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Continental pinfire pepperbox by MeyersFine$950.00
Continental pinfire pepperbox by CEPREZFine$750.00
British proofed pinfire pepperboxVery Good$650.00
M1851 London Navy revolver, rebluedExcellent$1250.00
5-1/2" 38 rimfire cartridge revolver with extractorVery Good$1450.00
Iver Johnson 32DA revolver, blued finishFine$185.00
Sharps & Hankins 32 4-barrel pepperboxGood$495.00
American Arms over-under .22/.32 derringerVery Good$650.00
American Arms over-under .32/.32 derringerVery Good$695.00
Cowles, Deane & Co .22 derringerVery Good$450.00
Merwin & Bray, New York .32 derringerFair$225.00
Stevens Diamond early 6" .22 single shotFine$375.00
D. Williamson .41 dual ignition derringerGood$850.00
Belgian single shot derringerGood$250.00
Large frame plain pinfire revolverFair$225.00
Medium frame "Guardian American Model of 1878" pinfire revolver (missing grips)Fair$175.00
relic Bulldog style revolver (found near Fredricksurg, VA)Good$50.00
Otis Smith patent .32 rf revolver with ivory gripsFine$425.00
Sharps & Hankins 32 4-barrel pepperboxPoor$275.00
New Line .32 cf revolver with etched panel and ivory gripsVery Good$295.00
relic S&W DA revolver (found near Fredricksburg, VA)Good$85.00
Harrington & Richardson "Young America Double Action" 32 DA revolverVery Fine$150.00
Alert - 1874 .22 revolverFine$225.00
"Ranger 22 Long" revolverGood$125.00
E. Allen & Co single shot 22 derringer with silver owner nameplateFair$350.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerFair$275.00
.22 first model, second issue revolverFine$550.00
British percussion conversion carbineGood$650.00
W.H.Richards double barrel cartridge shotgunFair$225.00
Whitney-Kennedy .45-60 large frame lever action rifleGood$1850.00
P.S.Justice percussion musket, shortenedGood$450.00
Remington Rolling Block conversion of Civil War musketGood$1450.00
M1879 .45-70 rifle SN129829Fair$495.00
scarce Springfield M1881 "Forager" 20 gauge shotgunGood$1550.00
early Smith percussion cavalry breechloading carbineFine$1750.00
Swiss M1871 Vetterli rifleVery Fine$450.00
Hopkins & Allen falling block rifleFine$450.00
C1770 American assembled percussion conversion musket with French barrelFair$650.00
M1884 .45-70 rifle SN493518Very Good$575.00
Gallager cartridge breech loading shotgunGood$495.00
Heavy English 10 gauge double by W. ParkerFair$250.00
Iver Johnson single barrel shotgunVery Good$195.00
Swiss M1869 Vetterli rifleGood$425.00
M1888 .45-70 rifle SN548081Fine$695.00
Whitneyville, Conn. marked percussion double barrel shotgunFair$375.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Carbine cartridge boxVery Good$375.00
Capbox with Lewiston, ME makerVery Good$125.00
US CartridgeboxPoor$225.00
Medical Staff lieutenant cased epaulettesVery Fine$2500.00
Pistol cartridge boxFine$130.00
Pistol cartridge boxFine$100.00
superb maker marked Capbox by Young, complete with wool and pickVery Fine$250.00
Capbox, unmarked, complete with wool and pickFine$150.00
maker marked capbox with parial woolGood$135.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1872 US Experimental belt and buckleGood$750.00
M1874 belt with sword hangerGood$150.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$110.00
Mounted canteenGood$85.00
45-70 sling, repairedFair$35.00
32 S&W US Cartridge Co ammo box, empty, end damagedFair$35.00
leather covered flask (9-3/4", 4-1/2", dents)Good$35.00
Hagner cartridge boxGood$175.00
US M1864 cartridge box, modified to be used with Prarie BeltGood$350.00
American Military Knives  
M1918 Au Lion trench knife with complete scabbard, fluted grip style, blade polishedFine$950.00
M1918 Au Lion trench knife with complete scabbard, smooth grip styleFine$895.00
Collins tooled leather scabbardFine$100.00
blade marked CASE with USM8 scabbard, scarce blued blade, shows sharpening, sheath damagedFair$165.00
guard marked BOKER in USM8 scabbardGood$225.00
KA-BAR USMC fighting knife in leather scabbardGood$225.00
Mark 2 USN knife by Camillus (blade mark) in fiber scabbardVery Fine$175.00
Mark 2 USN knife by KA-BAR in fiber scabbardNear Mint$350.00
Mark 2 USN knife by KA-BAR in leather scabbard
3rd type Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife with sheathFine$250.00
blade marked UTICA with shortened USM6 Barwood scabbardGood$395.00
scarce wood pommel Mark 1 USN knife by Pal in USN marked leather scabbardGood$150.00
Mark 2 USN knife by KA-BAR in fiber scabbard (missing tie down)Fair$100.00
American Swords  
early dirk with antique ivory gripGood$125.00
C1830-50 knighthead sword with eagle counterguardGood$375.00
Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) swordFair$125.00
M1841 USN cutlass by Ames with scabbardGood$2250.00
Tiffany Non-Regulation cavalry sabreFair$395.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard by Emerson and SilverFair$395.00
Roman pattern short sword, ex. Norm Flayderman Collection, superior conditionVery Fine$2250.00
