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large Montenegro Gasser revolverGood$650.00
Continental percussion dueling pistol signed "faure a bayonne"Good$375.00
Savage Navy revolverFair$595.00
unmarked Jacob Rupertus .22 revolverFair$250.00
"UNION" .22 derringer/a>Fair$225.00
Frank Wesson M1859 .22 single shot pistol with long 6" barrelGood$350.00
Boxed Uberti blackpowder replica M1860 Army revolverFine$350.00
Boxed Uberti blackpowder replica M1860 Army revolverFine$325.00
early Allen marked bar hammer DA pistolVery Good$450.00
unmarked Allen bar hammer DA pistolFair$225.00
Allen & Wheelock center hammer in-line percussion pistol (5A-011)Fair$275.00
Bacon & Co underhammer single shot pistolGood$350.00
E.Whitney, N.Haven percussion pocket model revolverGood$595.00
Wesson & Harrington 22 revolverVery Good$350.00
Secondary martial flintlock holster pistol by ThomasFair$595.00
Nock, London small flintlock boxlock pistolFair$395.00
unmarked early Allen bar hammer DA pistol with 6" barrelFair$275.00
Sprague & Marston marked percussion pistolVery Good$450.00
"GUARDIAN" .32 revolverExcellent$325.00
C1780 French flintlock pistol signed "A Louvrenbuy"Good$750.00
Sharpe EXTRA PROOF secondary martial flintlock pistolGood$750.00
Plain percussion boxlock pistol with nice gripVery Good$150.00
Allen style center hammer percussion pistolGood$195.00
Ells Patent marked bar hammer revolverGood$750.00
unmarked American "Hero" style single shot percussion pistolFair$150.00
"RED CLOUD" .32 revolverVery Good$250.00
"SMOKER" .38 revolverFine$275.00
Allen & Thurber 6" pocket rifleFair$225.00
M1816 US North flintlock military pistol, reputedly from the family of Simeon NorthGood$1350.00
.32 No. 2 "Old Model Army" revolverGood$650.00
Fine wire inlaid medium frame pinfire revolver with ivory grips (needs triggerguard)Fine$450.00
Robbins & Lawrence concealed-hammer percussion pepperboxFine$950.00
highly embellished Mediterranean blunderbus pistolFair$750.00
Percussion sidehammer boxlock pistol with burl grip and shell capboxGood$225.00
British Sea Service percussion conversion pistol, missing partsFair$850.00
T.W.Tignor, Richmond, VA percussion double shotgunFair$1850.00
Continental percussion shotgun with Lion carved stockFair$375.00
Thompson Center Arms Hawken style .50 percussion muzzleloading rifleGood$275.00
C1860 Richmond VA marked percussion half stock rifleGood$1250.00
Swiss M1878 Vetterli rifleVery Good$350.00
E. Whitney M1812 "N.HAVEN" percussion conversion musketFair$650.00
Belgian made French M1842 percussion rifled musketFair$450.00
English P1853 Enfield musket, TOWER 1862, shortenedGood$350.00
C1860 percussion half stock rifle by August Herfurth, Madison, MIGood$650.00
Continental wild boar percussion double shotgun inlaid "CANONS A RUBANS"Fair$350.00
Remington rolling block original saddle ring carbineFair$550.00
C1840-60 New York half stock rifle by Nelson Lewis, Troy, NYGood$650.00
Composite M1868 Springfield rifle with 45-70 partsGood$575.00
M1888 .45-70 rifle SN546958Good$695.00
American percussion longfowler marked on lock "MOORE"Good$450.00
Colt Lightning small frame .22 slide action rifleFine$950.00
Confederate military style percussion shotgun by F.H.Clark & Co., MemphisGood$2250.00
British P1842 Marine carbineGood$1750.00
British P1853/66 Mark II** Snider 3-band rifleFair$450.00
"Prize Quality" damascus doubleFair$275.00
W. Richards damascus double shotgunGood$325.00
Leman rifled conversion of M1835 Nippes musketFair$950.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Ketchum grenade, 3 pound size, original finFine$1750.00
Eagle pistol flaskVery Good$225.00
Massachusetts Militia hatplate, one attachment absentVery Good$450.00
Confederate "Script I" coat button by Isaacs CampbellFine$250.00
3rd Artillery coat buttonGood$60.00
One-piece eagle coat button with shield and starsGood$60.00
C1830 New York one-piece cuff buttonGood$65.00
CT/MA eagle cuff button by Cordier FreresExcellent$100.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
