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NOCK secondary martial flintlock pistolVery Good$750.00
Harrington & Richardson 32DA hammer revolverVery Fine$250.00
early Iver Johnson 32DA hammer revolverVery Fine$250.00
Remington New Model Army revolver, martially markedVery Fine$1850.00
very early .32 No. 1-1/2 first issue revolverGood$395.00
.32 No. 1-1/2 second issue revolverVery Fine$450.00
English Tap-Action Over-Under flintlock pistol by Gough & Bowen, LondonGood$1050.00
Allen & Wheelock 32 caliber sidehammer revolverFine$950.00
Ethan Allen & Co sidehammer 32 caliber revolverGood$450.00
exhibition grade engraved and gold/silver finished T.J.STAFFORD NEW HAVEN CT single shot derringerFine$1250.00
Ballard's .41rf iron frame derringerGood$850.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 derringerVery Fine$950.00
"Velo Dog" revolver, nicely engraved with mother of pearl gripsExcellent$750.00
engraved Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket spur trigger revolver with bone grips Fine$350.00
Round barrel Navy .38 conversion with extractorVery Good$1250.00
Colt No. 2 .41rf derringerGood$595.00
New Line .30 revolver with etched panel, ivory gripsVery Fine$750.00
Allen & Wheelock medium frame percussion revolver with triggerguard loading leverGood$650.00
Allen & Wheelock bar hammer DA pistolGood$295.00
French Mle XIII flintlock military pistol, dated 1813Good$950.00
Allen & Wheelock "First Model Lipfire" pocket revolverVery Good+$950.00
H&R "Young America Double Action 22 caliber rim fire" original revolver boxVery Fine$275.00
original box for a Howard Arms Co revolverVery Good$175.00
Flintlock Mediterranean pistolFair$350.00
Continental percussion pocket pistolGood$375.00
French M1837 Naval Marine percussion belt pistolVery Good$950.00
Merwin Hulburt & Co DA Army 44-40 revolverFair$1250.00
Brevette (period copy) of a M1851 Navy revolverFair$350.00
very early "I PITTLE" cannonbarrel wire inlaid flintlock boxlock pistolFair$550.00
"OXFORD" flintlock boxlock pistolFair$375.00
"SHARPE, LONDON" brass flintlock boxlock pistolFair$325.00
Derringer 22 spur trigger revolverVery Good$325.00
Marlin 32 spur trigger revolverGood$235.00
Springfield Arms unmarked .30 spur trigger revolverGood$235.00
Allen & Wheelock medium frame percussion revolver with triggerguard loading leverFair$550.00
C1840 Bedford County, PA style percussion longrifleGood$2750.00
C1860 percussion halfstock rifle for restorationFair$125.00
French 1766 Charleville flintlock musket, barrel shortened to 35-3/4"Good$1650.00
Flintlock Massacusetts militia musket dated 1836, needing workFair$450.00
J.H.Johnston, Pittsburgh, PA double barrel percussion shotgunGood$450.00
Belgian Albini-Braendlin breech loading military rifleFair$650.00
Portuguese contract British made Snider Mark III cavalry carbineVery Fine$1250.00
Winchester First Model 1879 USN marked Hotchkiss rifleGood$2250.00
English P1853 Enfield musket marked E.P.Bond, LondonFair$1050.00
English P1853 Enfield musket marked TOWER 1861Fair$950.00
English P1853 Enfield musket marked TOWER 1861Fair$950.00
English P1853 Enfield musket marked TOWER 1861Fair$950.00
extrafancy James Webley percussion shotgun marked "Imported by Henry Hyman 96 Main St Richmond VA"Good$1450.00
Miqulet percussion carbine with fancy lion lockGood$595.00
Heavily inlaid Mediterranean percussion musket, needs lock, etc.Fair$250.00
C1820-60 percussion curly maple half stock rifle for restorationGood$250.00
C1800-1820 percussion halfstock fowler signed on lock "Stevens"Fair$250.00
C1840-60 percussion curly maple fullstock longrifle with nice patchboxFair$725.00
C1840-60 nice untouched percussion halfstock rifle with heart cutout patchboxFair$695.00
M1889 damascus double 12 gauge shotgunGood$550.00
M1889 damascus double 12 gauge shotgunFine, refinished$550.00
