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John Gunderson Antique Militaria
C1690-1720 Hudson Valley Longfowler marked by Henry Ellis - $7500.00

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C1690-1720 Hudson Valley Longfowler marked on lock "H.ELLIS". Hudson valley longfowlers are renowned for their massive length, typically pre-Revolutionary period, and high quality of manufacture. From, Henry Ellis was one of the most distinguished provincial English gunmakers of the 17th century. His known works seem to date from around 1690 until at least 1712, when he appears as "gunsmith" in the records of the Borough of Doncaster. He was admitted to the freedom of Doncaster on 15 November 1698, and he died in 1722 or 1723.

This massive gun has a 66" barrel (or 5 feet, 6 inches!), with a bore of about .90 caliber, or about 6 gauge, with a total weight of almost 17 pounds, and overall length of 83". Barrel is London proofed at the breech, has an octagon portion which transitions to round, which then transitions to a thinner round. Equipped with bead front sight and open rear sight. Has a large and intricate dragon sideplate, nicely shaped triggerguard, and bulbous ramrod pipes. Metal parts overall have an even moderate pitting with an attractive light patina. Part of frizzen spring is absent. Stock is solid as restored. The forearm is skillfully lengthened and only visible on close inspection from the lower ramrod pipe, possibly during the period of use, since all 4 ramrod pipes are matching and original. The rear most 2" of the butt is replaced and pegged into the stock, probably having rotted away from being stored in a moist place for many years. Has a wrist crack, a crack along the lower edge of the butt, and some wood missing from the comb. Some wood has been added around the buttplate, which appears to be original, as it has the same general shape as the triggerguard. Has a small chip missing left of the barrel tang. Mechanically good, sold as a collector item only, not warranted safe to shoot.