M1917 style Naval cutlass with scabbardGood$325.00
M1818 Starr NCO sword scabbardFine$450.00
M1841 USN cutlass by AmesVery Good$975.00
Kenansville CS armory short swordGood2250.00
M1850 Cavalry Staff and Field sword and scabbard by Hostmann, named to Capt A. H. Preston, Oswego, NY, prewar city guardsman, organizer in the 24th NY which stood between the Rebels and Washington after First ManassasVery Good$2450.00
M1850 Staff and Field sword and scabbard, by ClaubergGood$1250.00
Gun Parts  
early flint lock with eagle markingGood$350.00
M1861 ramrod, full lengthFair$185.00
M1861 barrel, rifled bore, complete with rear sightVery Good$375.00
early Brass musket musket triggerguard (broken)Good$75.00
M1861 front barrel bandFair$25.00
M1861 lower barrel bandFair$35.00
M1861 complete lock by Sarson & RobertsGood$500.00
Roberts conversion lockplateGood$100.00
M1864 complete lockVery Good$265.00
Remington Elliot 5-shot derringer barrelGood$125.00
M1863/64 HammerFair$35.00
Austrian Werndl hammerFair$50.00
M1841 Mississippi rifle complete lock by TryonGood$295.00
Spencer carbine/rifle lock, functions, damagedFair$175.00
M1861 complete lock by MowryGood$250.00
M1861 complete lock by SN&WTCGood$250.00
American Bayonets  
American bayonet with unusual faceted shankGood$385.00
M1795 bayonet, marked IN USFair$150.00
early M1816 bayonet marked USGood$110.00
M1816 style bayonetVery Good$100.00
British P1853 Enfield socket bayonet by REEVESGood$150.00
M1917 trench shotgun bayonet with scabbard, by WinchesterExcellent$450.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1918 (sn772319) in USN MK1 scabbardFine$265.00
M1917 trench shotgun bayonet by GEN-CUT with scabbardExcellent$265.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonet (bent blade)Fair$65.00
Garand bayonet by UC 1943, rare original 10" bladeGood$150.00
M1917 trench shotgun bayonet by GEN-CUT with scabbardExcellent$285.00
scarce early M1835 US bayonet with crossed arrows markingFair$100.00
M1905 bayonet dated 1919Very Fine$225.00
Garand bayonet by AFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear point bladeFine$160.00
Garand bayonet by PAL (small grip hairline) in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear point bladeGood$135.00
Garand bayonet by UC, original 10" bladeGood$100.00
M4 bayonet by AERIAL in USM8A1 scabbardVery Good$275.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1910 (sn450883) in USN MK1 scabbardFine$275.00
M1905 bayonet dated SA 1907 (sn237364) in "lazy S" USM3 scabbard (repainted)Fine$275.00
Garand bayonet by PAL 1942 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10" spear point bladeVery Good$145.00
2nd Model Brown Bess bayonet with PO markingGood$225.00
M1812 US socket bayonetGood$325.00
Imperial German  
Bavarian officer helmet (complete, correct, and original except one piecec of trim on the brim is missing)Fine$950.00
98/05 sawback bayonet by Coppel with leather scabbardFine$350.00
98/05 sawback bayonet by Becker with leather scabbardFair$250.00
3-piece medal bar with lapel pin, consisting of Bavarian Merit Cross, Iron Cross 2nd Class, and Combatant Service CrossVery Fine$275.00.00
3-piece medal bar, consisting of Iron Cross 2nd Class, Bavarian Merit Cross, and Combatant Service CrossVery Fine$.00
brass Matchbox cover, missing boxFine$20.00
Engraved Field Artillery P-guard sabre with scabbardFine$450.00
KM marked capper for Colt M1851 Navy revolver with lanyardFine$475.00
Imperial briquet shortsword with scabbard, has matching regimental markingsGood$495.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Red Cross hewer with scabbardFine$550.00
1933 Hitler miniature bookFine$25.00
early French/German miniature dictionaryFine$25.00
aluminum Army buckleFine$125.00
early SA buckleFine$75.00
Police sleeve patchFair$35.00
Romanian Crusade Against Communism medalFine$35.00
Romanian Crusade Against Communism medalFine$35.00
Gautag 1938 Thuringen tinnieVery Fine$75.00
Minesweeper badge, late style, Berlin maker markedGood$195.00
SS silver Lionhead officer sword with scabbard, by Alcoso$2750.00
1920 dated shooting prizeFine$250.00
1936 dated 100 year shooting medal with enameled detailsExcellent$235.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
cased BinocularsFine$350.00
nicely mounted WakizashiFine$775.00
Japanese box with insigniaFine$85.00
1000 stitch belt with prayer card and seedFine$350.00
Cavalry sabre with non matching numbered scabbardFair$250.00
Type 13 Murata bayonet with scabbardVery Good$1250.00
Type 13 Navy marked Murata bayonetFair$750.00
World Military Collectibles  
Jungle carbine cleaning kitGood$225.00
Swedish rolling block socket bayonetPoor$25.00
Belgian soldier's belt with ID tag from the Hershey MuseumVery Good$85.00
1st Empire French gourd canteen, beautifully engraved with portrait of NapoleonFine$850.00
Philippine sword with scabbard, beautifully carvedFine$165.00
Swedish M1896 bayonet with scabbardFine$45.00