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French Mle 1837 Naval pistolGood$750.00
fancy C1760 continental percussion conversion coat pistol with flared muzzleGood$450.00
Allen & Wheelock, Worcester, Mass., 32 sidehammer revolverFair$350.00
Springfield Arms Company .30 pocket revolverVery Fine$550.00
Whitneyville short cylinder .22 spur trigger revolver with pearl gripsVery Good$550.00
Whitneyville long cylinder .22 spur trigger revolverFine$350.00
E. Allen & Co .41 derringerGood$650.00
C1760 flintlock longfowlerFair$2250.00
Untouched percussion longfowler built in a 18th century styleGood$850.00
M1835 D.S.Nippes Maynard conversion musketFine$2250.00
rare Winchester-Hotchkiss first model US Army saddle ring carbineFair$2250.00
Single barrel percussion fowler by Richard S. Lawrence of Windsor, VTVery Good$750.00
very heavy percussion 10 gauge fowler with 44" barrelFair$275.00
Flobert lifter block action rifleGood$225.00
Flobert lifter block action rifleGood$150.00
Remington Rolling Block 3-band military rifleGood$650.00
C1820-40 curly maple fullstock rifle with fancy Ketland lockGood$1250.00
C1820-40 flintlock North Carolina/Tennessee mountain rifleGood$850.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple halfstock needing stock repair, has beautiful silver eagle inlay and engraved silver butt inlays, with additional geometric inlaysFair$950.00
Fine quality single barrel percussion fowler signed "Blore Maker Bolton"Good$550.00
C1770-80 percussion conversion American birdseye maple stocked musketGood$2250.00
M1873 .45-70 "Custer Range" saddle ring carbine SN34917Fair$5000.00
French M1842 percussion musket, shortenedGood$275.00
reproduction M1863 Zouave rifle by CVA/ZoliFine$500.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
C1840-60 officer epaulettesVery Good$225.00
Bugle mouthpieceGood$100.00
M1851 buckle with silver wreathVery Good$325.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
tooled leather holster, fits S&W DA38 4" or similarGood$150.00
American Military Knives  
M1918 LF&C trench knife scabbard, prongs absentVery Good$395.00
American Swords  
M1841 USN cutlass dated 1846Good$1150.00
Fine knighthead dress sword by Morris Angel & SonGood$350.00
M1818 Starr US sabre with scabbard, very nicely markedGood$750.00
C1820 American reverse-P guard sabre with scabbard, possibly all-American made, white-finished plain blade shows forging flawFine$850.00
C1820-30 American reverse-P guard sabre, S&K blade, wonderfully unique carved and checkered wood gripVery Good$550.00
Gun Parts  
British Snider Mark II** complete breechGood$100.00
British Snider Mark II** complete breech marked BSAGood$100.00
Burnside carbine lockplateGood$100.00
Sharps New Model carbine/rifle leverGood$175.00
Spencer carbine/rifle buttplateGood$100.00
Spencer carbine ring bar with ringGood$225.00
M1855/61 middle band with sling swivelGood$150.00
.45-70 lock, complete except hammer spurFair$150.00
M1884 trapdoor action, missing firing pin, threads removed from frontFair$100.00
French or Belgian style flintlock barrel with interesting proofs and markingsGood$250.00
Merrill first type carbine barrel and frame$250.00
Smith carbine barrel and frame, low serial numberFair$.00
Smith carbine barrel and frame with sight baseGood$250.00
Smith carbine barrel and frame with sight baseFair$250.00
Greene bolt action rifle barrel with complete bolt and latch, fire damagedFair$325.00
M1863 style barrel, 33" long$75.00
M1866 barrel and receiver, 38" barrelGood$75.00
M1868 barrel, receiver, and complete blockGood$350.00
M1817 "Common" rifle barrelGood$350.00
M1833 J.H.Hall carbine barrel and complete actionFair$650.00
Enfield P1853 musket forearmGood$350.00
M1763 French Maubeuge marked musket lock, complete internals, needs external partsGood$375.00
M1740 Hessian musket lock marked "POTZDAMMAGAZ", percussion conversionGood$250.00
British P1853 Enfield musket 3 barrel band setGood$300.00
Prussian M1809 musket stock, shortenedGood$150.00
M1816 middle barrel band, missing sling swivelGood$175.00
American Bayonets  
Krag bayonet with scabbard, dated 1899, New York markedVery Good$185.00
early Federal period bayonet with unusual "HUK" marking on socketFair$350.00
M1855/63 US bayonet, shortened to 14" bladeGood$85.00
H&P conversion socket bayonet marked "US"Good$175.00
Sharps/Spencer rifle socket bayonet marked "C&Co", blade shortened to 13-7/8"Good$250.00
M1851 cadet socket bayonet marked "US"Good$450.00
Imperial German  
military soapVery Good$50.00
World Military Collectibles  
French M1822 cavalry sabre, possibly Polish used with green-painted scabbardGood$450.00