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French Year 13 flintlock pistolGood$750.00
C1750-70 Continental flintlock belt pistol, nicely engraved and carvedGood$850.00
C1750-70 Continental flintlock pocket pistol with unusual brass lockplateGood$695.00
J.Stevens 22 single shot derringerVery Good$285.00
M1849 pocket revolver, 4" barrelFair$425.00
Colt M1878 large frame double action revolverGood$950.00
J.Stevens 22 single shot derringerVery Fine$325.00
J.Stevens 22 single shot derringerFine$295.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerVery Good$425.00
.22 first model, third issue revolver, blued finishFine$295.00
Spanish percussion belt pistolFair$225.00
Sharps Model 1A pepperboxVery Good$550.00
.38 SA 2nd model revolverGood$320.00
"Defender '89" .32Fine$135.00
British SMLE Mark III Enfield rifle, sporterizedGood$275.00
Marlin Model 39A 22 lever action rifleFine$450.00
M1878 Sharps-Borchardt 45-70 military rifleFine$2450.00
C1840-50 Southern "Poor Boy" percussion rifle$850.00
M1861 full length musket, needs partsFair$550.00
M1884 45-70 rifle SN431098Very Good$675.00
W&C Scott & Son, London fancy double barrel percussionGood$450.00
"New Baker" by Syracuse Gun and Forging Co Batavia NY double shotgunGood$375.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
early shutter pinsExcavated$50.00
Eagle drum plateGood$395.00
US gold dollar, jewelry pieceGood$225.00
"Colt's Patent" marked 31 caliber bullet mouldVery Good$150.00
M1864 US cartridge boxGood$295.00
USN embossed cap boxVery Fine$495.00
USN embossed cap boxVery Fine$475.00
Carbine cartridge boxVery Good$375.00
Capbox with Lewiston, ME makerVery Good$125.00
US CartridgeboxPoor$225.00
Medical Staff lieutenant cased epaulettesVery Fine$2500.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
RIA tool for Browning M1919 machine gunFine$40.00
Admiral Dewey Flagship Olympia souvenir spoonFine$25.00
M1874 US belt buckleFine$150.00
M1874 NGP belt buckleFine$125.00
.45-70 McKeever cartridge boxVery Good$125.00
Frazier patent cartridge boxFine$110.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$120.00
American Military Knives  
Mark 1 USN knife by Pal, in fiber scabbardExcellent$225.00
scarce PAL USMC fighting knife in leather scabbardVery Good$325.00
Cattaragus 225Q knifeGood$35.00
Soldier made knife with modern sheathGood$35.00
Remington Hunters Pal knife with original sheathGood$225.00
Paratrooper pocket knife by Schrade, spring weakFair$75.00
Iron frame M1880 Hunting knife with scabbardVery Good$950.00
M1918 LF&C trench knife with scabbard, missing one prongVery Good$850.00
large pattern "Ranger" knuckle knife with original scabbardFine$1195.00
American Swords  
USN marked M1917 Naval cutlassFine$595.00
Unusual Non-Regulation officer sabre with engraved blade and scabbardGood$595.00
GAR sword with plain blade and scabbardGood$175.00
C1780-1820 Court sword with scabbard (small repair)Excellent$1050.00
M1818 Starr US NCO sword with scabbardGood$525.00
Louis Haiman, Columbus, Georgia "Dog River" cavalry sabre with scabbardGood$3495.00
Knighthead swordVery Good$100.00
Knighthead sword by Henderson AmesVery Good$90.00
Gun Parts  
Sharps New Model rifle/carbine lockGood$450.00
M1763/M1795 lower barrel bandGood$125.00
.45-70 complete lockGood$150.00
early flint lock with eagle markingGood$350.00
M1861 ramrod, full lengthFair$185.00
M1861 barrel, rifled bore, complete with rear sightVery Good$375.00
early Brass musket musket triggerguard (broken)Good$75.00
American Bayonets  
early American socket bayonet in the British style, flawed socketGood$275.00
Austrian M1854 Lorenz socket bayonet with scabbardGood$295.00
Garand bayonet by UFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10" bladeVery Good$150.00
M1816 bayonet marked USRJVery Good$165.00
M1873/84 .45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardFine$130.00
M1873/84 .45-70 bayonet in US frog scabbard with belt hookGood$90.00
M1816 socket bayonet marked US TAVery Good$150.00
M1942 16" bayonet by PAL, dated 1942Good$135.00
Garand bayonet by AFH 1942 (scarce brown/black grips) in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened 10" bladeVery Fine$185.00
M1835/42 US socket bayonetFine$225.00
Imperial German  
German Army buckleFine$55.00
Bavarian officer helmet (complete, correct, and original except one piece of trim on the brim is missing)Fine$950.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Police bayonet with scabbard and frog, matching unit marksFine$695.00
Police bayonet with scabbard, non matching unit marksFine$550.00
Red Cross hewer with scabbardFine$550.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
Type 44 carbine bayonetFine$450.00
Arisaka bayonet scabbardFair$40.00
cased BinocularsFine$350.00
World Military Collectibles  
Snider bayonet scabbardFine$30.00
Hungarian M1895 bayonet with scabbardVery Fine$225.00
Hungarian M1895 bayonet with scabbardFine$200.00
Martini Henry socket bayonetGood$50.00
Chassepot bayonet with scabbardFine$75.00
Swiss vetterli socket bayonetGood$50.00
Indonesian style damascus sword, possible silver hiltGood$165.00
Early YataghanGood$150.00