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British New Land flintlock pistol, GR-TOWER marked and issuedGood$950.00
British private-purchase New Land pattern flintlock pistol by R. JohnstonGood$850.00
interesting Van Wart Son, London percussion sidehammer boxlock pistol, diminutive size with belt hookFair$450.00
replica M1763 French dragoon pistolFine$395.00
American Standard Tool Co., Newark, NJ .22 revolver with excellent cylinder sceneFine$375.00
J.M.Marlin XX Standard 1873 .22 revolverGood$325.00
"CAPT JACK" .22Fair$165.00
.38 SA first model "Baby Russian" revolverFair$350.00
Continental percussion single shot belt pistolVery Good$395.00
Large frame 11mm folding trigger pinfire revolverFine$650.00
British flintlock boxlock pistol by Gatehouse, PortsmouthFair$465.00
C1820 secondary martial percussion conversion pistol marked W Ketland & CoGood$550.00
M1849 pocket 4" barrel revolverFair$750.00
M1862 Police 4-1/2" barrel revolverFair$950.00
No 1-1/2 first issue .32 revolverFair$350.00
Relic folding trigger large frame pinfire revolverGood$350.00
early French Gendarme style flintlock pistolGood$975.00
Iver Johnson .38 caliber revolverGood$350.00
London Model 1851 Navy revolverGood$950.00
M1855 "Root" model .28 caliber pocket revolverFair$450.00
Joseph Lang of London pair of fine large bore boxlock sidehammer belt pistolsGood$2250.00
Dutch M1871/78 Beaumont rifle, shortenedGood$350.00
Swiss M1878 Vetterli rifleVery Fine$650.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple fullstock rifle signed "W .. K"Good$550.00
M1861 Special Model musket by LG&Y of Windsor, VT, dated 1863, shortenedVery Good$550.00
early M1873 .45-70 cadet rifle SN11093Fair$695.00
Allen Ethan Allen "Drop Breech" military style carbineFine$1650.00
Spencer-Bannerman M1896 slide action 12ga shotgunGood$650.00
Interesting vintage Sears Roebuck Kentucky Rifle with barrel by MirokuGood$275.00
scarce transitional M1816 Harpers Ferry musket dated 1819Fair$995.00
M1816 Type III percussion musket dated 1835Fair$850.00
M1863 Type I percussion musket dated 1863Good$925.00
M1863 Type I musket, shortenedFair$225.00
Interesting C1850 inlaid halfstock rifle signed by John M. Burns of Columbiana County, OhioFair$950.00
Thompson Center pre-Hawken .45 caliber muzzleloading percussion rifleFine$325.00
Springfield M1868 .50-70 "trapdoor" rifle SN29011Very Good$1050.00
Spencer US contract M1865 carbine by Burnside Rifle Co.Good$2250.00
unusually fine very plain American-made percussion fowler with Golcher lockFine$495.00
C1760 New England cherry stocked flintlock long fowlerVery Good$4950.00
C1770-80 New England cherry stocked flintlock long fowlerVery Good$4450.00
French M1763/66 "Charleville" signed flintlock musketGood$2750.00
Flintlock brass barreled blunderbuss marked "WHEELER"Very Good$2850.00
Variant M1847 musketoon, possibly Confederate builtGood$1450.00
Very fine C1840-50 American agent marked single barrel percussion fowler by Richard Constable of PhiladelphiaVery Good$650.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
"Gadget cane" with hidden smoking pipeFine$295.00
Government inspected Colt Army gang mouldGood$650.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1898 Krag ammunition bandolier, fullFine$225.00
tooled leather holster, fits S&W DA38 4" or similarGood$150.00
American Military Knives  
M1918 LF&C trench knife scabbard, prongs absentVery Good$395.00
American Swords  
M1818 Starr US sabre with scabbard, very nicely markedGood$750.00
C1820 American reverse-P guard sabre with scabbard, possibly all-American made, white-finished plain blade shows forging flawFine$850.00
C1820-30 American reverse-P guard sabre, S&K blade, wonderfully unique carved and checkered wood gripVery Good$550.00
M1841 "United States Navy" style sword by HorstmannGood$950.00
scarce brass hilted Non Regulation officer sword with scabbard, with spread eagle and panoply of flags in guardGood$950.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, by Ames 1862Good$950.00
M1840 style import cavalry sabre with scabbard, absolutely untouched "attic mint" conditionFair$350.00
Confederate cavalry sabre scabbardFair$1500.00
C1830-50 Eaglehead sword with eagle langets, blued bladeVery Good$495.00
M1860 cavalry sabre with scabbard, US mark visible, no makerGood$550.00
M1902 Eaglehead officer's sabre, gold washed blade, named to (Major William) "Billy" B. Grizzard of Fort Worth, TX, interesting record of service 1930's - WWIIExcellent$950.00
Light Cavalry style scabbard, does not fit AmesGood$125.00
