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Small frame pinfire revolver with folding trigger, interesting maker markGood$140.00
Small frame pinfire revolver with folding triggerGood$135.00
Small frame continental revolver with folding triggerFair$65.00
Small frame pinfire revolver with folding triggerPoor$45.00
"W.L.GRANT" marked pocket revolverGood$250.00
Rollin White .22 pocket revolverGood$275.00
"ROBIN HOOD NO 3-1/2" .32Good$175.00
"ROB ROY" .32Good$175.00
"VEILED PROPHETS" .22Fine$275.00
scarce Bacon 32 pocket revolverGood$495.00
early Iver Johnson 32DA revolver with pearl gripsFine$250.00
early Iver Johnson hammerless 32 revolverFine$225.00
engraved Norwich Arms Co with rare pattern "Tiffany" style gripsGood$425.00
engraved Norwich Arms Co with "Tiffany" style gripsVery Good$325.00
Norwich Arms Co with "Tiffany" style gripsVery Fine$325.00
Wesson & Harrington 22 revolver, extractor absentFair$175.00
"ROVER" .32Good$195.00
"TRUE BLUE" .32Good$150.00
"DEFENDER" .32Very Good$100.00
"RANGER NO 2" .32Fair$75.00
E.Whitney, N.Haven percussion pocket model revolverVery Good$595.00
Hopkins & Allen Acme No 3 hammerless 38 revolverGood$250.00
"Defiance" .22 revolverFair$100.00
"Defender" .32 revolver with eagle gripsExcellent$250.00
"Patriot" .32Good$125.00
Vest Pocket .41 deringerGood$295.00
Continental single shot parlor pistolFine$225.00
"LE PARISIEN" marked medium frame pinfire revolverFine$275.00
Forehand & Wadsworth "British Bulldog" revolverFine$275.00
engraved Hopkins & Allen XL No 1 .22 revolverVery Fine$450.00
Hopkins & Allen XL No 2 .30rf revolverVery Fine$250.00
Frank Wesson M1859 32 single shot pistolGood$425.00
Egyptian Rolling block rifleFair$450.00
C1760-80 French style flintlock musketoonGood$1150.00
M1812 Eli Whitney contract flintlock musketGood$950.00
Double barrel percussion shotgun by N.EngelsGood$350.00
Double barrel shotgun by J.P.Moore's SonsGood$450.00
Austrian M1854 percussion musket, shortenedGood$395.00
English Enfield Mark I* breech loading rifleGood$275.00
C1840-60 percussion halfstock rifleFair/td>$275.00
M1873 45-70 rifle SN108853Very Good$650.00
M1879 45-70 rifle SN291862Very Good$650.00
E.A.Converse, Norwich, CT early single barrel 12GA shotgunFair$225.00
Hopkins & Allen Arms Co single barrel shotgun with unusual tang safetyFair$235.00
C1770 American assembled percussion conversion long fowlerFair$750.00
British Model 1779 Short Land style percussion conversion musketFair$450.00
M1816 US Springfield Type III percussion conversion musket, shortenedGood$295.00
P1853 Enfield musket by Barnett, shortened stockVery Good$395.00
P1853 Enfield musket, as found conditionPoor$350.00
Remington M1889 10 gauge damascus shotgunFair$450.00
Double barrel Belgium cartridge shotgun by A.RichardFair$135.00
Belgian percussion half stock fowler marked "A.W.Spies"Good$225.00
Engraved damascus double by Stanley Arms Co
C1860-70 fancy target rifle by Henry Stevens, Watertown, NYFair$595.00
C1840 fancy silver mounted curly maple halfstock rifleFair$675.00
C1760-80 American stocked flintlock dual purpose musket/fowlerGood$1495.00
M1795 Type III percussion conversion musket dated 1812Good$1150.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
45-70 rifle slingVery Good$150.00
early powder horn turned plugGood$75.00
Bummer's Hat, liner/sweatband absentFine$975.00
patent Eagle cloak buttonFine$100.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
Combat Medical Badge, sterlingFine$75.00
M1907 leather rifle sling with steel hooks, MILSCO 1944 marked, fragile in places and backed with a later piece of leatherFair$40.00
American Military Knives  
M1880 Hunting knifeFair$225.00
Mark 1 USN knife by PAL, in leather scabbardGood$65.00
American Swords  
M1850 US Staff and Field sword by PDLVery Good$550.00
M1850 US Staff and Field sword with scabbard, by HorstmannFine$1450.00
Gun Parts  
M1863 barrel, smooth boreGood$250.00
M1855-64 musket stock, shortenedGood$100.00
British style flint musket hammer, American period replacement top jaw and screwGood$450.00
Colt New Line 22 revolver frame and barrelGood$50.00
M4 bayonet by CASE in USM8 scabbardVery Fine$225.00
medium Flintlock gooseneck hammer, no top jaw/screwGood$150.00
medium Flintlock frizzenFair$40.00
Enfield P1853 complete lock dated 1862Very Good$250.00
American Bayonets  
M1942 16" bayonet by PAL, dated 1942, in USM7 scabbardExcellent$450.00
M4 bayonet by CAMILLUS in USM8A1 scabbardVery Fine$250.00
Garand bayonet by AFH 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal 10" spear point bladeVery Good$100.00
Zouave sabre bayonet with scabbardVery Fine$275.00
French M1835 style bayonet, fits US 69 caliber musket, missing locking ringFair$65.00
M1835/42 socket bayonetGood$175.00
Austrian 70 caliber musket socket bayonetFair$125.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonet, battlefield pickupFair$65.00
Imperial German  
Dragoon sabre with scabbard, 1915 datedFine$395.00
Dragoon sabre with scabbard, 1914 datedVery Fine$495.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
cased Iron Cross, First ClassFine$450.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
World Military Collectibles  
Remington M1871 Spanish rolling block bayonetFine$75.00
Spanish infantry briquet short sword dated 1820Good$295.00