8 gauge or larger plain shotgun flask (9-5/8" x 4-1/4")Good$125.00
Pineapple or Thistle powder flask (8" x 3-1/4", screw absent from charge adjuster)Fine$125.00
Winchester 32WCF reloading toolFair$30.00
early 45-70 rifle slingFair$175.00
Picket pin with sheathVery Fine$225.00
US Krag bayonet dated 1899 with scabbardVery Fine$225.00
US Krag bayonet dated 1899 with scabbardVery Good$165.00
American Military Knives  
Imperial folding machete with original sheathGood$150.00
American Swords  
M1850 presentation grade Staff and Field scabbard, Sauerbier style, brokenFair$450.00
M1917 USN scabbard belt frogFine$125.00
M1850 Staff and Field sword with scabbard (fancy engraved mounts)Good$1450.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword by Horstmann with matching Horstmann marked scabbardFine$975.00
M1860 Cavalry sabre with scabbard, Ames 1862Good$650.00
earlier Knighthead sword with plain blade and leather scabbardVery Good$250.00
C1790-1810 Hutton, Albany style pillowpommel solid silver mounted sabre with scabbardFine$2750.00
C1810-20 extrafancy general-grade P-guard sabre with scabbardExcellent$3495.00
M1812 US Starr sabre, HHP inspectedGood$850.00
C1820-40 fancy knighthead sword with eagle counterguard and fancy engraved blade/scabbardVery Good$750.00
M1850 Foot Officer sword by Horstmann with matching rayskin-body scabbard, 1856 presentation to W.H."Charles" Parkhurst of the Providence Marine Corps of Artillery, present at First Manassas, later Captain of the 11th RI Inf., and Lt. Col. of the 3rd RI Cav.Very Good$2250.00
Reproduction Baltimore Naval cutlassGood$650.00
early M1860 USN cutlass dated 1861Fine$695.00
M1917 style Naval cutlass with scabbardExcellent$325.00
M1917 style Naval cutlass with scabbardExcellent$315.00
M1917 style Naval cutlassExcellent$225.00
M1840 Artillery sabre with scabbard, marked Ames 1862Fair$595.00
Knighthead sword with scabbardVery Fine$185.00
M1850 Foot Officer swordGood$375.00
Gun Parts  
M1855/61 trigger guardGood$55.00
militia brass triggerguardFine$75.00
French style pistol triggerguardGood$125.00
early American fowler/musket triggerguardGood$165.00
early American fowler/musket triggerguardGood$160.00
early American fowler/musket triggerguardGood$150.00
early American fowler/musket triggerguardGood$145.00
M1816 transitional complete flint lock, dated 1817Good$650.00
Enfield P1853 original length barrel, smoothboreFair$150.00
French M1842 musket ramrod, full lengthGood$250.00
M1842 lower barrel bandFair$40.00
M1863 barrel, rifled boreFair$150.00
M1851 cadet musket barrel, breech plug absentGood$295.00
M1863 barrel, rifled boreGood$265.00
M1866 rifle barreled receiverGood$325.00
39" long 3/4" octagon rifle barrel, about .46" smooth boreFair$100.00
early American musket wrist escutcheon, dated 1795, brokenFair$175.00
American Bayonets  
45-70 bayonet US frog scabbardFine$100.00
45-70 bayonet US hook scabbardVery Good$75.00
British P1853 Enfield socket bayonet with scabbard and frogGood$275.00
Austrian 70 caliber musket socket bayonetGood$150.00
M1913 Remington bayonet with scabbard, US surchargedFine$235.00
M1873 trowel bayonetGood$250.00
M1917 bayonet scabbardGood$100.00
1780-1810 American socket bayonetGood$225.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardVery Fine$185.00
.45-70 bayonet in US hook scabbardFine$165.00
1st Model Brown Bess bayonet, applied socket, broad-arrow markedFair$850.00
Imperial German  
pair helmet chinscalesGood$125.00
98/05 bayonetPoor$35.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbard, DOT 42 markedExcellent$275.00
Silver/Black knotGood$50.00
Red/White knotGood$50.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
Naval Officer sword with scabbardGood$395.00
World Military Collectibles  
P1907 SMLE bayonetFine$135.00
M1874 Gras bayonet with matching scabbard, January 1879 marked$60.00
Fascist youth leader knife with scabbardVery Fine$395.00
Argentine M1909 bayonet with matching scabbardFine$65.00
wire-embellished JambiyaFine$275.00