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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
US M1861 WATERTOWN musket dated 1863 - $695.00

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US M1861 WATERTOWN marked contract musket dated 1863 on lock. Made by Charles B. Hoard of Watertown, NY. Partial date on barrel is visible and has nice barrel proofs. Lovely patina overall with added oil finish and some pitting in the barrel breech. Nipple cone is broken off. Stock was dramatically broken in the wrist and repaired with nails and three large mending plates. The damaged area is well-worn and there are several other lesser cracks, but overall the stock was a solid piece of wood when made and retains good edges with expected handling marks and little chips to the ramrod channel. Ramrod and rear sight are absent. This musket came from a 95-year-old widow's home in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The picker who bought it indicated she had several old long arms with the same patina that looked like they had been sitting in the same position for decades. One can imagine a soldier seeing his imminent surrender and breaking the wrist of his musket to deny its use to the enemy, and a resourceful Confederate putting it back into service effectively. Unfortunately, no other history came with the gun, or how the woman's husband acquired it. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.