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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
Early American maple-stocked flintlock musket - $2495.00

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Early American flintlock musket. 44-3/4" barrel of .69 caliber bore. Unmarked except the barrel shows a touchmark at the breech. Missing ramrod, upper sling swivel, hammer, and frizzen. Tumbler is chipped and internally, the sear spring is broken. Metal parts are a medium gray overall, having been cleaned at some point, except the buttplate, which is crusty with rust from having been stored in a basement or barn. Two of the wood screws are replaced with non-period screws, which themselves are well over 50 years old. Unusually shaped early American trigger. Stock is American maple, sanded smooth long ago, has a small chip in front of the lock mortise, small crack by the lock bolt, and some roughness by the buttplate from where it was stored. Inside the lock is crudely made of American manufacture and does not follow any known pattern, particularly the blocky tumbler without bridle, mainspring without screw, and the brass flashpan, which is small, differently shaped from other guns that used brass pans, and has the lock bolt pass through the back of it, which is very unusual.