unusually late C1850-60 eaglehead sword with brass scabbard, very fine blued bladeVery Fine$795.00
Gun Parts  
early brass musket triggerguard, small piece missing from frontGood$150.00
fine reproduction flintlock frizzenFine$60.00
flintlock frizzen, possible reproductionFine$75.00
Austrian M1842 musket middle barrel bandGood$125.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz musket front barrel bandFair$300.00
Burnside carbine hammer, nice reproductionGood$100.00
French M1842 musket triggerguard with sling swivelGood$75.00
French M1842 musket hammerGood$50.00
French M1842 musket hammerGood$50.00
French M1842 musket hammerGood$50.00
M1842 buttplate, unmarkedGood$45.00
M1855/63 buttplateGood$50.00
M1855/63 triggerguard, no sling swivel, with screwsGood$75.00
M1855/63 triggerguard, with sling swivel, nickeledGood$50.00
M1855/63 triggerguard, no sling swivel or triggerGood$35.00
M1855/61 front barrel bandFair$35.00
M1863 lock dated 1863Good$225.00
M1864 lower barrel bandGood$40.00
M1864 front barrel bandGood$20.00
M1873/88 triggerguard bow with nuts, very fine original blueVery Fine$50.00
M1873/84 rifle upper barrel bandGood$30.00
Eli Whitney "N HAVEN" M1812 lockplateFair$30.00
brass rifle triggerguardFine$75.00
M1855/63 buttplate with screwsGood$85.00
M1855/63 triggerguard with replaced swivelFair$50.00
M1852/3 Sharps hammerGood$450.00
M1842 front barrel bandFine$275.00
M1861 lock dated 1861Good$375.00
M1855/63 triggerguard, no sling swivelGood$50.00
M1855/70 lock screwsGood$50.00
Harpers Ferry M1842 lockplate, dated 1847Fair$25.00
Remington M1889 shotgun locks, pairGood$250.00
M1763 Charleville percussion conversion musket barrel, nicely marked "M1763" and dated 69, 44-1/2" lengthGood$595.00
M1816 musket stock, shortened, excellent Luther Sage (LS) cartoucheGood$225.00
beautifully marked M1763 Charleville percussion conversion lockGood$495.00
beautifully proofed M1763 sideplateGood$250.00
M1816 middle barrel band with sling swivelVery Good$175.00
M1816 buttplate marked US, with screwsGood$150.00
M1816 lower barrel bandVery Good$100.00
M1816 Type II triggerguard, complete with screws, sling swivel, trigger, and pinVery Good$175.00
M1795 ramrod, 39-3/4" long, has interesting forging flawGood$150.00
M1816 ramrod, 31-1/2" longGood$125.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, full lengthGood$325.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, 30-5/8" longGood$125.00
M1863 ramrod, full lengthGood$275.00
M1863 ramrod, full lengthGood$225.00
M1861 musket barrel with sightVery Good$550.00
M1861 musket stockFair$450.00
American Bayonets  
early Federal period bayonet with unusual "HUK" marking on socketFair$350.00
M1855/63 US bayonet, shortened to 14" bladeGood$85.00
H&P conversion socket bayonet marked "US"Good$175.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet marked "C&Co", blade shortened to 13-7/8"Good$250.00
M1851 cadet socket bayonet marked "US"Good$450.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US" and "C&Co", unusual location of markingGood$250.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US", socket dentedFair$120.00
M1816 bayonet marked "US"Very Good$175.00
scarce Simeon North M1816 bayonet marked US SNGood$375.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet marked "C&Co"Fine$750.00
M1855 bayonet marked "US"Fine$225.00
M1855 bayonet marked ". over US over S"Fine$225.00
Prussian M1809 "Potsdam" bayonetGood$150.00
Remington-Lee M1882 socket bayonetGood$135.00
very rare 1943 dated Original 10" M1 bayonet with scabbard, by UticaFine$325.00
M7 Conetta bayonet with scabbardExcellent$75.00
wonderful large American-made musket bayonet patterned after Long Land bayonet, but plainly forged from a single piece of ironGood$750.00
nice American applied socket bayonet with unusually large shank "shield"Good$595.00
M1812 bayonet marked "US" on shankGood$375.00
M1812 style bayonet, unmarked, unusually heavy socketVery Good$200.00
M1816 bayonet with unusual marking "US over E over L over O"Good$275.00
M1842 bayonet marked USFine$375.00
M1855 bayonet marked ". over US over S"Very Fine$250.00
unusual unfinished M1819 Simeon North Hall rifle bayonet marked US SN, possible Confederate usedGood$550.00
M1835/42 US bayonet with additional "N" sub-inspector markGood$250.00
.45-70 cadet bayonet marked USFair$75.00
unmarked .45-70 cadet bayonetVery Good$75.00
Imperial German  
military soapVery Good$50.00
Army officer saber with scabbard, by HerderVery Good$350.00
French M1822 cavalry sabre, possibly Polish used with green-painted scabbardGood$450.00