this was a gunsmith who had more skill working wood than he did access to or ability to make better furnishings. Possibly original hickory ramrod is cracked near the muzzle. Stock shows average wear and use with a dark patina particularly in the butt/lock area, worn on the butt from not having a buttplate, good sharp lines around and opposite the lock, has some scratches on the forearm and some cracking and associated chip on right side near muzzle. Metal parts have a light patina overall with some pitting in the barrel breech area. Mechanically good with set triggers, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.