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Rodier or Boss style single shot 22 derringerFair$135.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistol with wire sword inlayGood$650.00
French Mle 1837 Navy percussion pistolVery Good$675.00
Whitney 2nd Model, 3rd Type Pocket revolverFine$850.00
Forehand & Wadsworth sidehammer revolverFine$275.00
unmarked 32 spur trigger revolver with holsterVery Fine$225.00
Whitneyville Armory 22 revolverFair$150.00
unmarked Merwin & Bray single shot 22Fine$250.00
Archer, London unusual conversion boxlock pistolGood$450.00
American Arms Co., Boston, Mass 32DA revolver, needs gripsFine$125.00
Sharps 22 4-barrel pepperboxGood$450.00
Sharps & Hankins 32 4-barrel pepperbox parts gunFair$125.00
"Challenge" .32 parts revolverFine$50.00
22 first model, second issue parts revolverGood$75.00
early .38 SA 2nd model revolver, 3-digit serial numberFair$225.00
Large brass percussion cannonbarrel boxlock belt pistolVery Good$650.00
Ryan & Watson flintlock boxlock pistolFine$675.00
Allen & Thurber bar hammer DA pistol with antique ivory gripsGood$350.00
.44 SA New Model No. 3 with western associationGood$1250.00
Flobert parlor rifle, needing restorationPoor$80.00
Hopkins & Allen Arms Co No.822 22 caliber rifleFine$325.00
Wing Markham air rifle, non functionalFair$175.00
Red Ryder air rifle, non functionalFair$30.00
M1819 Harpers Ferry Hall flintlock rifleGood$1850.00
M1884 .45-70 rifle SN406774Very Good$650.00
First Model Frank Wesson two-trigger military style carbineGood$550.00
M1841 US "Mississippi" rifle by Whitney dated 1846Good$1250.00
M1861 US contract musket by Robinson New York 1864Good$950.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Hard Times Token of R&W Robinson, military goods dealerGood$50.00
USN embossed cap boxVery Good$375.00
Hardpack knapsack, regimentally painted "22" and identified "Lackey" to John Lakey, 22nd NY InfantryGood$295.00
Bullet in woodGood$25.00
Ketchum grenade, 3 pound size, original finFine$2350.00
early tomahawk belt axe, beautifully hand madeGood$275.00
Leather musket sling, lengthened pattern, has unknown ordnance and owner marksGood$175.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1881 helmet hardware lotExcellent$100.00
Eubanks leather ammo beltGood$85.00
38 revolver military style holsterGood$45.00
M1851 eagle buckleFine$125.00
floral embossed pocket holster, fits S&W 32DA 3-1/2"Fine$75.00
M1874 Mounted canteenVery Fine$175.00
USMC ammo beltFair$45.00
Grenade carrierUnissued$45.00
M1910 mounted rifle beltFair$65.00
M1910 pistol beltFair$60.00
M1910 dismounted rifle beltVery Fine$45.00
American Military Knives  
rare USMC marked folding pocket knifeGood$225.00
M1904 Hospital Corps knife dated 1914Very Good$175.00
Red Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 9" long, 1-1/4" wide throatVery Fine$450.00
Red Moroccan bowie knife scabbard, 6-1/2" long, 1" wide throatGood$350.00
Early black leather bowie knife scabbard, tip mount absent, 6" long as-is, 1-1/2" wide throatFair$325.00
Brown leather bowie knife scabbard, mounts absent, 9" long, 1-1/2" wide throatPoor$175.00
M1892 Entrenching tool with scabbardVery Good$1950.00
M1917 bolo with scabbard, by Plumb 1918Very Fine$185.00
M1918 LF&C trench knife with scabbard, lacking prongsGood$850.00
Square tip USMC bolo with scabbard, by CollinsFair$395.00
American Swords  
M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated SA 1914Good$650.00
C1820-30 Eaglehead sword with straight blade, ivory grip, eagle counterguardFair$175.00
C1770-1810 American Naval cutlass from Harrington, ME estateFair$750.00
C1820-40 Naval knighthead sword with fancy counterguardFair$650.00
M1906 Ames Cavalry sabre with scabbardVery Good$550.00
USMC NCO sword and scabbard by VanguardFine$375.00
Gun Parts  
Original flintlock hammer for pistol or fowlerGood$250.00
Reproduction flintlock hammer for pistol or fowler, nicely agedGood$150.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowler, nicely agedGood$40.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen for pistol or fowler, nicely agedGood$45.00
Reproduction flintlock flashpan for pistol or fowler, nicely finishedGood$35.00
Reproduction flintlock frizzen spring for pistol or fowler, nicely finishedGood$40.00
M1842 Harpers Ferry complete lock, dated 1851Good$275.00
M1816 flintlock hammerGood$250.00
M1842 Springfield complete lock, dated 1851Good$175.00
French M1777 complete flint lockGood$550.00
handmade musket rod, 38-1/2" longFair$150.00
American Bayonets  
M1942 16" bayonet by AFH, dated 1943Fine$175.00
M1917 trench shotgun bayonet scabbard, painted white for parade useFine$150.00
M1816 bayonet marked UUS (unusual marking)Good$135.00
M1816 bayonet marked US TAGood$135.00
M1816 bayonet marked US TAFair$110.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonetGood$150.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonetFair$110.00
M1795 bayonet, marked WB USGood$250.00
Brown Bess socket bayonetFair$125.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonetGood$150.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonetGood$135.00
M1942 bayonet by WT 1943 in USM3 scabbardGood$750.00
British P1853 Enfield socket bayonetVery Good$150.00
Brown Bess style socket bayonetGood$125.00
Imperial German  
Bavarian belt buckleVery Good$100.00
scarce all metal trench knife with sheath, tip repairedGood$495.00
German Army buckle wrapped in original tissueNear Mint$100.00
German Army buckle with original tissue fragmentNear Mint$75.00
SS buckleGood$350.00
P1889 Damascus sword and scabbard with garde insigniaFair$2250.00
Karl troop cross medalVery Good$45.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
"Unternehmen Barbarossa" wartime original soldier art book, depicting one soldier's interpretation various stages of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, including tanks, planes, Kiev, Moscow, night fighting, etc.Fine$750.00
Fire Defence buckle with beltFine$250.00.00
Reichswehr buckleVery Good$75.00
Mother's Cross, gold, in caseVery Good$200.00
early 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger with scabbard and hangerFine$750.00
Trench knife with scabbardFine$275.00
late Luftwaffe visor hatFine$650.00
Luftwaffe sword with scabbard by SMFVery Good$950.00
steel Army buckle with tabGood$135.00
Paratrooper buckleGood$165.00
Iron Cross, First ClassGood$250.00
Mother's Cross, silverVery Fine$110.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
Wakizashi with scabbard, 11" bladePoor$95.00
General Grade Kyu-Gunto M1912 Dress Sword knotVery Good$175.00
visor hatFine$225.00
Type 44 carbine bayonetFine$450.00
World Military Collectibles  
Argentine Gaucho knife with scabbard, made with early bladeFine$250.00
Martini Henry socket bayonetGood$60.00
Argentine Gaucho knife with scabbard, markedVery Fine$350.00
Indian Ghurka knife, 9" blade, with sheath and smaller knifeGood$45.00
Indian Ghurka knife, 6" blade, with sheathGood$40.00
French WWI trench knife with sheathFine$350.00
Austrian Werndl Carbine socket bayonetFine$350.00