antique M1896 Krag rifle, shortened, SN57378Good$350.00
William Palmer patent cartridge carbineVery Good$2250.00
British Snider 3-band military rifle dated 1870 TOWERVery Fine$1050.00
Allen & Wheelock "Drop Breech" semi-military carbine, style with standard sight and sling swivelsVery Good$1450.00
M1889 damascus double 12 gauge shotgunVery Good$650.00
fine C1800-20 New England percussion conversion halfstock longrifleGood$1495.00
Lee Firearms, Milwaukee, WI single shot breechloading rifleGood$1250.00
Allen & Wheelock "Drop Breech" semi-military carbine rifleVery Good$1050.00
Double-US surcharged percussion conversion French M1763 musket by Maubeuge with history to the Battle of SaratogaGood$4750.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked GascoigneVery Good$1250.00
American made C1840-60 American single barrel percussion fowlerGood$375.00
L.C.Smith No.1 hammerless damascus double shotgun, made in 1896Fine$850.00
C1820-30 percussion curly maple fullstock longrifle by Samuel Morrison, Milton, PAFair$750.00
early Doglock flintlock wall gun with long 51" British proofed barrelFair$2250.00
C1820-30 flintlock militia musket marked AshmoreFine$1250.00
"THE CONTINENTAL" double barrel damascus shotgunVery Fine$650.00
fancy S. Sutherland, Richmond, VA gold inlaid double barrel percussion shotgunGood$1450.00
Accoutrements 1776-1865  
Eagle pistol flask, excellent original lacquerVery Fine$350.00
Accoutrements 1865-1945  
M1874 beltGood$100.00
American Military Knives  
M1917 bolo by Plumb with scabbardFine$175.00
American Swords  
M1841 USN cutlass by Ames dated 1842 with scabbard$1650.00
rare 1857 dated M1840 heavy cavalry sabre by Ames, with scabbardVery Good$1350.00
nickeled M1913 Patton sabre with scabbard, dated SA 1913Good$550.00
M1840 NCO sword with scabbard by Ames, 1862Fine$450.00
Virginia Manufactory 1st Model cavalry sabre, shortened to 33-3/4" bladeFair$2250.00
Gun Parts  
M1855/63 triggergard, with screws, no swivelGood$65.00
M1855/66 buttplate with screwsGood$75.00
M1863 lockplate dated 1863Good$50.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, 39" longGood$325.00
P1853 Enfield ramrod, 37-1/2" longGood$250.00
M1888 rod bayonet, requires fittingGood$100.00
M1861 barrelVery Good$275.00
M1842 long range rear sightVery Good$375.00
British flintlock pistol barrel marked "HUNT"Good$150.00
British flintlock pistol barrelFair$150.00
Prussian M1809 Potsdam musket triggerguardGood$75.00
M1808 Triggerguard with screwsGood$150.00
American Bayonets  
M1816 bayonet marked U USGood$175.00
M1855/63 US socket bayonetFine$225.00
M1835/42 socket bayonetFine$250.00
P1842 British socket bayonet marked HADLEY CHAPMANGood$185.00
Imperial German  
Saxony officer swordFair$225.00
98/05 bayonet by Deuteche Maschinenfabrik with frog and metal scabbardVery Fine$295.00
M1852/79 basket hilt sabre with scabbard, by WKC, waffenamt and dated 1884Very Good$650.00
Pre-1945 Nazi  
late 98k bayonet with scabbard, 44sgx coded, matching numbers, riveted grips, phosphate finishFine$375.00
98k bayonet with scabbard, matching numbers, with Afrikakorp frogFine$375.00
aluminum Army buckle, two-piece variantExcellent$125.00
Czech Z26 bayonet with scabbard, DOT 42 markedExcellent$275.00
Pre-1945 Japanese  
small rising sun paper parade flag (2" x 1-1/2")Fine$25.00
World Military Collectibles  
Spanish Infantry Officer sword with scabbard, dated 1863Good$350.00
South African P1821 officer sword with scabbard, engraved to the Cape Mounted Riflemen, integrated cavalry unit with excellent combat history 1827-1870Very Good$850.00
British P1845 officer sword with scabbard (missing drag)Very Good$450.00
British P1845 Sergeant's sword with scabbard, issue marked, possibly medical serviceGood$550.00
Chinese Boxer Rebellion period sabre with scabbardGood$550.00
Chinese dadao swordFair$250.00
C1900-30 Mexican belt knife with sheathGood$225.00