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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
English P1853 TOWER Enfield musket dated 1861 - $1550.00

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English P1853 TOWER Enfield musket dated 1861 on lock. Standard British barrel proofs with "25" gauge marking. Stock maker "JOSEPH WILSON" marked behind triggerguard with [crown]-BSAT export marking for the Birmingham Small Arms Trade consortium marking. Nice complete, original gun overall with attractive brown patina, some minor pitting in the bolster area, and sharp markings in the metal. Middle barrel band screw is broken in the "split" of the band. Stock is good with honest light wear and well-defined edges, showing one major strike in the right side of the butt. This is a nice early-Civil War period Enfield musket that was unquestionably made for the arms trade and could have been exported to either side during the Civil War. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.